Arua Recruitment

Our group has no application process, no pledge period, nothing of that sort. We try to adhere to by the book principles and thus require all incoming members to roleplay in. The following is an example from the books of how Verna’s band gained a new member:

“Would you like to be one of us?” she asked.
“Yes!’ I cried. “Yes!”
“Untie her,” said Verna.
The choke leash was removed from my throat. My wrists were unbound.
“Stand,” said Verna.
I did so, and so, too, did the other girls. I stood, rubbing my wrists. The girls put down their spears, unslung the bows and quivers from their shoulders. The light of the three moons filtered through the trees, speckling the glade. Verna removed her sleen knife from her belt. She handed it to me. I stood there, holding the knife. The other girls stood ready, some half crouching. All had removed their knives from their sheaths.

“The place of which of these,” said Verna, “will you take?”
“I do not understand,” I said.
“One of these,” said Verna, “or myself, you will fight to the death.”

I shook my head, No.
“I will fight you, if you wish,” said Verna, “without my knife.”
“No,” I whispered.
“Fight me, Kajira!” hissed the girl who had held my leash. Her knife was ready.
“Me!” cried another.
“Me!” cried yet another.

One of the girls cried out and leaped toward me, the knife flashing in her hand. I screamed and threw the knife from me, and fell to my knees, my head in my hands. “No, no!” I cried. “Bind her,” said Verna. I felt my hands pulled again behind my back. The girl who had held my leash lashed them together, mercilessly. I felt again the snap of the choke collar on my throat.
-Captive of Gor

Be warned on the out-character exterior we are an aggressive band. We guard our territory and make no “panther alliances”. But regardless of your combative experience, we are always happy to work with you.

We do not raid major cities. We do raid small villages, farms, outposts, and other bands. We do not keep permenant slaves within the camp. We do have an open inn/trading post on the SIM where business with Men/Other SIMs can be conducted.


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