The Trials of the Panther King

Once and Future..Panther...King?

Once and Future..Panther…King?

[13:01] Arua Gate whispers: Karamella Core opened the door

[13:02] Karamella Core was on her way up to the tower to check if Vodka has another bota of paga laying about the place. She noisily made her way up the stairs humming to herself as she took the stairs at leisure. She would not know there was a man up there of course. She halted at the first floor to check through the girls things.

[13:10] Hjalmr: had seen what he’d thought was just an old broken down ruin, thinking it the perfect place to, well not to split hairs, squat in. he’d come to a gate, but that wasnt exactly a deal breaker, pleanty of ruins had gate so he picked it because as everyone knows, all goreans are master locksmiths. they teach you that right after you learn to use the potty. he noticed one thing when he walked into the camp, because that was what it clearly was, a camp. the thing he noticed was… that there were a lot of freaking pebbles on the ground. Like, way too many. clearly the place wasnt abandoned, because seriously, too many damn pebbles. he shrugged and mved on and found his way to the tower. he had a thing for towers, a bit of a weakness, but he needed to be at the top. nothing but the top for Hjalmr, yessiree. he picked the lock, then went back and covered his tracks and headed up the top and picked out the most comfortable chair… well it seemed like a garble of bone and furs, nbut it would do.

[13:18] Karamella Core kicked at the furs knowing how tricky Vodka was at hiding her shit. She made good work at looking about the place. She muttered to herself in her search and hoped to god she wouldn’t come back and find her savaging through the scavengers nest. “Bah” she cursed as she found nothing and then she took the stairs to the final floor. She ran the last few knowing there wasn’t many left and at first didn’t notice the bulk of man in the chair, for he seemed as much fur and hair as the chair itself. She started looking around and her back to him for now as she kicked through boxes and crates in search of a drink.

[13:32] Hjalmr: was resting comfortably in the halfassed chair, when the woman came slinking up the stairs, he didnt move, because at first sight she confirmed what he had suspected all a long… bitches be crazy. I mean seriously, look at them feathers, seriously what was with the feathers? she clearly had dressed herself because damn. he watched her kicking about, left and right and making a real racket of the place. he nodded, bitches… be… crazy. finally he cleared his throat loudly and with gusto. it was a deep one, coming from down by his epiglotis and moving up, shaking his voice box, and then passing up and really shaking up his uvula.

[13:40] Karamella Core hears the rumbling from his depths. No it couldn’t be….She froze and both hands dropped the box she held before she spun round….. Her natural reaction was of course to scream. So she did, with a jump back in tow. When the undignified screaming was done. She hissed at him. “Aaaah.” her eyes narrowed as she focused in on him. Her hands moved behind her to grab a bow should she need… though her feet stepped smoothly and silently towards the stairs, ready to bolt should he budge from his self claimed throne. Once she felt in control of herself … she nudged her head at him with a questioning look. “Who are you?” she frowned then, as her hands were fumbling at her back to get her bow unhooked…she was yanking at it… seemed the damn things was momentarily stuck on the other shit she had back there. She finally tugged it free and it fell on the floor. She eyed it and then eyed him. Then she lowered down to fetch it back up keeping her eyes on him.

[13:50] Hjalmr: :raised his eyebrows and watched her and her shenanigans with unveiled amusement. he watched her hiss at him, and after a moment said, “Bless you.” then as she yanked and tugged and actually laughed a bit at her, “Ha Ha Ha” is almost and very close to what it did not what it sound like. he creaked his neck parts and popped it a few time, listening to her question. then he sat up a bit in his chair, because he’d decided that at this moment it was his, “Who do you want me to be?”

[13:55] Karamella Core had gathered up her bow and now held it firmly in her hand and she was in the process of sliding a arrow from her sheath, when he laughed. She nodded sarcastically at him he seemed to enjoy himself over there. “Yeah yeah laugh it up.” she said to him as she started to notch the arrow to bow. Then he asked his question and she frowned even more now. “What?” she was genuinely confused now. Pure bewilderment on her face. For men rarely asked her what they wanted her to anything. “What do you mean?” she asked again. Standing up now to rear her head back and stare at him, bow and arrow totally forgotten for the moment.

[14:05] Hjalmr: smirked and leaned forward, elbows on the knees, then snorted hard and spat out the window at his side then wiped at his mustashios, raising an eyebrow, and looked at her with an amused look on his face, the one a grown man uses when watching a child puzzle out a problem the man in his advanced age and experience would find as simple as breathing. a totally patronizing dick face in short. “If you had you way ideally in this situation, you feeling secure in the place of your personal dwelling, then being surprised by an apparant apparition, who exactly would you want said apparition to be? Ideally of course.”

[14:11] Karamella Core continued frowning as he spoke. Her eyes drifted off to one side as she thought a moment. She without realizing it was fantasizing about what she’d want. A man with Paga was her first though. She frowned again, – am I a drunk?- she asked herself. She raised an eyebrow at her own though of him perhaps bringer of cheese. God she loved that stuff. She tutted at her own wandering thoughts and looked back at him. “No. I don’t want to play this… what can you be game.” she’d managed to bring her senses back. “I simply want to know who you ARE?” she nodded then and brought her bow and arrow back to a respectably controlled position before her.

[14:24] Hjalmr: he chuckled and leaned back a bit, slightly disappointed, then leaned forward his interest once again piqued. he placed his his hands together and steepled the tips infront of his nose, “What animal goes on four legs in the morning, on two durring the day, and on three at night?” he posed her the question, then leaned back in his chair, “Answer me that and know me.”

[14:31] Karamella Core cantered her head to the side as she looked at him riddling her this and riddling her that. She grinned and said “Ha! I know that one. A man in the phases of his life.” she looked overly pleased with herself. She then added. “Bet you didn’t think I had a brain huh?” she brought a hand to her mouth and huffs on her dirty mud stained nails and mock polishes them on her furs. She’d found herself relaxing a bit. Weather that was to her detriment was yet to be seen. “Now fess up. Who are you what you doing here?”

[14:37] Hjalmr: he chuckles and lifts his head to the sky, “She has spirt this one!” he says loudly to no one. then he looks at her squarely “then you have your answer to who I am. I am a man.” he looked out the window, he heard screeching of tarn and shouting of men. it didnt concern him, “As to what I am doing…” he paused looking at her for a moment, and then a few more moments… then a few more “I am…” he paused for a few more, “Sitting in a chair.”

[14:42] Karamella Core too had heard the shouts from far. The City of Lydius was probably under a no doubt provoked attack. She looked out the window towards where their hidden door to the old ruin camp was and saw nothing. It sated her for now. For the battled that Lydius raged never really affected them way deep in the woods here. She then turned back to him when he spoke. “Gods I can see that Man who sits in the Se’s chair like he owns it. Ya name?” she tried to demand. “Give me that.. and you know you should probably get out of here. When the rest come back we’ll both be in trouble.” she cautioned him.

[14:53] Hjalmr: he cocked his head, “why would I be in trouble? You’re the one who brought me here, fell in love with me, and decided that what this camp needed was a leader, a strong and virile one, and that the camp would be stronger if this man, this paragon blessed all of the fighting ladies here with strong daughters with beautiful hair!” he grinned at her, “Which is what I will tell them.”

[14:59] Karamella Core face contorted in all forms of shock and surprise. Big eyes that only horror could show. She mouthed -what the fuck- quite clearly for his words rang alarm bells for sure. Karamella was with Arua sure, but she was new. Not with them but a few moons, so would they take her word over his. She wasn’t to sure. “You what?” she asked him sounding a wee bit paniced “No… no… nay you cant.” she started to fluster. “You gots to get your ass out that chair now Mister and out the tower.” she didn’t want Vodka catching her in here in the first place, and certainly not with a man.

[15:08] Hjalmr: raised an eyebrow, “why would I do that? it’s shaded here, theres a comfy chair here, and I have the company of a beautiful woman. Why would I leave?” he chuckled, and rubbed his hand up and down the furs of the chair, “So I am wondering what is it, little bird, that causes you to flutter around in your little cage of worry so hmmm?”

[15:11] Karamella Core was looking anxious now. For they had been in here for far to long as it was. “I just.. we should…” she jumped and screeched again as she saw Vexing amble up the stairs. -Fuck- was what she mouthed now. “This man!” she pointed at him accusingly. “He was in here! I heard a commotion from the ground and had to come up here… and … see… well you know get him out.” she lied. She looked desperately at Vexing then lifted her bow and arrow she was holding still at him menacingly. “Get out!” she shrilled a little to enthusiastically.

[15:16] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) trotted up the stairs taking them two at a time. Whistling as rounded the curves. Her words ricocheted from the stones as a forewarning announing her imminent arrival. “Vodka! Vodka!…Voood-” Her words stopped as she came to a halt at the top, going still as she caught sight of the man, the hulking frame lounging in her daughter’s chair…and swung her attention towards Kama, canting her head to the side. She moved quickly, her hand easing to her dagger and looked back towards the blonde Thor God. “Kara? Is…YOU! How do you..why? You heard her, GET OUT!”

[15:23] Hjalmr: looked from one woman to the next a highly amused smile on his face, I mean the guy was beaming. He fucking loved this, this gorgeous lithe beauty here, and this voluptious bit of tastey with some admittedly fucked up hair, but even with that he wanted to drink a big gulp of that honey yessiree. “Get out? But here is so nice, so comfy and the view is great. what’s it take to jump into this? I’m into it ladies, yes I am. How are your healer? is there an option for profit sharing?”

[15:26] Karamella Core still held the bow and arrow firmly in front of her though she wavered with it a bit now as she saw the two knew each other. Again that look of confusion creeped onto her face and then to complicate it further Vodka arrived. She held up her lie though. “I heard him up here moving stuff about” it would explain the few things misplaced. That was for sure. “So I came up… and found him here.” she explained further. “You know him En?” she asked then greeted Vodka “Tal Se.”

[15:26] Vodka Clarity yanked her backpack off her shoulders, huffing and grunting as she ascended the staircase. She would pause a floor beneath the top, keenly listening to the voices that echoed against the ruined tower. The sound of her mother’s voice served to severe her hesitation and the panther went charging up to the top. “Blessed Priest Kings! What is this?!” She demanded, gesturing towards the blonde bearded man posted comfortably on her chair. She would glance towards the two women, wrinkling her nose. “Who’s this arse?” She asked, pointing a thumb in his general direction.

[15:31] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) smirked at the man in the chair, she knew the sound beneath the stones, she could tell it was Vodka – the rustle, the steps..and her grin only grew as she heard them..the skitter of feet fast approaching. This manthing was going to be regretting his life very, very soon. She coughed into her hand, speaking up to answer her daughter. “Well, Vodka, it would appear that this man is of the belief that this is a wise place to camp. I only just arrived, but it looks like not only has he slathered his arse all over your chair, but he’s been verbally assaulting Kara for the inquiry.”

[15:40] Karamella Core piped up now hearing the En back her up. “Yeh. I’ve been trying to get his arse up and out of your chair for ages now.” she nodded and redrew on the bow. She was going full bad ass now so they wouldn’t suspect her reason for being up here. “Lets tie him up and … take his boots and what ever else he’s got in those layers upon layers he wears.” she urged them on.

[15:41] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) snorted, gripping her own bow tight, she draw it from her back and rolled her shoulders, two fingers idly plucking at the strings..nodding, she looked to the man in the chair and cleared her throat. “You want to stand up now and take your bindings like a proper pet or shall we do this the hard way with wounds and screaming and bloodloss?”

[15:44] Hjalmr: laughed at the situation, then looked at the women standing before him, not gonna lie, these girls were giving him a swelling in the pant region that would make a doctor worry and advise him to call him if it lasted more than four hours, “If I might interject…” he raised a hand, his finger pointed to the sky, “This one…” the finger did a little swirl in the air, then stopped pointing not quite as straight as the compass meat needle in his pants, “brought me here, fell in love with me, praised my hair, decided that what this camp needed was a strong male leader, one with an appetite for the audacious, and firm but tender hands to gift you all with strong daughters with terrific hair and strong bow arms. And I was like, ‘whoah slow down, I’m not sure I’m ready for that kind of commitment!'” he threw his hand in the air panamiming the look, “And she was like, ‘No you will be the Panther King!'” he put on his serious face, “True story.”

[15:49] Karamella Core started immediately with protesting “Hey NO. Thats a lie!” she firmly objected. “I did no such thing! I came back from fishing. And heard this man fumbling around up here and making a big commotion here. He’s a theif most likely… come here to take what meager treasures we have!” she was yelly with her explanation. “You know me En I would never bring a man here to be -Panther King-” she said again.

[15:50] Karamella Core clears her hands and swings her bow off to aim…

[15:50] Karamella Core sheaths all weapons and swings her polearm from her back.

[15:50] GM 4.43 ~ Karamella Core Has Captured Hjalmr Resident! ~
[15:50] Hjalmr: hey
[15:51] Hjalmr: slumps down to the floor, cleary spent, and blasts the inside of his trousers with his pent up arousal

[15:52] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) rolled her head on her neck, wincing as it popped. Sliding her bow back into place, she hurled herself at his back, humming as she got to work. Moving quickly, she drew his arms behind his back, lashing them securely with a capture knot

[15:53] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) moving faster yet, she freed another length of fiber, kicking his feet toegther and tying them tightly, tripple knotted

[15:53] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) she scurried, drawing his weapons, tossing them aside

[15:54] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) she winced as the heavy blade forced her to struggle, her thighs tensing as she hefted it aside

[15:54] Karamella Core saw Vexing draw her bow and so without waiting for more words or fighting leaped forward, it was all legs flaps of fur and of course all those feathers. And she was on him whacking him with her stick till he was out cold. She stumbled a bit over the furs as she walked backwards then and looked down at him. Relieved it was over. “Well that didn’t take much!” she grinned at Vexing. She looked at her then as she bound him. “Now he’s bound do you have this alright Vexing… for I really need to pee.” she confessed.

[15:55] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) growling at him, irritated, she freed his shield rolling it away…”Pee? Well, of course…you should..hey, take that sword with you, would you?”

[15:56] Karamella Core nods and pick up the hefty sword. Once she got it she took it with her. “Of course… we’ll smelt it… make something grand and useful from it… like spoons.” she said as she walked out the stairs and was gone.

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