The Making of Tequila and Absinthe

Firstly I would like to introduce you to Dominus Abishot, Green Caste of Chiron.

Dominus Abishot (deeabishot)

This magical green was responsible for the delivery of two rape twins. It drew quite the crowd. Here is the roleplay:

[14:35] Josie (josie.seubert) came back from gathering wood for the fire and stopped when she saw the long end of the spear..hesitantly she spoke, knowing full well she would rather pull her hair out than anything, but she was alone and having been a former Huntress herself, well..” greetings” she then stepped into the Inn to leave her to her thoughts
[14:41] Josie (josie.seubert) went about doing the mondain chores again for the third time, she looked down to the floor where the girl had gotten marked and made sure it was clean and then went about taking the vegetables and started slicing them
[14:49] Hemloc strolls up and narrows his gaze at her, spotting her from the docks. He glances down towards your belly, before glancing back towards your face. “Well. The last time I saw you, you were carving letters into my stomach. And now? You’re pregnant with my children and I hear you’re ready to pop…” He tilted his head at her.

[14:49] Vodka Clarity was seated upon the ground clutching her round belly. She would turn towards the drunken sailor and nod gently as she waited for her contractions to become more frequent. “Breathe.” He would instruct her between sips and the panther girl obliged. She looked up at Hemloc and shook her fist menacingly. “You did this to me!” She’d shout between panting labored breaths. It was clear that huntress was not pleased. Again her abdomen seized and she would groan and strain. She was already beginning to perspire.
[14:51] Josie (josie.seubert) stopped slicing the vegetable and laid the wdge to the side she was using, she calmly wiped her hands on the towel and walked briskly towards the gates
[14:52] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): alright what goes on here
[14:54] Hemloc laughed quietly. “Yes. Because it was all my fault. It had nothing to do with it being consensual right?” His sharp gaze cut over at the other towards the nearby panther. He then looked to the man and pointed at the panther, “This woman is pregnant with my children and she’s in labor. Her contractions are quite rapid and she doesn’t appear to be in the early stages of labor anymore.”
[14:54] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): i will handle it from here then you walk off a bit or go boil me some water do something useful
[14:55] Vodka Clarity continued to clutch her round belly and force herself to breathe in controlled bursts. Her face would contort with pain as the little hell spawns in her abdomen shifted. Vodka would reach up and wipe her forehead with the back of her arm, emerald eyes staring up at Hemloc pointedly. She was brooding and could not help but laugh.
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[14:56] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks down at the regnant panther and says- alright girl and dont staet your younger than i so girl you are its not a dominance thing can your fellow panther assist us in getting your children out?
[14:56] Vodka Clarity shook her head. “Oh no! He is not going anywhere. He need to see this!” She growled and shook her fist.
[14:57] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): and im the physician whos delivering those children and i dont argue he can help by boiling water
[14:57] Hemloc raises a brow and looks at the man, “I am not leaving her side. They are my children as well.” His eyes narrow. “Now, why don’t you make yourself useful and deliver these children.”
[14:58] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): did i say your leaving forever i said go boil me some water its something constructive go do it you dont have to go more than a few paces im sure
[15:00] Vodka Clarity looked between the men and just blinked. Again contractions seized her stomach and she cried out again, her face turning a bright red. She would grab the pillow resting atop the crate and clutch it to her chest. “How about you both make yourselves useful and do something.”
[15:00] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -reaches into my healers bag and pulls out a sealed pack of repcloth holding my gloves and another full of sterile rep cloths-
[15:01] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -opens the glove pack and pulls out my sterile gloes and slips them onto my hands then i check her neck for her pulse and pulls out my stethescope and listent to her belly where the children are for their heartbeats-
[15:02] ℭrow (fallenstarstream): “a bond came for me.. what’s going on…?” she looked around startled, b-linning it for vodka.. her hair sticking from her face for the non stop run she trekked …. “Wa… now.. wiat.. huh?” she looked wide eyed between the man and swallowed hard “Don’t you dare fucking touch her” she growled through clenched teeth “Se… wow.. oh my god look at the size of your .. ” her hands grasped her hair “No wonder you hid from us”
[15:03] Hemloc looks a bit suspiciously at the man and narrows his gaze. He then noticed he was finally going to working and crossed his arms over his chest, falling silent. Glancing back, he took notice to the other two panthers and stepped towards crow, motioning his hand towards her. “Back away, she’s giving birth to my children you fiendish panther!” His hands started flailing as though it were some emergency room drama show.
[15:03] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -loks levelly at the new woman who approached- lok woman im here to deliver her children im not here to hurt her so back off
[15:04] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -points to the man you settle down before i have to inject you and deal with this
[15:05] Josie (josie.seubert) picked up the wedge again and she tried not to get involved, but decided to put on some clean water over the hearth in case , clean sheets and tapped into a new cask of paga as it sounded to her several were going to need something
[15:05] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks to my patient – alright what is your name?
[15:06] ℭrow (fallenstarstream) threw her hands up in the air, pushing the drunkards away “Dont you git yer filthy paws near my se!” she hissed at the men shuffling them off with her dagger in hand, looking suspiciously at hemloc and the physician “Alllright I got ya.. but any funny business and I’ll make yer fuckin tongue a necktie” she felt woozy, legs buckling as she stumbled back, bit her lips at watched…
[15:06] Vodka Clarity reached out and grabbed the hem of Hemloc’s kilt, clutching it. “Vodka!” She shouted as another set of contractions racked her body. She would weakly take her other arm and swing it his thigh. “Odin’s cock give me something for the pain. I feel like I am passing a bag of larmas!” She cried out. She was clearly one very unhappy little panther.
[15:09] Hemloc felt the clutching hand of his panther pulling at him. He then looked utterly confused at the entire situation and felt a bit dizzy as well. Looking down at what was going on and peering between Vodka’s thighs. He put his finger to his lips and turned, looking at those gathered nearby…”SHHHH LET THE MAN WORK!” He yelled.
[15:09] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): alright vodka we are on the same page here im going to help you but your little panther friend can back herself off while i do so pulls out a vial of a painkiller and puts a hypodermic in and draws a few ccs of it and takes her by the arm and quickly injects her with enough to relieve the pain but leave her lucid enough to aid in the delivery of her children-
[15:10] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): alright sounds like your getting close im going to need to inspect you unless youd rather i cut your children out
[15:11] ץαηg (illania.clarity): she shakes her head because really she int here, she is the brat inside yanking her sisters hair and kicking her moms coochie……however it seems to go hand in hand him giving her drugs, and my sister and I coming into this world stoned, yes STONED……as she watches and her mom gets all loopy
[15:11] Josie (josie.seubert) listened in not wanting to at all. she looked down and took odff the shelf a bottle sealed with wax, lifting it up she pulled the lead and broke the seal, and got several of the largest tankards she could find, filling them half way at least two might be needed
[15:11] ℭrow (fallenstarstream) grumbled something about men touching sensitive places , daggers and balls falling off… but did what she could to remain silent, gritting her teeth so hard they cracked audibly… goddamnit… let a woman do it! was all she could think, but she folded her arms aside bursting out in a ranting fit and stared across the wooden planks to that bastard of an alar man.. “Tsch familiars… ”
[15:12] Vodka Clarity looked at him and called out. “Good graces no! Keep your knives away!” Vodka planted her palm flat against the crate and attempted to get into a squatting position. As soon as she came to her feet she felt a sudden prick in her arm and the slow fingers of warmth moving through her arms.
[15:12] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks at the one shaking her head and says you go boild some water and your sister can go get some water so we caqn clean these babies when they come out
[15:13] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): alright you dont want them cut out fine then youll need to let me see you when you think your ready so i can make sure its time and guide as needed
[15:14] ℭrow (fallenstarstream): “water…. water okay ,fuck.. okay” she pushed her hands out as if steadying her body shouting out “I NEED BOIULED WATER?!?! wheres that bleeding bond!?!”
[15:14] Josie (josie.seubert) stood behind the Huntress that cam and held up the tankard of wine as she came through the door
[15:15] ℭrow (fallenstarstream): “Oi! you there! fetch me some boiled water and clean linens!” she hissed and stamped her foot “Make it snappy theres babies burstin outta my se!”
[15:15] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): boiled water and cool warer give me the right temperature to wash the children she delivers to get the blod and other fluids off
[15:16] Josie (josie.seubert): ” yes MIstress” upon hearinig what was happening she had already started water heating on the hearth and gathered clean linens” right away” she sat the tankard on the table and went to tend to the duty
[15:16] Vodka Clarity flailed about and fell back onto her bottom. She would slink down further and lay upon her back with her knees bent. As another contraction set in she stole forward and groaned, resting her hand atop her stomach. “Can’t you just push them out!” She whined and shuddered.
[15:16] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): vodka listen to me
[15:16] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): we are going to get them out but you need trust me as well alright?
[15:17] ℭrow (fallenstarstream): “Good one.. git it going.. bring sumore cold water too and blankets blankets fuck” she spun around booking it up the inn stairs and grabbing all the blankets off the beds, so much so it was piled up to near covering her face, feet wobbling from right to left
[15:17] Vodka Clarity nodded to him, “I do. I do.” She would sniffle.
[15:17] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks between her thighs and notices her heat is widening in responce to her contractions and smiles noting shes almost ready-
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[15:18] Josie (josie.seubert) quickly took the kettle from the hearth using a piece of leather, and turned gathering the linens, briefly seeing a figure at the top of the stairs, she walked as fast as she dared with the kettle it was hot enough to steralize what it needed to, she took it onto out to the docks leaving it oout of the way but within reach should it be needed
[15:18] ℭrow (fallenstarstream) ran up to the scene, feet flying out from underneathe her as she falls face first against the planks and her mound of blankets scattered all around her “I braught blankets and such…” she groaned, rubbing her forehead
[15:19] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): ok vodka on the next contraction i want you to push like you are trying to force it out and stop when the contraction stops
[15:19] ℭrow (fallenstarstream) motioned to the bond “Take the physician what he needs girl” she snapped
[15:20] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks to the blonde panther- did i tel you to do it or the bond- he snaps-
[15:20] Josie (josie.seubert) eyes widened as she was about to leave it, she nodded and placed the kettle then nearer, and held oonto the linens, looking down biting her lip seeing the pain she was in
[15:21] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): bondgirl come here by me now!
[15:21] Vodka Clarity offered him a sharp nod and waited with baited breath for the next bout of contractions. Within an ehn they come once more and she began to strain and fluster, pushing the objects nestled deep inside her abdomen out. “FOCUS!” She shouted between labored pants. She would grab at Hemloc’s arm and squeeze his wrists.
[15:21] Hemloc continued to watch, looking as light headed as could be. By the expression on his face, you’d think he were the one giving birth. He saw the exchange between the panther and the physician and the slave, looking somewhat confused. “YES FOCUS!”
[15:22] Josie (josie.seubert) goes by” Yes Jarl whatever you need, say and it will be here” she was brief rolling her lips as she watched making a face
[15:22] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks at the bond go get a pan for cool water and one for boiling water and some clean rep cloths and hurry back
[15:23] Josie (josie.seubert) nods and dashes off
[15:23] ℭrow (fallenstarstream): “For crying out loud! I aint no service slut. I braught the blankets didn’t I…” she trailed off feeling woozy, watching vodkas womb openning up like a door way, WA BAM… “holy bosk shit! ” she smacked her hands over her eyes and bolted to stop herself from fainting right there
[15:24] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -glares at the blonde- no you aint a service slut but i gave you a order and expect it carried out in order to save time not act like your better than your own se when she is in labor i thought youd rather help her
[15:25] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -smiles at vodka- it will be ok girl well hav them out in no time
[15:25] Josie (josie.seubert) goes to the cupboard and yanks open the drawe, taking out 2 earther bowls that were sturdy, she grabbed the entore basket of freshly laundered rep cloths and then crouched down to lift the rope handle of the bucket of water trying to getr what he needed she trotted back in a haste
[15:26] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): good girl bond
[15:27] Josie (josie.seubert) pulled the rug from the crates and lay it down over thr ground, she sat the bowls out nearby and placed the basket in between, pouring the cooler water into the bowl on right and then sat iut aside, taking the leather swatch and filled the bowl on the left with the steaming still water afraid it would be too hot
[15:27] Vodka Clarity cried out again as contractions came again. She could feel movement within her tract. She leaned forward and pushed, screaming and crying out as she did. Her face was a violent red and her eyes were wide with dismay. “You did this to me!” She shouted again at Hemloc.
[15:28] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -puors out some of the cooler water and tells the bond- when i say pour the boiling warer in until you think itds warm enough to wash a baby
[15:29] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): you will assist me bond
[15:29] Josie (josie.seubert) nodded to him” yes Jarl” she glanced up looking at all the faces as if they were biting their nails” yes Jarl”
[15:29] ℭrow (fallenstarstream) knew absolutely nothing about children or child birth… it was evident by the way she waggled her finger to the approached curio “Shes being ripped apart! that man there” she waggled her fingertip at hemloc “Gave her some fat giant babies I know it” her mouth was near stuck in the dropped open position, pacing about like she knew what she was doing.. yes spectating and supervising… the hell did she feel the need to bother the damn scribe was left a question to be answered.
[15:30] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -chuckles loking at the nervous panthers and takes vodkas chin in my hand and smiles at her- your doing well sweet one
[15:30] Hemloc screamed back out in response as he started to panic. His eyes growing wide as he shouted back, “YOU WANTED IT! YOU WANTED SEED OF STRONG GOREAN WARRIOR! DO I LOOK STRONG TO YOU NOW?” He was having trouble standing on his own two feet now as he clutched the wooden post next to him where captives were typically hung; the scene of a true gorean moment.
[15:31] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -loks at the blonde and shakes my head-
[15:33] Josie (josie.seubert) took a glance she was focused on the woman in labor , she kneeled at the physicians feet and prepared the cloths, she looked around for his cyclinders in case of a problem so she could grab them, if anything were to go wrong here especially.. it would not be a good thing” ready Jarl” she then sees the size of her belly
[15:33] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -nods to the bonds maid-
[15:33] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): alright vodka on the next one push and dont stop
[15:34] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) made a dismissive gesture at Crow’s approach, as her body might cheat him of some spectacular sight yet unseen. Curio had shuffled into the company of the ‘birthing party’ furtively, his blue eyes darting to and fro, though mostly lingering on the swollen panther’s ladyparts. He scrawled away upon his humble parchment, seemingly taking meticulous notes on the act of childbirth, though… for all they knew, he could’ve just been composing a very detailed sketch of her vagina.
[15:35] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks at tme man scribbling and calls out are you a scribe sir?
[15:35] Vodka Clarity looked at him with wide eyes. Her face was frozen with an expression of utter displeasure. She furrowed her brows again, dug her heels into the earth, and pushed again with the next set of contractions. She continued to cry out, strain, and shout a volatile spew of profanities. It was indeed ugly and getting quite gross as washes of various liquids and such came leaking out of her body.
[15:36] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -watches as a torrent of fluid comes out and then there was the tip of the head-
[15:37] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): push vodka push dont stop
[15:37] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) “Indeed!,” he chimed in return to the rather enormous physician. “How may I be of servic–nnnghhhh!” His words were muted upon his lips by an abrupt dry-heave, as he witnessed the most disgusting display of womanhood he’d ever seen emerging from the nether regions of the panther.
[15:38] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): i dont even glance at him as i hear him get il one tyou can get away from my patients view of hernether regions two go be il elsewhere like a few dozen paces downwind
[15:38] Hemloc motioned to the man nearby. “I believe that man’s name is Ezio, but I cannot be sure…” Hemloc’s face was now a shade of sickness. He casually stepped around and pointed at the spot between Vodka’s legs. “Oh look…there is fluid.” He clutched his stomach and pressed his palm into his abdomen. “Fluid…” He removed a bota strung over his belt and uncorked it, taking a drink swiftly. The bota was filled with that of a rather potent alcohol.
[15:38] Josie (josie.seubert) hands shook as she spilled the amniotic fluid forth, she knew he would need to see it and hurridly placed a cloth beneath her , tending to the woman
[15:39] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -reaches out and slips my fingers between the edge of the head and her and guides it as she pushes-
[15:39] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): your doing wel vodka keep it up
[15:41] ℭrow (fallenstarstream) trails off “Is there holy …. what the look shes spouting out like a fountain! You broke her physician! put that back inside!” she stamps her foot , with that ‘oh my jesus christ the hell are you doing?’ expression
[15:42] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -sees another panther arrive while im working-
[15:42] Vodka Clarity cried out again as she continued to push the first of the two massive heads that would soon emerge from her magical vagina. She was certainly not used to having so many eyes upon her lady parts. She would look at Vexing as she approached and continue to pant and cry out with blood curtailing screams.
[15:43] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) dissolved into a useless parody of Gorean manhood as his senses were assailed by the unceasingly malodorous act playing out before him. “Ezio,” he managed in a graveled, wet tone, before hurriedly turning away to heave the contents of his shame onto the grasses, fully doubled over with quill and parchment discarded and hands on either knee.
[15:44] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -the head slides out more and more i guide it gently as her body helps her and allows the baby to slide out easier- almost got one
[15:44] Hemloc took note to the green caste’s concern and motioned to the panthers. “Do not worry. They man look fierce but they couldn’t fire an arrow at the broad side of a cylinder in Ar.” He smiled, taking another sip and feeling a little better now that he had alcohol running through his blood stream. He continued to watch the pregnancy show. He then turned and felt the paga coming back up. He hunched into the wall and was trying to keep himself from throwing up at the scene of the beautiful…scene…of giving birth…
[15:45] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): im not concerned about them im keeping my convern on my patient
[15:45] Vodka Clarity would push one last time and finish passing the child she would one day call Tequila.
[15:45] Josie (josie.seubert) followed what he was doing she dodged the sharp end of her spear as she pushed with great effort, herbelly moving on it’s own with the gift of life coming forth, she readies a clean linen with her still clean hand for the physicians need
[15:47] Mother (vexing.jinx) moved swiftly silent, her hushed footfalls absorbed by the earth as she slipped from the embrace of the woods, the rapid staccato of her footfalls hastening even moreso as she heard her daughter, the sobs and wordless pleas singing more of life than any other sound, one she knew all too well.. She moved faster, her direction certain as she rounded the tavern corner, her sight focused only on her daughter and she eased to her, dropping into a crouch nearby, removing her mask to set it aside as she met her child’s eyes with her own, smiling, still silent, as the child was brought forward
[15:47] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -guides one baby fully out and wraps it in rep cloth and takes my surgeons scalpel and cuts the cord tying it in a knot and tying the other off with sterile sewing string before the next one starts t make its presence known-
[15:47] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): bondpour some hot water to safe temp then bathe the child until hes clean
[15:48] Shark (shark.starship) approached the small gathering, reluctantly. In spite of the ceremony of birth, Shark remained peaceful but showed an obvious complacent in her sour expression and features. She coughed, bringing a hand to her mouth to make note of her presence. She eyed the small creature protruding from Vodka’s vagina with a look of distrust. “Well, it looks hideous.” She said finally, folding her arms to her chest across her bosom.
[15:48] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) found himself secretly hoping that any male babies would be circumcised, so that their penises would appear larger when revealed triumphantly to some drunken conquest at a later date.
[15:49] Josie (josie.seubert) did as told, she removed herslef leaving more fresh linens where she had been hoping someone would help with the next, she took the chold carefully after she poured the hot water nto the bowl and tested it on her own wrists, she sat with the prescious bundle and started wiping away the amniotic fluid and blood from the face
[15:50] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): ok vodka relax a moment before the nextlone comes
[15:51] Vodka Clarity would nod but her body did not cooperate. The second baby was on the way. Once more she began to push and cry out. It seemed that the one named Hypnotic would not linger in her womb long – she was intent on following her sister.
[15:51] Josie (josie.seubert) searched the ohysicians cylinder for the bulb, she took it and compressed the end and applied it into the babys nostrils to pull away any fluids that might be blosking its breathing, hearing it wail it’s first breath, she smiled as it started pinking up and continued to wash the baby clean
[15:52] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) did his best to recover from the vile assault to his senses, snatching up his only slightly-soiled scrap of paper and quill to look over the masterful work he’d began. Turning back, he instinctively flinched away… though, with the temperament of a true Gorean warrior, he forced his steely eyes upon Vodka’s distended ‘whispering’ one.
[15:52] Hemloc stands over the slave with the baby in her arms and looks at it. “Yup. He’s a cute kid. She is mine. Thankfully.” He looked back towards Vodka and awaited for the next child, “These children will be Ubara’s one day! Not panthers.” He nodded and pondered, looking up at the sky, taking another swig of the paga, “Perhaps Tatrix’. Leading a glorious place like Tharna where women rule.” He started day dreaming. “Or of high caste. Perhaps merchants.” He nodded his head and thought of the possibilities. “Rich merchants.”
[15:53] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): could even be physicians with the right word from one
[15:54] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -sees another gush of fluid from her heralding the arrival of the second child-
[15:55] Mother (vexing.jinx) settled her attention on the newborn, her natural instinct to slit the slave’s throat for touching the child tamped down with the knowledge that bathing the youngling in the blood of the less-than-free would probably damn the babe. her eyes roved over the babe with all due pride, the tattering of the man claiming pride in the child discarded like last night’s dreams. Still, though, she remained silent, more intent on Vodka than the babes, reading her own child’s expressions so familiar, holding her breath as she pushed, willing her strength as if it were a possibility
[15:55] Shark (shark.starship) picked up a pebble from between the wooden boards, holding it carefully before tossing it, sending it whizzing through the air at Hemloc’s body. She did not care where it hit him, as long as it did. “You make no demands of them.” She said, now suddenly defending her, what, sisters? Deciding not to spoil the moment with her own bitter sentiments for this man who had callously raped her blood mother, she took a step back then, fading into the background – not only for these reasons, but the bodily fluid and natural birthing sights and smells were making her stomach weak.
[15:56] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -smiles at vodka as the head of the second one started peekng out-
[15:57] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): bond is the child clean yet?
[15:57] Hemloc looks at the second child coming into this world. “IT IS MY SECOND DAUGHTER!” He held his paga bota up in the air and looked at the small group gathered nearby. “And yes, of course we make demands. they are my daughters and they shall be living of the highest regard!” He takes another swig and has an odd, surreal feeling of cheerfulness, mixed with drunken stupor, mixed with the disgusting sight of child birth.
[15:57] Vodka Clarity would offer up a few last pushes as the second child passed with a little more ease, the path already greased from the first. It was a miraculous event – the miracle of life, barf, and vaginal fluids all at once. She would cry out and shout, her body trembling weakly from the ordeal.
[15:58] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) did his best to capture the fullness of the scene… in terms of the woman’s vagina, at least. He furiously shaded those meaty curtains and that gargoyle-like head as it powered its way through like some sort of monstrous insect. It was the stuff of legends, surely… one scribe, standing alone against the horrors of the feminine with only his iron resolve as bulwark. He was alive — he was part of the natural order, a vibrating man-god among vermin, with the light of the cosmos in his unblinking eyes.
[15:58] Josie (josie.seubert) just made herself as useful as she could, she applied the green paga to the end of the cut cord and checked out the baby to make sure it had everything and swaddeled it so it wouldnt lose prescious body heat as it continued to cry showing the proper reflexes it should
[15:59] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -guides the second child into a clean rep cloth and said to the bond- give the first one to her mother and clean the second one
[15:59] Josie (josie.seubert): ” it is yes Jarl”

Popping out rape babies.

[15:59] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -takes the other rep cloths to clean vodka as gently as i could

[16:00] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): you did very well vodka

[16:00] Josie (josie.seubert) stood and went to lay the child to the woman, before she turned to tend to the other babe she was sure she was steady enough and set about to suction the fluid from the other infants nost to make sure it has no interferance with the breathing
[16:01] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -ull,s off my gloves after making sure the cur and knotted cords were safe and ends treated and smiled at vodka-
[16:02] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): wel young lady
[16:02] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): you now have two healthy babyies
[16:03] Vodka Clarity cheered, “I love babyies!”
[16:03] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): they your babies
[16:03] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) seemed to hold himself at bay, waiting for Hemloc to lift one of his children over his head like that baboon in the Lion King, where Elton John would descend from the heavens to act as bard, charming all with his velvety tones as he spoke of the circle of life.
[16:03] Vodka Clarity nodded and offered up a sigh of relief. She would wipe her brow again and close her eyes, needing rest.
[16:03] Josie (josie.seubert) could feel eyes upon her but it mattered little at this point, she did as was asked of her, watching the baby breath and pink up almost instantly as it wailed slightly louder then the first, she used clean cloths, and discarded them into a pile so as not to contaminate the water, she applied the green paga to the end of the nicely cut and clamped cord and swaddeled it as well so it wouldnt lose any heat
[16:04] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): very well done bond
[16:05] Hemloc walked over to pick up one of the babies and stood on top of one of the wooden boxes and held the child over his head, “THIS SHALL BE THE QUEEN OF GOR! FOR NOW, AND ALWAYS!” He nodded his head and shouted to the others nearby, “WE SHALL NAME THIS ONE, ‘fleur!’…”
[16:05] ץαηg (illania.clarity): eeww
[16:05] Josie (josie.seubert) nodded to him and gathered up the dirty linens and water” thank you jarl, will get this ouot of the way , you are very skilled ” she slipped past and went back inside after giving the baby to the physician
[16:05] Vodka Clarity looked at him and blinked. “I do not think so!” She would argue. “It came from my vagina. She is called Absinthe and the other Tequila. Like their mother.”
[16:06] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -takes the baby and places it in vodkas arms –
[16:06] Hemloc looked down at her and narrowed his eyes, “They wouldn’t have come from your vagina if I didn’t put them there panther!” He snapped, looking down to the child.
[16:06] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -chuckles at the two of them and their arguement
[16:07] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): enough you two
[16:07] Josie (josie.seubert) lay the bowls to the side and went about getting things back in order
[16:08] Mother (vexing.jinx) grinned, rolling back to gain her feet, dusting her hands off as she silently gloated to Hemloc. She lifted on hand, striking the mark of “1” in the air. Dismissing him, she lowered herself to her daughter’s side, kissing the top of her head in a rare display of pride, touching each of the girls with the back of her fingers before turning, swinging her attention back to the docks. Never one to let down her guard over long, far…far too many years in the woods for that.
[16:09]  Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): turns and returns to my tarn-
[16:10]  Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord): “Farewell, noble physician! Honor and steel!,” he called, waving with his quill in hand.
[16:10] Mother (vexing.jinx) waves
[16:10] Vodka Clarity waved at him as he left.


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  1. You got one of yer machine gun baby projectiles square between my eyes vodka. O.O I’m officially mortified

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