Treve. Le Sigh.

Normally I would attempt to dazzle you with some sort of amazing title and bit of humor but truthfully this is no laughing matter. It is a matter of facepalming. For a while now I’ve been forced to deal with boy-temperaments over  some of the stupidest things ever.

Let me start at the beginning by posting Arua SIM rules:

RAIDS (A raid consists of 3 or more people): MUST BEGIN AND END AT SIM ENTRANCE. 10 MINUTE SAFE ZONE.


One day Randal and Jerek decided to pay Vodka Clarity a little visit while she was sitting in camp and her sisters were raiding. Magically the managed to load a two-story siege vehicle larger than a boat, on a boat, and proceeded to cart it through our forest of phantom trees. Of course here you might ask, “Well Vodka, how does one manage to get a cart through trees in roleplay?” – I don’t have the answer. Neither does Vido, Randal, or Jerek. Regardless I looked upon the vehicle without complaint and simply began to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. I also laughed in ventrilo and thus my Sisters came to see via the appropriate docks what exactly was so funny. We did not attack them at that point but just merely let the two men ride back to Treve unscathed.


 It didn’t matter what the rules stated. Randal and Jerek apparently felt that it would be appropriate to lock down the SIM because of their presence and the offense of my dear sisters returning has forever not been forgiven.

In retribution Treve began to pull all sorts of shenanigans like TPing Lokai Spiritor onto SIM after a raid was already underway. Their defense – an eye for an eye.

[20:43] Vodka Clarity: [20:31] Lokia SpiritorLokia Spiritor has entered the region (173.99m).
[20:43] Vodka Clarity: So I heard you don’t let men join in late.
[20:43] Vodka Clarity: Poof suddenly he appeared after we began raiding.
[20:43] Treveian: well I had to adjust after you told me that its fine untill one side did not begin to shoot
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: we did shoot
[20:44] Treveian: vodka, you had 5 tpd in as we were over your walls yo;P
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: heh.
[20:44] Treveian: srsly
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: No.
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: You seriously.
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: Two wrongs don’t make a right.
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: So.
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: What are you trying to say
[20:44] Treveian: tp home and done come back. No mood into this shit, especialyl that you again only came at ridiculous late hour.
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: Because it happened when I thought you were JOKING you can do it?
[20:44] Treveian: done with it, cheers
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: It’s 8:44
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: PM
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: that’s not late.
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: We’re in america.
[20:45] Treveian: and the entire world does not resolve around your one timezone
[20:45] Treveian: revolve even
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: and ours doesn’t revolve around yours
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: I just got home from work.
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: 20 minutes ago.
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: I showered.
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: And I wanted some fun.
[20:46] Vodka Clarity: So…
[20:46] Treveian: so Im not dealing with your bitching
[20:46] Treveian: do not come back untill you adjust your attitude
[20:46] Vodka Clarity: Yes, I’m bitching because I’m pointing out someone TPed in and that you’re being a hypocrite by expecting me to raid on your schedule.
[20:47] Vodka Clarity: Seriously bitching, am I right?
[20:47] Treveian: Slow down woman. You have done nothing but raided us only at this late hour while we’ve mannage to bring game to your place at different times and when you were clearly on but you chose not to raid.
[20:48] Vodka Clarity: It’s not a late hour.
[20:48] Vodka Clarity: It’s 9.
[20:48] Treveian: Ive had 5 panthers from your tribe drop onto my fucking head when we approached your gate
[20:48] Vodka Clarity: You came in a huge siege weapon. I had never seen such I thing. I thought you were fucking around and joking.
[20:48] Vodka Clarity: People told me you were using us to test it out.
[20:48] Vodka Clarity: And adjusting it.
[20:48] Treveian: now, you complaining about lokia tping in is fine. Im just not going to deal with your sort of complaints considering what I let slide on your side.
[20:49] Vodka Clarity: Okay so what you’re telling me is that its okay for you to break the rules.
[20:49] Vodka Clarity: Because it happened one time when I told you I thought it was a big joke.
[20:49] Treveian: what Im telling you is that roleplay with groups is optional and we clearly dont see eye to eye, sadly
[20:50] Treveian): enjoy your evening, elsewhere

 After this incident we let Treve relax for a bit and avoided roleplaying/raiding there until we were having some OOC conversations with a few Treveians and they suggested that a raid because they were bored. Again a simple raid turned into a bunch of OOC bullshit and eventually a ban on panther raids:

[19:26] Treveian: hi there sexy
[20:03] Vodka Clarity: Hey you
[20:05] Treveian: some of your chicks were in my mens ims
[20:05] Treveian: complaining we didnt RP anyone
[20:05] Treveian: we kept 3
[20:05] Treveian: and rped them
[20:05] Treveian: still have them
[20:05] Vodka Clarity scratches her head.
[20:05] Vodka Clarity: Okay.
[20:06] Treveian: can you ask your tribe not to whine in the lads ims
[20:06] Treveian: especailly when they talk crap
[20:06] Treveian: it doesnt look good
[20:06] Vodka Clarity facepalms and smiles.
[20:07] Vodka Clarity: Who is whining exactly, dearest?
[20:07] Vodka Clarity: Without some sort of names.
[20:07] Vodka Clarity: Or some other information.
[20:07] Vodka Clarity: Like.. you know.. logs.
[20:07] Vodka Clarity: I don’t can’t do much.
[20:07] Vodka Clarity: As heresay and blanket statements don’t seem to work.
[20:08] Vodka Clarity: Unless you are referring to a personal conversation Shark was having with her friend, herpes.
[20:10] Treveian: ok hang on
[20:10] Treveian: i didnt want to get personal
[20:10] Treveian: but ok
[20:10] Vodka Clarity: But it doesn’t help with blanket statements.
[20:10] Treveian: someone called shark
[20:10] Treveian: imed zeek i think
[20:10] Vodka Clarity: You mean the person who said, “[19:31] Shark (shark.starship): I agree. Not everyone can be role-played. I was happy to be sailed, especially if it gave some one else the chance to be role-played. Like I said, it didn’t bother me at all.”
[20:11] Treveian: well you might point out we kept three to rp with
[20:11] Treveian: that is not the im i am refering to
[20:11] Treveian: it was the *you didnt rp anyone thats BS*
[20:11] Treveian: one
[20:12] Vodka Clarity: I asked her if she IMed Zeek.
[20:12] Vodka Clarity: [20:11] Shark (shark.starship): Nope.
[20:11] Shark (shark.starship): Not even once.
[20:12] Treveian: ok hang on i have to go back
[20:13] Vodka Clarity: Yes, please do go back.
[20:13] Vodka Clarity: And let me know
[20:14] Treveian: Herpes Melodie: [19:25] Shark (shark.starship): Yeah, everyone got sailed apparently.
[19:25] Shark (shark.starship): They are kind of annoyed with it.
[19:25] Decent Free Woman (herpes.melodie): Mind it if I copy the last two lines in groupchat?
[19:25] Shark (shark.starship): Sure.
[20:14] Treveian: when that appeard
[20:14] Treveian: everyone got miffed cos we kept 3
[20:14] Vodka Clarity: Heh. Apparently you don’t know the entire story.
[20:15] Vodka Clarity: You know what I think the issue is, TREVEIAN?
[20:16] Vodka Clarity: I think that every time someone has a conversation about anything and its not a circle jerk about how awesome Treve is you dismiss it as whining and complaining. Herpes and Shark are friends and engaged in a rather lengthy conversation with one another about your RP tactics – tactics that aren’t exactly, well, celebrated in Gor. You, yourself, have complained about how you’re being called GE and have constant issues. Now – Herpes asked Shark if he could share a small segment of conversation in group chat and got her approval. He seemed to do just that.
[20:17] Vodka Clarity: And frankly I am not going to start monitoring the conversations my adult players are having with their friends just because TREVE was brought up.
[20:17] Vodka Clarity: I am frankly getting tired of listening to you people talk about how everyone bitches when thus far I have heard nonstop from Randal about every little mistake that has been made.
[20:17] Vodka Clarity: And has hence forth went about purposefully TPing people ect ect ect ect.
[20:17] Vodka Clarity: I have better shit to do with my time than, well, this.
[20:18] Treveian: every time you come here
[20:18] Treveian: we get mod calls and bitching in ims
[20:18] Treveian: you bore the tits off us with it
[20:18] Vodka Clarity: That’s probably because you guys are TPing Lokai when we’ve already arrived and doing stupid shit like that.
[20:18] Treveian: again we are one of the few cities you can actually raid
[20:19] Treveian: so can we agree not to interact
[20:19] Treveian: you tped in 5 as we stood on the docks
[20:19] Treveian: and said it was ok
[20:19] Treveiain: seriously
[20:19] Treveian: stay away
[20:19] Vodka Clarity: It was you and TREVEIAN coming.
[20:19] Vido Sciarri: i am already getting complaints about how often you come
[20:19] Vodka Clarity: Or TREVEIAN  and TREVEIAN
[20:19] Vodka Clarity: And.
[20:20] Treveian: so can we just agree not to interact
[20:20] Vodka Clarity: It takes in our rules, always has, that the SIM does not get locked down by 2 people.
[20:20] Treveian: if your so unhappy
[20:20] Vodka Clarity: We aren’t so unhappy. I was perfectly happy just sitting here writing my paper until you started IMing me about random stuff. Again, it was perfectly okay as a) they did not get TPed in. They came from from the docks.
[20:20] Vodka Clarity: ANd two.
[20:21] Vodka Clarity: RAIDS (A raid consists of 3 or more people): MUST BEGIN AND END AT SIM ENTRANCE. 10 MINUTE SAFE ZONE.

[20:21] Vodka Clarity: It has read that since the FIRST TIME we opened the aura SIM.
[20:21] Vodka Clarity: It’s ALWAYS been our rules.
[20:21] Vodka Clarity: And I explained that to Randal.
[20:21] Treveian: ok
[20:21] Treveian: lets call it off
[20:21] Treveian: we can go back to no more panther raids
[20:21] Treveian: and we can all have more fun and less shit
[20:22] Treveian: night vodka
[20:22] Vodka Clarity: I am tired of being strong armed by you over every little thing. You guys can do anything you feel like but the moment we comment or something of that nature, it’s a huge issue. Make it so there aren’t any more panther raids – that’s FINE

At the end of the day I feel like I can’t really shed any tears over this pseudo-roleplay ban with Treve. Raids are far from perfect, we know that. When there is something seriously wrong we bring it up – but it’s not drama. It’s simply trying to fix it. Rather than dealing with issues like adults some people have to simply disregard, strong arm, and bullshit their way through.

And that’s the shit we put up with.

PS: Since we put up our post another site decided to write a story on Treve. This wordpress is A certain Treveian went about assuming the author was from Arua and started to send messages:

[12:51] Treveian: you are all banned from treve
[13:06] Shark (shark.starship): I have no idea who you are and I could care less. Dont message me again.
[13:07] Treveian: dont come to treve
[13:07] Treveian: fuck you

[12:54] Treveian: i dont give a shit what you call me
[12:54] Treveian: but callinbg payton an alcoholic stalker
[12:54] Treveian: thats total cuntery
[12:54] Treveian: you
[12:54] Treveian: fucking
[12:54] Treveian: cunts
[12:56] Treveian: i see you girls like to blog
[12:56] Vexing Jinx: Treveian? I adore you, even when you’re radge. Carry on, mate. Do what you must. No hard feelings here.
[12:56] Vexing Jinx: Go ahead, return the favour.
[12:56] Vexing Jinx: Always welcome
[12:56] Treveiani: we you wont be able to do fuck all else after that shit

[12:50] Treveian: do not come back to treve
[12:50] Treveian: ever
[12:50] Treveian: you are all banned you fucking dopehead
[12:51] Vodka Clarity: You already RP banned us. Remember?
[12:51] Treveian: no i didnt
[12:52] Treveian: but i have now
[12:52] Treveian: cuntface
[12:52] Vodka Clarity: [2012/04/22 20:21] Treveian: lets call it off
[2012/04/22 20:21] Treveian: we can go back to no more panther raids
[2012/04/22 20:21] Treveian: and we can all have more fun and less shit
[2012/04/22 20:22] Treveian: night vodka
[12:53] Treveian: you call me a scottish pyco
[12:53] Treveian: payton an alcoloic stalker
[12:53] Treveian: you fucking cunt
[12:54] Vodka Clarity: What are you talking about?
[12:54] Vodka Clarity: I am so fucking confused.
[12:54] Treveian: you call p[ayton an alcoholoiuc stalker
[12:54] Treveian: i dont give a fuck what you call me
[12:55] Treveiani: but thats being a total cunt
[12:55] Treveian: you fucking cunt
[12:55] Treveian: stay
[12:55] Treveian: away
[12:55] Treveian: from treve
[12:55] Treveian: you will find the number of sims you can go to will be very few after that fucking shit
[12:57] Treveian: oh an feel free to blog of of this dopehead
[12:59] Vodka Clarity: what the fuck are you talking about?
[12:59] Vodka Clarity: I don’t know shit about payton
[12:59] Vodka Clarity: Or said anything about her.
[12:59] Vodka Clarity: So uh.
[12:59] Vodka Clarity: Okay.
[12:59] Vodka Clarity: Show me where I said anything about payton
[13:00] Treveian: in the other blog
[13:00] Vodka Clarity: Because it didn’t happen.
[13:00] Vodka Clarity: Where did I say something about Payton.
[13:00] Treveian: from you upset bitch
[13:00] Vodka Clarity: SHow me.
[13:00] Treveian: why
[13:00] Treveian: you fucking read it
[13:00] Vodka Clarity: I did.
[13:00] Treveian: the orther blog
[13:00] Vodka Clarity: It says nothing about Payton
[13:00] Treveian: liten
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: What?
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: What blog?
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: What the fuck are you talking about
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: I didn’t say shit about payton
[13:01] Treveian: your tea party one, its obviouslky from your bitches
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: On any blog.
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: What the fuck you talking about
[13:01] Treveian: if you want to put our ims on a blog you cvan fuck off
[13:01] Treveian: and
[13:01] Treveian: no fucking sim in gor will want you
[13:01] Treveian: cos they can expecxt to be on a blog too
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: lol.
[13:02] Vodka Clarity: right
[13:02] Treveian: Catigernus: (Saved Mon 23 Apr 2012 19:23:04)
[13:02] Treveian: now
[13:02] Treveian: you tell your bitches
[13:02] Treveian: that none of you are welcome here
[13:02] Treveian: ims on a fucking blog
[13:10] Vodka Clarity: What hte fuck?
[13:10] Vodka Clarity: THat isn’t mine.
[13:11] Vodka Clarity: Or anyone i know
[13:11] Vodka Clarity: so
[13:11] Treveian: i know it isnt
[13:11] Treveian: its one of your bitches
[13:11] Treveian: but it doesnt matter
[13:11] Treveian: you want to blog
[13:11] Treveian: enjoy it
[13:11] Treveian: but stay the fuck away from trteve
[13:11] Treveian: all of you
[13:11] Vodka Clarity: who is it?
[13:11] Vodka Clarity: hm?
[13:12] Treveian: vodka are you doped out your head right now or not?
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: No.
[13:12] Treveian: is ceraphis drunk again?
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: I’m telling you I’ve never seen that blog
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: In my life.
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: So.
[13:12] Treveian: has he got his cock out?
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: I don’t know what you’re talking about
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: Serapis is a woman.
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: LOL.
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: I talk to her on vent
[13:12] Treveian: dont kid a kidder lassie
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: Sounds like you’re drunk.
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: To be honest.
[13:13] Vodka Clarity: No one is kidding you, Vido.
[13:13] Treveian nope i dont drink
[13:13] Treveiani: ok fine
[13:13] Treveian: just stay the fuck away from here
[13:13] Treveian: we are done with ya
[13:13] Treveian: dinhey fucking huntress
[13:13] Treveiani: aka kanda keeper
[13:14] Treveian: and
[13:14] Treveian: seraphis is a bloke and you fucking know it
[13:15] Vodka Clarity: Serapis is a girl.
[13:15] Vodka Clarity: That blog isn’t owned by us.
[13:15] Vodka Clarity: But I will edit out your name and put this up too.
[13:15] Vodka Clarity: Because it’s ridiculous.
[13:17] Vodka Clarity: [13:17] Vodka Clarity: DOES SOMEONE OWN GOREANTEAPARTY.COM?
[13:17] Verna (zamira.avora): Not I
[13:17] ץαηg (illania.clarity): not i
[13:17] Mother (vexing.jinx): nope

Just to make it -very- clear that as far as I am aware, no member of Arua is responsible for While we may blog about things that we find to be a bit absurd, the reality is that we don’t really try to make personal attacks on people. Maybe as a jest – but realistically we love everyone. Hell, I personally like Vido and Randal a lot (when they are feeling generous and acting normal). Our purpose is really to point out and poke fun of things; not to write serious slander about people being alcoholics or putting up personal information like a person’s decent. Generally speaking our blog is primarily roleplay logs and things of that nature – but once in a while I feel like someone deserves to be called out. I certainly wont pretend that the Arua are perfect, no gorean group is. But that’s why I mainly stick to logs with brief summaries and I accept comments from -everyone- regardless if they agree with our view point or not. I’m terribly sorry to Treve that this unfortunate turn of events has happened but perhaps it is a call to look a little introspectively.

If you’re going to feel bad or embarrassed about something you say – don’t say it.

… And that’s the shit we put up with again.

~ by Arua Tribe on April 23, 2012.

24 Responses to “Treve. Le Sigh.”

  1. Vido and Randal being ass hats, no surprise there.

  2. I was part of the raid last night, defending with Treve. It was a fun raid I enjoyed it. But with that said, you present a very one sided case, almost making it seem as if Arua did not do a thing wrong.

    Personally, I think once a raid is on the docks, and a raid is more than 2 people, then you should just not allow people to log in and join, and I am sure you can see the frustration that wouldbe raiders would feel if they were attacking 3 people, that suddenly became 8. No? Regardless they are your sim rules, but the frustration is just, in my opinion.

    With that said, I am sure that both sides made mistakes but to present it in a blog like Arua did no wrong and claim that “that is the shit we put up with.” is a bit… immature.

    There seems to be a recent craze of blogging everything that ever happens in attempt to slander other groups or persons and it just appears rather immature.

    Why do you not make a blog about the roleplay you or your tribe has received from Treve or any other sim for that matter?

    Anyway, I hope you manage to sort out this “shit” so I can shoot at you all again. I enjoyed it very much. 😀


  3. See, this immediately gets called Randal and Vido being asshats, but if you read what happened, you will see that they were looking for a mutual conflict resolution, not some OOC disagreement…and realistically, the geography alone puts Minus far enough away from the Northern Forests that you’re not going to encounter panthers attacking Minus. Furthermore, panthers wouldn’t attack a city known for being a protectorate of a place like Treve which is known for its battle prowess. They would look for easier prey, but, seeing as both sides are looking for mutual gain through agreeable roleplay, they, they being the panthers and Trevans, sought to allow mutually agreeable intersim roleplay. It was not until there was a disagreement, that anything changed, and when there was a disagreement, no one said boohoo, I’m taking my toys and going home, both sides had heated arguments through mutual representation, and the end result was a cool down period so that flared tempers and general disagreements, could once more give way to a positive roleplay experience.

    Now, you may look at it and go, both sides said they weren’t interacting with each other anymore, but the reality here is, they’ll start up again in the near future when things cool down.

    The only real negative issue here, is that making this particular disagreement public serves no purpose whatsoever, as it casts both parties in a less than pristine light.

  4. I know you did not just utilize “realistic” in your rebuttal. I thought I saw that in there, but then..I realized that if you were striving for realism, you wouldn’t be complaining about your weakness to a group of women.

    Realistically speaking, you’d rather lick northward on a southbound porcupine. But then my ideal of masculinity may very well be skewed so I request your forgiveness if my expectations are set unrealistically high.

    Shame on us both.

    The truth of the matter is this:

    In order to bring roleplay to this little slice of e-heaven, we are forced to make allowances. There aren’t that bloody many places with the numbers to support an Arua raid. Too many sims, too many of those sims with the number weighed down with battle broads and we just aren’t quite hypocritical enough to attempt to cross the streams, Egon.

    Those allowances can only go so far, as well. Rules are in place for a reason and believe me, our beef isn’t with your rules…your home is yours and we’ll play by your rules because we love the game – it’s YOUR callous disregard for your own rules that leaves us treading water in a sea of “what?” – but it’s your OOC anger and penchant for consistent poor sportsMANship and hurling accusations based on nothing more than your ass ache at times that is the most frustrating.

    We get accused of a lot of things. We are accused of cheating on a regular basis because unlike 99.999% of the other places, we *know* each other – we know how we fight, we’ve scouted our targets, we’ve practiced together and not only are we accutely aware of our strengths, we’re doubly well versed in your weaknesses.

    NOT our fault.

    Even with that being said, Arua and Treve have mutually agreed to leave each other alone – just like Treve and the vast majority of other sims have done.

    You know what, though? We interact with a lot of places…currently, yours is the only one refusing our roleplay. If your town has several sims whom refuse YOUR attention? Perhaps it’s time to sit down and look at the common denominator, friend Trevian.

    Friendly advice from the feral crowd.

    Bang on!

  5. “I was the one who scouted out Treve, and I also im’d two of you warriors as well, to varify numbers, you are fool of it if anyone says anyone from our side was tp’d in, I brought in eight so look back at how many we had, EIGHT….noone was tp’d in, even if you have two on the docks, DUH its called having to have thm there because we are ummmm whats that called….TPing in our group which is something that realistically wouldnt happen however its how it is to get from point A to B……we didnt cheat it was actually a good fight on both sides, but tping people in never happened….not sure where or what went wrong, but I followed all as needed to be and got the raid going…….we actually go there and RP steling and shit more then we raid you all, however now it seems its all done and over and you can all be there and us here and we move onto other places and such andyou can just yea stay there……its sad we cant just have fun and hope to make story lones and shit, however it was yours who also started shit about saying we were there t only get FUCKED, and well yea I havent a desire to be fucked by anyone there, I go for the RP, and my RP has nothing to do with trying to get int a man pants that was uncalled for plain and simple

  6. Uhmmm… just a Question about that. What was that shit between Verna and rask of treve then O.o? anyone wanna clarify it?? *coughs* Wasn’t it …in the books? ;_; GAH wait hold on… This works:

    “Treve, I knew, was, nominally, at war with several cities. Strife is common among Gorean cities, each tending to be belligerent and suspicious of others. Rask of Treve, in his way, as other raiders of Treve, carried the war to the enemy.”

    I have heard, too, that the girls of Verna, chief of the panther girls, were freed in Ar, surreptitiously, and are believed to have escaped northward. In this I think I see the hand of Rask of Treve, or perhaps even of Verna, a most unusual woman, herself.”
    – Captive of Gor

    Those men, said Ena, are Raf and Pron, huntsmen of Treve, though they range widely in their huntings, even to the northern forests. By order of Rask of Treve they, by their skill in weapons and their mastery of the techniques and lore of the hunt, and pretending to be of Minus, a village under the hegemony of Ar, made petition and successfully so, to participate in the retinue of the great Ubar. She smiled at me. Treve, she said, has spies in many places.
    —Captive of Gor, p 298

    If hunters of treve journeyed northbound to hunt in the northern forests.. you’re telling me, a band of panthers would not be capable of journeying the same lengths?

    Sorry for my random wad of quotes O.o Jusssttt curious… Ahems… <.<

  7. vexing, currently we have 3 sims that dont inteact with us, two we have banned and one that banned us, you have many GE places to go i am sure, but when its found your leader likes to post bitching on blogs that no one fucking reads you will find you quickly lose those too, and when one of your members posts personal abuse on another blog even more will think twice about letting you play panther there too, there is more than one way of finding out who an alt is you know, and i am pleased you still have places to play,m but as you said yourself in Ims to me thier rp is kinda crap

    have fun in your ever diminishing gor

  8. Let’s all have a big discussion about it, shall we?

  9. Vexing, first of all, if you read my posted statement, you will realize, I made no complaint, save the statement that bringing this disagreement to a public forum was in poor taste. Furthermore, I in no way complained about the interaction in itself, the roleplay or anything of the like.

    The Warriors of Treve have been longly well versed in their strengths and weaknesses and have a much longer run at interactions, both positive and negative. So to say that this sim of upstarts who only recently have established themselves, hasn’t gotten the history of Treve, who has a long established ability of dominating other sims in terms of conflict and combat.

    In short, Treve has been at this a lot longer than you have, isn’t panthers and holds to their roleplay and honors rules and such, as they have for quite some time. As to the siege engine and such, I suggest you attribute that to Second Life engine limitations, rather than a roleplay gaffe, as a certain amount of suspension of disbelief is allowed for everything else, this should be included in said suspension.

    The next time, Vexing, you decide to troll me, for placing what was a rather reasonable and well-worded, perfectly pleasant post, I suggest you stop and consider whether you are adding to the problem, or presenting yourself in a fashion that your sim could be proud of.

  10. [19:26] Treveian: hi there sexy
    [20:03] Vodka Clarity: Hey you
    [20:05] Treveian: some of your chicks were in my mens ims
    [20:05] Treveian: complaining we didnt RP anyone
    [20:05] Treveian: we kept 3
    [20:05] Treveian: and rped them
    [20:05] Treveian: still have them
    [20:05] Vodka Clarity scratches her head.
    [20:05] Vodka Clarity: Okay.
    [20:06] Treveian: can you ask your tribe not to whine in the lads ims
    [20:06] Treveian: especailly when they talk crap
    [20:06] Treveian: it doesnt look good

    what began as a simple request ended up in this shit, and you wonder why we dont want anything to do with you, good of you to out seraphis on a blog though vodka i am sure he will love that

    • Serapis is voice verified. You can see it for yourself. Plenty of people in Gor have heard her talk. Don’t be mad because she’s a good bow.

      Good fighter = cock, clearly.

      Sexist much? Well I guess this is Gor.

      By that logic Vido must be a woman because he’s a pretty bad fighter.

    • *Serapis.. why does everyone spell my name as ‘Seraphis’?

  11. O.o Now yer just bein snoody. Jeez Okay everyone kiss and make up. >.> No more RAWR yer a jerk, yer a butt head bullcrap eh? It was posted and it offered our perspective. No need to take jabs at one another over a perspective. O.o

  12. we still shagged her even though we knew, well someone did, cos shes a good rper, much more important than bow skills

    • No one in Treve has ‘shagged me’ duuuuuuuude.. if its me your even talking about, lol..

      I DONT CHEAT ON SHARK.. or my scissor partner Vodka \o/

  13. I find it funny how we all seen what was said yet he comes in and still only shows part of it, again it was not several of us complaining and noone, it was a private conversation between 2 people that you butted into and assumed more then what it was because you decided to read between the lines…….and Serapis is awesome RPer you should feel blessed she even rp’d you since she is so picky, this is getting old and enough is enough, you are far from perfect and we never claimed to be, its funny how I told them the cpunt of four men the rest were afk, and then it turned into like 7 with tarns…..but it was still a good fight bt it was yesterday so move on already!!

  14. As a member of the Treve sim, I want to say that I am generally apalled by the behavior of the warriors with respect to Arua. (Although, at the same time, I must say that the Arua panthers really had no reason to complain about the number of panthers kept from their most recent raid upon Treve). That being said, I am saddened that my RP opportunities are continually being diminished by the fact that many of the men of Treve find it impossible to lose gracefully, and to win gracefully as well. More and more sims are banning Treve, so that the warriors can get their pew pew on. Guess what Vido? You aren’t the only member of the sim. There are others here who would like to RP with some of the people you are perpetually pissing off. Just sayin.

  15. Trevans, this isn’t the place.

  16. I get the feeling that anyone that speaks out about vido and his leadership of the reds in treve, quickly gets charges of treason throw against them pretty fast.

  17. Bah. it doesn’t matter one way or the other anymore.

    Arua is banned forever
    …and ever
    …and ever
    …and ever
    …and ever. All of us.

    All our alts, all our descendants. Very soon, according to what I’ve been told, Arua will be banned from every sim, everywhere.

    We will be shunned, Charlieeeees. Shuuuuunned.

    Plants will refuse to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen in our general vicinity.
    The sun will give us the eclipse shoulder.
    SPAM will ban us from purchases.

    We are dooooooooooomed.

    And all because of an OOC IM.

    This is why we just shouldn’t ever, ever go into IMs.

    Now, let’s go do something fun!

    Who’s up for facerolling some panther tribes for ridiculous amounts of tribute!


    Everyone! Grab some spears and your literary talents.

    Ovaries! Roll out!

  18. I get the feeling that “A panther” is speaking of things that it doesn’t know about, and it is more a troll who is making accusations based on a specific event, the entirety of which is not known to it. Only thing worse than a troll is an anonymous one.

    Someone get Jinx a refill on her prescription, I think she’s run out.

    • -gets out her violin and plays it for kortai- I might not know the specific events here, but I’ve seen vido and the shit he pulls enough over the last year in a half to take some educated guesses 😛 but if you dont like my so called ” trolling” dont read my posts 😛

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