The Trials of the Panther King

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Once and Future..Panther...King?

Once and Future..Panther…King?

[13:01] Arua Gate whispers: Karamella Core opened the door

[13:02] Karamella Core was on her way up to the tower to check if Vodka has another bota of paga laying about the place. She noisily made her way up the stairs humming to herself as she took the stairs at leisure. She would not know there was a man up there of course. She halted at the first floor to check through the girls things.

[13:10] Hjalmr: had seen what he’d thought was just an old broken down ruin, thinking it the perfect place to, well not to split hairs, squat in. he’d come to a gate, but that wasnt exactly a deal breaker, pleanty of ruins had gate so he picked it because as everyone knows, all goreans are master locksmiths. they teach you that right after you learn to use the potty. he noticed one thing when he walked into the camp, because that was what it clearly was, a camp. the thing he noticed was… that there were a lot of freaking pebbles on the ground. Like, way too many. clearly the place wasnt abandoned, because seriously, too many damn pebbles. he shrugged and mved on and found his way to the tower. he had a thing for towers, a bit of a weakness, but he needed to be at the top. nothing but the top for Hjalmr, yessiree. he picked the lock, then went back and covered his tracks and headed up the top and picked out the most comfortable chair… well it seemed like a garble of bone and furs, nbut it would do.

[13:18] Karamella Core kicked at the furs knowing how tricky Vodka was at hiding her shit. She made good work at looking about the place. She muttered to herself in her search and hoped to god she wouldn’t come back and find her savaging through the scavengers nest. “Bah” she cursed as she found nothing and then she took the stairs to the final floor. She ran the last few knowing there wasn’t many left and at first didn’t notice the bulk of man in the chair, for he seemed as much fur and hair as the chair itself. She started looking around and her back to him for now as she kicked through boxes and crates in search of a drink.

[13:32] Hjalmr: was resting comfortably in the halfassed chair, when the woman came slinking up the stairs, he didnt move, because at first sight she confirmed what he had suspected all a long… bitches be crazy. I mean seriously, look at them feathers, seriously what was with the feathers? she clearly had dressed herself because damn. he watched her kicking about, left and right and making a real racket of the place. he nodded, bitches… be… crazy. finally he cleared his throat loudly and with gusto. it was a deep one, coming from down by his epiglotis and moving up, shaking his voice box, and then passing up and really shaking up his uvula.

[13:40] Karamella Core hears the rumbling from his depths. No it couldn’t be….She froze and both hands dropped the box she held before she spun round….. Her natural reaction was of course to scream. So she did, with a jump back in tow. When the undignified screaming was done. She hissed at him. “Aaaah.” her eyes narrowed as she focused in on him. Her hands moved behind her to grab a bow should she need… though her feet stepped smoothly and silently towards the stairs, ready to bolt should he budge from his self claimed throne. Once she felt in control of herself … she nudged her head at him with a questioning look. “Who are you?” she frowned then, as her hands were fumbling at her back to get her bow unhooked…she was yanking at it… seemed the damn things was momentarily stuck on the other shit she had back there. She finally tugged it free and it fell on the floor. She eyed it and then eyed him. Then she lowered down to fetch it back up keeping her eyes on him.

[13:50] Hjalmr: :raised his eyebrows and watched her and her shenanigans with unveiled amusement. he watched her hiss at him, and after a moment said, “Bless you.” then as she yanked and tugged and actually laughed a bit at her, “Ha Ha Ha” is almost and very close to what it did not what it sound like. he creaked his neck parts and popped it a few time, listening to her question. then he sat up a bit in his chair, because he’d decided that at this moment it was his, “Who do you want me to be?”

[13:55] Karamella Core had gathered up her bow and now held it firmly in her hand and she was in the process of sliding a arrow from her sheath, when he laughed. She nodded sarcastically at him he seemed to enjoy himself over there. “Yeah yeah laugh it up.” she said to him as she started to notch the arrow to bow. Then he asked his question and she frowned even more now. “What?” she was genuinely confused now. Pure bewilderment on her face. For men rarely asked her what they wanted her to anything. “What do you mean?” she asked again. Standing up now to rear her head back and stare at him, bow and arrow totally forgotten for the moment.

[14:05] Hjalmr: smirked and leaned forward, elbows on the knees, then snorted hard and spat out the window at his side then wiped at his mustashios, raising an eyebrow, and looked at her with an amused look on his face, the one a grown man uses when watching a child puzzle out a problem the man in his advanced age and experience would find as simple as breathing. a totally patronizing dick face in short. “If you had you way ideally in this situation, you feeling secure in the place of your personal dwelling, then being surprised by an apparant apparition, who exactly would you want said apparition to be? Ideally of course.”

[14:11] Karamella Core continued frowning as he spoke. Her eyes drifted off to one side as she thought a moment. She without realizing it was fantasizing about what she’d want. A man with Paga was her first though. She frowned again, – am I a drunk?- she asked herself. She raised an eyebrow at her own though of him perhaps bringer of cheese. God she loved that stuff. She tutted at her own wandering thoughts and looked back at him. “No. I don’t want to play this… what can you be game.” she’d managed to bring her senses back. “I simply want to know who you ARE?” she nodded then and brought her bow and arrow back to a respectably controlled position before her.

[14:24] Hjalmr: he chuckled and leaned back a bit, slightly disappointed, then leaned forward his interest once again piqued. he placed his his hands together and steepled the tips infront of his nose, “What animal goes on four legs in the morning, on two durring the day, and on three at night?” he posed her the question, then leaned back in his chair, “Answer me that and know me.”

[14:31] Karamella Core cantered her head to the side as she looked at him riddling her this and riddling her that. She grinned and said “Ha! I know that one. A man in the phases of his life.” she looked overly pleased with herself. She then added. “Bet you didn’t think I had a brain huh?” she brought a hand to her mouth and huffs on her dirty mud stained nails and mock polishes them on her furs. She’d found herself relaxing a bit. Weather that was to her detriment was yet to be seen. “Now fess up. Who are you what you doing here?”

[14:37] Hjalmr: he chuckles and lifts his head to the sky, “She has spirt this one!” he says loudly to no one. then he looks at her squarely “then you have your answer to who I am. I am a man.” he looked out the window, he heard screeching of tarn and shouting of men. it didnt concern him, “As to what I am doing…” he paused looking at her for a moment, and then a few more moments… then a few more “I am…” he paused for a few more, “Sitting in a chair.”

[14:42] Karamella Core too had heard the shouts from far. The City of Lydius was probably under a no doubt provoked attack. She looked out the window towards where their hidden door to the old ruin camp was and saw nothing. It sated her for now. For the battled that Lydius raged never really affected them way deep in the woods here. She then turned back to him when he spoke. “Gods I can see that Man who sits in the Se’s chair like he owns it. Ya name?” she tried to demand. “Give me that.. and you know you should probably get out of here. When the rest come back we’ll both be in trouble.” she cautioned him.

[14:53] Hjalmr: he cocked his head, “why would I be in trouble? You’re the one who brought me here, fell in love with me, and decided that what this camp needed was a leader, a strong and virile one, and that the camp would be stronger if this man, this paragon blessed all of the fighting ladies here with strong daughters with beautiful hair!” he grinned at her, “Which is what I will tell them.”

[14:59] Karamella Core face contorted in all forms of shock and surprise. Big eyes that only horror could show. She mouthed -what the fuck- quite clearly for his words rang alarm bells for sure. Karamella was with Arua sure, but she was new. Not with them but a few moons, so would they take her word over his. She wasn’t to sure. “You what?” she asked him sounding a wee bit paniced “No… no… nay you cant.” she started to fluster. “You gots to get your ass out that chair now Mister and out the tower.” she didn’t want Vodka catching her in here in the first place, and certainly not with a man.

[15:08] Hjalmr: raised an eyebrow, “why would I do that? it’s shaded here, theres a comfy chair here, and I have the company of a beautiful woman. Why would I leave?” he chuckled, and rubbed his hand up and down the furs of the chair, “So I am wondering what is it, little bird, that causes you to flutter around in your little cage of worry so hmmm?”

[15:11] Karamella Core was looking anxious now. For they had been in here for far to long as it was. “I just.. we should…” she jumped and screeched again as she saw Vexing amble up the stairs. -Fuck- was what she mouthed now. “This man!” she pointed at him accusingly. “He was in here! I heard a commotion from the ground and had to come up here… and … see… well you know get him out.” she lied. She looked desperately at Vexing then lifted her bow and arrow she was holding still at him menacingly. “Get out!” she shrilled a little to enthusiastically.

[15:16] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) trotted up the stairs taking them two at a time. Whistling as rounded the curves. Her words ricocheted from the stones as a forewarning announing her imminent arrival. “Vodka! Vodka!…Voood-” Her words stopped as she came to a halt at the top, going still as she caught sight of the man, the hulking frame lounging in her daughter’s chair…and swung her attention towards Kama, canting her head to the side. She moved quickly, her hand easing to her dagger and looked back towards the blonde Thor God. “Kara? Is…YOU! How do you..why? You heard her, GET OUT!”

[15:23] Hjalmr: looked from one woman to the next a highly amused smile on his face, I mean the guy was beaming. He fucking loved this, this gorgeous lithe beauty here, and this voluptious bit of tastey with some admittedly fucked up hair, but even with that he wanted to drink a big gulp of that honey yessiree. “Get out? But here is so nice, so comfy and the view is great. what’s it take to jump into this? I’m into it ladies, yes I am. How are your healer? is there an option for profit sharing?”

[15:26] Karamella Core still held the bow and arrow firmly in front of her though she wavered with it a bit now as she saw the two knew each other. Again that look of confusion creeped onto her face and then to complicate it further Vodka arrived. She held up her lie though. “I heard him up here moving stuff about” it would explain the few things misplaced. That was for sure. “So I came up… and found him here.” she explained further. “You know him En?” she asked then greeted Vodka “Tal Se.”

[15:26] Vodka Clarity yanked her backpack off her shoulders, huffing and grunting as she ascended the staircase. She would pause a floor beneath the top, keenly listening to the voices that echoed against the ruined tower. The sound of her mother’s voice served to severe her hesitation and the panther went charging up to the top. “Blessed Priest Kings! What is this?!” She demanded, gesturing towards the blonde bearded man posted comfortably on her chair. She would glance towards the two women, wrinkling her nose. “Who’s this arse?” She asked, pointing a thumb in his general direction.

[15:31] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) smirked at the man in the chair, she knew the sound beneath the stones, she could tell it was Vodka – the rustle, the steps..and her grin only grew as she heard them..the skitter of feet fast approaching. This manthing was going to be regretting his life very, very soon. She coughed into her hand, speaking up to answer her daughter. “Well, Vodka, it would appear that this man is of the belief that this is a wise place to camp. I only just arrived, but it looks like not only has he slathered his arse all over your chair, but he’s been verbally assaulting Kara for the inquiry.”

[15:40] Karamella Core piped up now hearing the En back her up. “Yeh. I’ve been trying to get his arse up and out of your chair for ages now.” she nodded and redrew on the bow. She was going full bad ass now so they wouldn’t suspect her reason for being up here. “Lets tie him up and … take his boots and what ever else he’s got in those layers upon layers he wears.” she urged them on.

[15:41] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) snorted, gripping her own bow tight, she draw it from her back and rolled her shoulders, two fingers idly plucking at the strings..nodding, she looked to the man in the chair and cleared her throat. “You want to stand up now and take your bindings like a proper pet or shall we do this the hard way with wounds and screaming and bloodloss?”

[15:44] Hjalmr: laughed at the situation, then looked at the women standing before him, not gonna lie, these girls were giving him a swelling in the pant region that would make a doctor worry and advise him to call him if it lasted more than four hours, “If I might interject…” he raised a hand, his finger pointed to the sky, “This one…” the finger did a little swirl in the air, then stopped pointing not quite as straight as the compass meat needle in his pants, “brought me here, fell in love with me, praised my hair, decided that what this camp needed was a strong male leader, one with an appetite for the audacious, and firm but tender hands to gift you all with strong daughters with terrific hair and strong bow arms. And I was like, ‘whoah slow down, I’m not sure I’m ready for that kind of commitment!'” he threw his hand in the air panamiming the look, “And she was like, ‘No you will be the Panther King!'” he put on his serious face, “True story.”

[15:49] Karamella Core started immediately with protesting “Hey NO. Thats a lie!” she firmly objected. “I did no such thing! I came back from fishing. And heard this man fumbling around up here and making a big commotion here. He’s a theif most likely… come here to take what meager treasures we have!” she was yelly with her explanation. “You know me En I would never bring a man here to be -Panther King-” she said again.

[15:50] Karamella Core clears her hands and swings her bow off to aim…

[15:50] Karamella Core sheaths all weapons and swings her polearm from her back.

[15:50] GM 4.43 ~ Karamella Core Has Captured Hjalmr Resident! ~
[15:50] Hjalmr: hey
[15:51] Hjalmr: slumps down to the floor, cleary spent, and blasts the inside of his trousers with his pent up arousal

[15:52] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) rolled her head on her neck, wincing as it popped. Sliding her bow back into place, she hurled herself at his back, humming as she got to work. Moving quickly, she drew his arms behind his back, lashing them securely with a capture knot

[15:53] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) moving faster yet, she freed another length of fiber, kicking his feet toegther and tying them tightly, tripple knotted

[15:53] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) she scurried, drawing his weapons, tossing them aside

[15:54] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) she winced as the heavy blade forced her to struggle, her thighs tensing as she hefted it aside

[15:54] Karamella Core saw Vexing draw her bow and so without waiting for more words or fighting leaped forward, it was all legs flaps of fur and of course all those feathers. And she was on him whacking him with her stick till he was out cold. She stumbled a bit over the furs as she walked backwards then and looked down at him. Relieved it was over. “Well that didn’t take much!” she grinned at Vexing. She looked at her then as she bound him. “Now he’s bound do you have this alright Vexing… for I really need to pee.” she confessed.

[15:55] Vęҳįŋg (vexing.jinx) growling at him, irritated, she freed his shield rolling it away…”Pee? Well, of course…you should..hey, take that sword with you, would you?”

[15:56] Karamella Core nods and pick up the hefty sword. Once she got it she took it with her. “Of course… we’ll smelt it… make something grand and useful from it… like spoons.” she said as she walked out the stairs and was gone.

Panthers and Anenomes

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Giving the various villages and farms of Gor a break from Arua arrows we decided to set on some panthers, specifically the Sa Di Sani. Here is what happened: 


[12:02]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:02]  SdS Gate shouts: Tyrolia Tenk’s attack damages the door slightly

[12:02]  Mythotin Bow Draw [Gen1] v2.09: Range: normal, delay 0.80, arc -100. Dynamic OFF. Speed: 60m/s. Aim offset 0.300. Forward aim 1.00. Full report enabled. Autofire OFF.

[12:02]  GM 4.2: Scorpion Maverick hit you with ArrowL1 Rage [by LR] Gen 2.09 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:02]  GM 4.2: Arilana Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[12:02]  SdS Gate shouts: Tyrolia Tenk’s attack damages the door conspicuous

[12:02]  GM 4.2: Gawrili Howley hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.0 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:02]  GM 4.2: Gawrili Howley hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.0 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[12:02]  GM 4.2: Colett Levee hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-6 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:02]  GM 4.2: Colett Levee hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-6 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:02]  GM 4.2: Arilana Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:02]  GM 4.2: Gawrili Howley hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.0 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[12:03]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on emily Trebuchet

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Scorpion Maverick

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Scorpion Maverick

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Scorpion Maverick

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Scorpion Maverick

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Scorpion Maverick

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Lizz Dawes

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Direct Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Direct Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:03]  GM 4.2: Tyrolia Tenk Has Captured Marissa Curtis!

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:03]  GM 4.2: Lizz Dawes hit you with VF3-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Tyrolia Tenk

[12:03]  GM 4.2: Lizz Dawes hit you with VF3-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[12:03]  SdS Gate: Marissa Curtis unlocks the door.

[12:03]  SdS Gate: The door has been damaged.

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Gawrili Howley

[12:03]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Direct Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:03]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Direct Hit on Tyrolia Tenk

[12:03]  GM 4.2: Scorpion Maverick hit you with ArrowL1 Rage [by LR] Gen 2.09 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[12:03]  GM 4.2: Scorpion Maverick hit you with ArrowL1 Rage [by LR] Gen 2.09 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[12:03]  GM 4.2: Gawrili Howley hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.0 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[12:03]  Ezio Smilodon Fatalis (ezio.sabretooth) is Offline

[12:03]  GM 4.2: Tyrolia Tenk Has Captured Gawrili Howley!

[12:03]  GM 4.2: Tyrolia Tenk Has Captured Scorpion Maverick!

[12:04]  SdS Gate whispers: Door condition: 49

[12:04]  SdS Gate shouts: Vodka Clarity’s attack damages the door conspicuous

[12:04]  GM 4.2: janet Quicksand hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:04]  GM 4.2: janet Quicksand hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[12:04]  GM 4.2: janet Quicksand hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:04]  SdS Gate: Hold on and take a breath for 2s before you continue to smash.

[12:04]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:04]  SdS Gate whispers: Door condition: 38

[12:04]  SdS Gate shouts: Vodka Clarity’s attack almost shmashed the door

[12:04]  Mithril (trevor.darkmatter) is Offline

[12:04]  Ezio Smilodon Fatalis (ezio.sabretooth) is Online

[12:04]  SdS Gate whispers: Door condition: 27

[12:04]  SdS Gate shouts: Vodka Clarity’s attack almost shmashed the door

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Direct Hit on Lizz Dawes

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  GM 4.2: Lizz Dawes hit you with VF3-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Scorpion Maverick

[12:05]  GM 4.2: Lizz Dawes hit you with VF3-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:05]  SdS Gate whispers: Door condition: 8

[12:05]  SdS Gate shouts: Vodka Clarity’s attack almost shmashed the door

[12:05]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:05]  GM 4.2: Lizz Dawes hit you with VF3-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:05]  GM 4.2: Lizz Dawes hit you with VF3-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:05]  GM 4.2: janet Quicksand hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:05]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:06]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:06]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:06]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:06]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Direct Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:06]  GM 4.2: Lizz Dawes hit you with VF3-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:06]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:06]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:06]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:06]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Marissa Curtis

[12:06]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:06]  GM 4.2: Arilana Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:06]  GM 4.2: Arilana Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:06]  SdS Gate shouts: Shark Starship smashed the door!

[12:06]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:07]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on janet Quicksand

[12:07]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on janet Quicksand

[12:07]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:07]  Vodka Clarity reached down and took Em’s bow. She would grab the knife from her calf sheath and cut the string.

[12:08]  Vodka Clarity removed the rope from her thigh and kicked Em’s legs together. She would wrap her ankles and secure them.

[12:08]  Vodka Clarity grabbed Ems arms and pinned them behind her back. She would secure them tightly and finish with a few knots.

[12:08]  GM 4.2: Gawrili Howley has recovered!

[12:08]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Splash Hit on Gawrili Howley

[12:08]  Shark Starship briskly drew her bow from it’s sheath, pulling back the string and setting aim at her target.

[12:08]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Direct Hit on Gawrili Howley

[12:08]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:08]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Direct Hit on Gawrili Howley

[12:08]  GM 4.2: Vodka Clarity Has Captured Gawrili Howley!

[12:08]  Shark Starship wrapped her knuckles around the base of her spear, pulling it from her back.

[12:09]  Shark Starship sheathed all weapons, placing them back into their intended holster.

[12:09]  Princess Ariel (vexing.jinx) hurls herself at the fallen woman, landing with both knees into her back and wrenching the bow away

[12:09]  Vodka Clarity reached down and grabbed Gawrili’s bow. She would take her knife and cut the string before discarded the useless shell.

[12:09]  Vodka Clarity kicked her legs together and crouched down. She wrapped her ankles and secured them with a flourish of knots.

[12:09]  Princess Ariel (vexing.jinx) hurls the thing to her left while gathering the woman’s arrows and taking them for herself

[12:09]  Vodka Clarity grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back. Vodka would wrap Flower’s wrists and secure them with a flourish of knots.

[12:10]  Ella Songlark using a longer length of rope to use for a leash Ella leans down to attach the leash to Scorpions bindings

[12:10]  Princess Ariel (vexing.jinx) moving down to her ankles, she presses them together, one atop the other and winds them together, binding them with another length of fiber

[12:10]  Illania Clarity: moved over to te fallen panther and pulls her arms back and ties it off with a capture knot

[12:10]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:10]  Illania Clarity: then kicks her feet together and ties them off wth a capture knot

[12:11]  Princess Ariel (vexing.jinx) fashions a crude lead from yet another length, winding it between the two knots for a laesh

[12:11]  Illania Clarity: then adds a leash to her torso to drag her with

[12:11]  GM 4.2: Eris Lobo has recovered!

[12:11]  ArrowS14 Mesh [by LR] Gen 2.09: Direct Hit on Eris Lobo

[12:11]  GM 4.2: Vexing Jinx Has Captured Eris Lobo!

[12:11]  Shark Starship shouts: Began unfolding two sticks from her belt. She used the rope to tie the ends together and place them together along the wooden planks, using the gaps in the old worn boards to support them standing. A long scroll with “Arua” transcribed on it was fitted on to the notches. She beamed proudly and would shout: “For Arua!”

[12:11]  (GM)Bindings: Illania Clarity starts to unbind Gawrili Howley

[12:11]  Vodka Clarity attached a leash to Ems bindings and began to set off.

[12:12]  Vodka Clarity called out, “Take captives. Let’s move out!”

[12:12]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:12]  Marissa Curtis: eh..who are you all

[12:12]  Shark Starship wrapped her knuckles around the base of her spear, pulling it from her back.

[12:12]  Shark Starship briskly drew her bow from it’s sheath, pulling back the string and setting aim at her target.

[12:13]  Vodka Clarity called out. “Outside of their camp. Meet at me. We move together.”

[12:13]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:14]  Marissa Curtis: oi

[12:14]  Shark Starship was tired of dragigng her weight and loosened her ankle bindings a bit.

[12:14]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[12:15]  GM 4.2: Arilana Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:15]  GM 4.2: Arilana Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:15]  GM 4.2: Arilana Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:15]  GM 4.2: Arilana Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:15]  GM 4.2: Arilana Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:15]  GM 4.2: Arilana Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:15]  GM 4.2: Arilana Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[12:15]  Marissa Curtis: its about time, you

[12:16]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): oo are we on the road..?

[12:16]  Marissa Curtis: let us go…

[12:16]  Marissa Curtis: who are you and why?

[12:16]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) raises her brows.. ” indeed i lost vs troll, how annoying..

[12:17]  Vodka Clarity shrugged her shoulders and rolled Ems into her canoe. She hopped in and paddled off.

[12:17]  Marissa Curtis: she isnt an easy mark Ems

[12:17]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): i thought she was one of my operatives ” she grumbles

[12:17]  Teleport completed from

[12:18]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) peeks up.., this was slightly difficult, but managable ” i knnow this place ” she obsereves.. and sighs

[12:19]  Vodka Clarity nodded gravely to Ems. “You thought just because you moved forests you’d escape us?” She would inquire. “I think not.”

[12:19]  Arua Gate opened by Vodka Clarity

[12:19]  Marissa Curtis: nice camp

[12:19]  Marissa Curtis: but i like mine better..let us go!

[12:19]  Shark Starship: Thank you dear. You will become quite used to it.

[12:20]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): escape you..? she gazes blanquely into vodkas eyes ” oo i see.. ” she purses her lips.., then she notices some of her sisters around.. and presumes others where coming aswell..

[12:21]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) shouts: Sisters , this part of the plan worked,.. now we proceed !

[12:21]  Marissa Curtis see’s Ems and nods to her

[12:22]  Vodka Clarity glanced around. “What sisters?” She would ask. Vodka pointed at Marissa. “You mean her?”

[12:22]  Marissa Curtis: wait…isnt this Arua?

[12:22]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) blinks to mar.. ” she is the only one..? ” oo .. well yes.. thats what i mean..

[12:22]  Shark Starship would take her dagger from its sheath and remove the leather scraps and garb from Marissa, tossing them to a pile on the terrain, to be kept and used – perhaps crafted into something more visually appealing. “Aye, I believe she said they are related, Vodka.”

[12:23]  Vodka Clarity coughed into her fist, “Mother is more fitting.” She replied.

[12:24]  Marissa Curtis: grrr…dont rip those

[12:24]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) shakes her head.., ” now as all this is settled, and things are clear ” she flips her tongue ” we now may proceed to busniss,.. and here i am.. yes..

[12:25]  Marissa Curtis listens and wonders

[12:26]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): I have something to offer.., let me explain..

[12:26]  Vodka Clarity blinked at Ems and cocked her head. “Explain.” She would chant.

[12:27]  Princess Ariel (vexing.jinx) sidles up to the captive woman with the white hair. Whistling as she slid her dagger from it’s sheath at the small of her back. As the women spoke, she twirled the thing in her hand, the obnoxios whistling low and not even really a discernable tune.

[12:28]  Shark Starship would bring her right knee up, slamming it into the direction of the woman’s torso. Her hand, gripping a full waspy thicket of black tendrils, pulling her neck as the blow was delivered. She hoped to topple the woman over- standing over her. Shark would walk around her in a circle, like a predator stalking it’s prey. “What is your name panther and ranking?” She was curious to find if she actually taken some one with importance.

[12:28]  Marissa Curtis: ommph!

[12:29]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) stars into the ground., somewhat struggling with her binding.. , not in anyway to attempt any escape, wich she knew was hopeles, but more or less to silentlyindicate that she felt in a distressed hopes for a natural reaction to unbind her.. seat her on a chair.. and offer her some blacwine.. ” yes , , although,, possibly you may not be intrested.. as i see, presume you wont give a damn about gold, and richnesses.., power and influence.., ” she coughs a little bit

[12:29]  Marissa Curtis falls onto her butt “I am untie me!

[12:30]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) only realised now that she was being torsed the other way.. and grits her teath.. ” ems is my name.. ” now only her chest was beating..,, she holds her breath.. and relaxes visibly

[12:30]  Marissa Curtis: my rank? i am Mari…Princess of the Northern forest!

[12:31]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): my rank is one of an elder.. ” she says.. then adding after a second ” elder. not older.. ” she felt she had to say this

[12:31]  Marissa Curtis: and the forest will be very angry at you…unless you let us go

[12:31]  Princess Ariel (vexing.jinx) nods, tilting her head to the side and appraising the woman named “Ems”..”Greetings, Ems. Tell me..I’ve always wanted to inquire of a real, live panther… Do you prefer raw or cooked meat? Personally, I prefer it right in the middle, neither one..but not the other..”

[12:32]  Shark Starship quickly unsheathed her dagger, pulling the sleen blade from it’s dedicated holster upon her belt. Unsatisfied with the answer she was given, she angled the tip of it to the flesh of Marissa’s neck. With one swift movement, her artery could be forced upon, should Shark deem it so. “I will give you one more chance.” She said, attempting to indite fear into the heart of Marissa. “I should warn you to consider and choose wisely. I am not one to be reckoned with.” Thoughts already forming on what she would do to punish the woman, should she continue her facade of ignorance.

[12:33]  Vodka Clarity laughed and shook her head. “Gold and riches have no baring on the forest. You cannot pay the Talbuk to die. You must hunt it. Sweat and blood is the currency of the forest and Arua own the forest. All of it. We are yet to meet a band that can match our might.” She would point at the two bound women, “How many times have you ate our arrows? Have you ever won a single fight against the Arua? I think not. Serapis was amongst your best bows and she is with us. You are without a leg to stand on, huntresses.”

[12:33]  Zamira Avora flicked a brow as golden hues looked over gawking at the bosk dung reply out of the womens mouth, glancing to Shark as she pulled the dagger shaking her head softly as her thumb gestured over…go your self a rightly smart jit there…smirks a touch

[12:33]  Marissa Curtis gulps , a bit nervous with the blade so close to her tender neck “I am Mari..Elder of my tribe”

[12:35]  Marissa Curtis: please release us and let us go…for I dont like this anymore

[12:35]  Marissa Curtis remembers a song from earth and recites the lyrics, as it suited the situation

[12:36]  Shark Starship chuckled to Verna, offering only a sly smile in response. The answer seemed to sate Shark’s temper for the moment and her dagger would be clipped back into her belt. Her grasp on Marissa’s hair would be released and replaced with patting the top of her head soothingly. “Good girl. Elder. Now, tell me. Does your ‘sister’ or so you have called her, speak the truth? She is also an elder? If I should find that you have lied to me, and I will find, I will open your neck.” Knowledge was power. Arua intended to fully overtake the Sa Di. But, before they could conquer their camp, Shark wanted to be well versed on the ins-and-outs. She wanted to know all the secret tunnels, all of the escapes.

[12:36]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): i prefere.. fish ” she says simply.. ” but only the fish i catch myself ” her ears stiffen.. she heard vodka speak ” awell ” she sighed.., another of those who are content with simple things.. and untouchable.. and all that.. ” some want power, others want power, for the sake not letting others have it, only the indiffernt perish at end.., and they wont even understand why..,. ” she stunns ” and no i dont believe a words, gold and treasures, is what we all seek.. ” indeed she was..

[12:37]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): and if its not gold you seek, then why am i here..? ” she asks

[12:37]  Marissa Curtis grimaces at her hair being pulled continually “Aii..she speaks the truth..she is Elder also”

[12:38]  Zamira Avora flops down on the ground picking up a blade of grass and starts shewing it a bit looking over….ding..ding..ding…this one wins a prize for the dumbest captive of the hand, looking to the sky a moment to see if it would rain today with pursed lips a the blade of grass hung between them before looking around agian

[12:39]  Marissa Curtis sticks her tongue out at Zamira quickly

[12:40]  Vodka Clarity inclined her head. “We seek information.” The Se would respond. “Outside of the petty copper tarsk we’d earn by selling you you are worth nothing, Ems of the Sa Di Sani. Your worth is only decided by what your tongue will tell us. Lie and you die. Give us the information we seek and you will leave relatively unscathed.” She would turn towards Illiana and smile, “Prepare the brand. Let us mark these women so it is known they are nothing more than property of Arua. Their life is now an extension of our good graces.”

[12:41]  Shark Starship only nodded, figuring she was probably telling the truth. As Marissa’s tongue penetrated her lips, Shark would bring her free hand swiftly to the woman’s face, smashing her palm into what she aimed was the broad side of her cheek. “And of your En? Her name? Describe her to me.” Shark said, impatiently tapping her foot against the same plot of grass that Verna had just stuck between her teeth. Her hand rested once more on the hilt of her dagger, as a silent threat to what might happen if she should continue to play dumb.

[12:41]  Zamira Avora looks over with a smirk..Id be careful sticking that thing out at me…I hear they can be pierced and tattooed on..nods a touch moving the grass around as she spoke…shrugging a bit..Of coarse that is Shark dont just rip it out

[12:43]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): i give you all the information you wish ” she smiles, pondering what sort it may be.., she knew that they knew their camp was poorly defended,., and there was basically no secret of worth, wich was worth hiding.., ” i shall cooperate.. , , and i am ems.. an elder.. and en bow aswell … did i forget to mention that..?

[12:43]  Marissa Curtis’s head ,oves sharply in the direction her face was slapped and cringes against the blow “My En..she is a revengeful type..damage us and you will be sorry later”

[12:45]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) giggles awquardly.. ” tell them mar, they know it.., we had them in our cages, and we had some of them, within our ranks, who we called sisters,.. tell them what they wish to know.. and know already .. ” she shakes her head ” we wont make problems

[12:45]  Vodka Clarity inclined her head and pointed at Shark. “Apparently your sister refuses to give us knowledge about your En. Perhaps you are more willing to cooperate.” She replied. “What is your En’s name and describe her to me.”

[12:45]  Marissa Curtis feels tense at the weight of her situation..hearing Ems she considers her words

[12:45]  Zamira Avora snorted a bit looking over…Ya know…that sounded much like the same threat collar meat give to us…Dont harm me or my owner with come get you..laughs evil..muuahhhh..rolls her amber hues a bit and just focuses on the grass between her teeth

[12:46]  Marissa Curtis: pfft

[12:46]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) widesns her eyes ” one of yourssisters, names serpis, shed be a more trustwprthy infromant.. and shed know everything i know, in fact she was one of our sisters even..

[12:46]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): serapis*

[12:46]  Shark Starship “Alright.” Though the features of her face would fail to mark her anger, a wave of fury rushed over Shark. She walked away then, trailing to the inner camp, picking up a small tin of tools and a container filled with murky water that had pieces of metals left in it, polluting the liquid. She brought all of the items back to the Captive, placing each in a row to the right of her. She did not speak, only staring at the woman, offering one last chance for her to redeem what could turn into a quite unpleasant situation for her.

[12:46]  Marissa Curtis: she makes a noise with her lips and spouts off “Her name is Joy”

[12:47]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): but if you wish. to know.. , and trust me, i cannot lie, as truth is one of my ideals i was brought up with.. , my en is called lezwarrior yongo..,

[12:47]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) widesn her eyes

[12:47]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): ups did i say this

[12:47]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): that was a slip of the tongue ” she blushes

[12:48]  Marissa Curtis wonders whether to go along with Ems or speak the truth ..she remains quiet for now

[12:48]  Niccolo Machiavelli (andrewrice) is Online

[12:49]  ƿʀҽƈɪoưʂ (tynistria.sweetwater) is Online

[12:49]  Marissa Curtis: so there…you have it *eyeing the container nervously*

[12:49]  Vodka Clarity would grab Em’s bindings and drag her off quietly for a more private interrogation. “I do not like that they can communicate, my daughter. We shall divide them and compare answers.”

[12:49]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): joyce.. joyce woodget is our en.. ” she declares in a ceremonial way.. ” everybody knows it.., all of gor trembles when heraaing her name

[12:51]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) relaxes.. and narrows her eye.s. now she was utterly curios, she was convinced, that the word gold in fact had cought vodkas intrest.. and thus seperated her from the others “” i know you love gold.. , ” she smirks abit

[12:51]  Mercy Akami is Online

[12:51]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): and yes, i am the right person to talk to

[12:51]  Jaym Wolfhunter is Online

[12:53]  Vodka Clarity laughed and shook her head as she sat down on the floor. “I tremble at no name for a name cannot hurt me.” Vodka would idly remove her dagger from her calf sheath and begin to toy with in her grasp. “What does your band know of Arua?” She continued to ask. Vodka brought the blade down on her thigh band and cut it away. She would open the pouch and peek inside before discarded the useless garment. She continued to work the blade against her belt and then her top until the woman was relatively disrobed. “You do not know me very well then, Huntress. I was once called Onya in the village of Vatnjel. There I held the rank of Hall Jarl’s woman. There was absolutely nothing that I could not afford nore purchase. As Hall Mistress I wore the finest clothing and rebuild our hall to be the largest in Gor. We fought to make my Jarl the High Jarl of Torvaldsland.”

[12:53]  Vodka Clarity: It was a lavish lifestyle but alas, the forest is my true calling. I care nothing about materials. I do not even bother to cover my breasts anymore. The Forest provides for me.

[12:57]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): She didnt mind being free of clothes, but in this case it was differnt.. there was an aqwuard sort of feeling of being exposed.. wich she had a hard time overcoming.., and iéven a harder time to ignore.. ” what do we know about you… if you wished to remain hidden.. and unknown.. wich inded not to long ago you where, you have failed.. and add to the failing with each raid of yours.. even more so if you maanage to drag some of ours into her.. and thats what we know about your tribe,. and we aswell know that sisters under certain circumstances advance incredible fast in this tribe.. ” she smirks ” i presume its about gold, and your gibberish about the simple and putre life, , is one i do not believe in anyway..!

[13:00]  Vodka Clarity ran the flat of her infamous skinning knife along her tongue as she eyed the En Bow menacingly. Vodka had a fierce gravity to her; a woman with no moral qualms. Her generous lips would curl to reveal a twisted smile as she deftly spun the blade through her digits. With her free hand she would reach out and begin to pull away the scrapes of material that secured her bottoms, cutting away at each until the woman’s legs were bare. “I see. And what circumstance have women advanced quickly?” Vodka would inquire. “Our leadership has not changed since we took over this forest.” She continued. “Tell me, Ems of the Sa Di Sani – what is the name I go by and what position do I hold within this band? Who is the En? We do not hide in our forest – Most know where our camp is.” Vodka would point a thumb at the gate. “I believe the giant fucking gate gives it away. Nothing says, ‘someone lives here’ like a door.”

[13:05]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): people reffere to you as vodka the clearminded, and its rumoured that you are the en of this band.. you appeared from nothing.. and many have followed you, its said that arua is lead by an charismatic en.. ” yet agin ignoring the absence of her ripped pants.. ” the en who seeks for opportunities.. and an en wich sees opportunities when there are some ” she peeks sideways.. ” spy on port olni.. ” she wispers all of the sudden” the city of fina pays well for it..

[13:09]  Vodka Clarity inclined her head slightly. “Fina is not our friend. They have started a war with us.” She replied. Vodka would not agree nor deny her position – she was perfectly contented with being considered the En of the tribe; it was her duty to take the brunt of arrows and suspicions. “You are correct. I am called Vodka of Arua.” She would finally say. The huntress would grab Em’s shoulder and heave her on her back. “You are a very large woman, Ems. Are you a Torvald?” The panther’s fingers began to stray through her blonde tresses. “Port Olni is allied with Fina. I do not like being lied to.”

[13:10]  Illania Clarity: a wicked grin spread over her lips as she watches and notices her iron was white as white could be, she grabbed hold of it and made her way over to her mother, ran her way over careful to not burn herslf let alone anyone else, she could be a clutz t times…….sje makes her way to her still now looking pon te branding iron as it had turn to that wicked ruby coloring and ready to place upon a thigh or leg….”The branding iron hot and ready for use”, and hands it to her mother

[13:13]  Shark Starship: Marissa has given up their En. Her name is Joy. She also wishes to depart from the Sa Di and proclaim her interest in joining our ranks.

[13:14]  Marissa Curtis nods , looking around at them and then down at Ems

[13:14]  Marissa Curtis: i do wish it, aii

[13:15]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) blinks.., she was confused, the information they where at war with fina was indeed of intrest to her.., but then there was something else, she knew that fina and port olni where at war, and wherent allies, and realised that this woman was trying to trick her.. a n odd kind licking grwe with in her… vodka seemed tohave her won mind.. ” i understand ” was all she said, before being distarcted by the other panther arriving.. she emmediatly grapsed the situation eyeing the branding iron ” there is no need for that, i ahve been branded already, in fact havent we all been branded enough.. ” sge streches her head upwards..

[13:16]  Vodka Clarity reached out and grabbed the brand from her daughter. “Thank you, Tequila.” She remarked. Vodka would shift her attention towards Marissa and smirk. “Is this true? Are you to follow in the steps of Serapis and forsake the Sa Di Sani for a stronger tribe? Very well – you must prove yourself.” Vodka would point at Em’s thigh and then wave the scalding hot brand around in the air. “You must brand her.” Vodka would state.

[13:16]  Marissa Curtis: indeed we have Ems…I am totally against branding other women

[13:18]  Marissa Curtis looks at Vodka with suprise, not counting on this turn of events. She looks down at Em’s pale skin and at the blazing hot iron and shakes her head a bit “Brand Ems?? is that what you ask?”

[13:18]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) presses her lips together.. and shifts her head ” mariisa how how dare you..?

[13:18]  Shark Starship would remove the collar from Marissa’s neck and toss it to the ground in front of her. She stepped behind the woman, tugging the binds to allow one hand free. She took a few steps back and unsheathed her spear, holding the angle of it directly at Marissa. “Do as you are told for your initial task. You will collar her as well. Do this and you will please Arua.”

[13:19]  Vodka Clarity shook her head. “Insubordination does not bode well in Arua. We work as a single unit – together. Not a single link our chain must fail. That is what makes us strong from within. If you refuse you will meet the same fate as this En Bow. Your loyalty must be tested in blood.”

[13:20]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) shakes her head.. ” nope you isunderstood.. ” she turns to the other panthers “.. wait,, one thing is ce´tain.. that we know.. there is one of yours who spies ffor the city of fina..,

[13:20]  Marissa Curtis looks at the spear tip and back at Ems. She had no second thoughts about it. For her there was no choice to be made. Her mind was made up long ago. “Nay! I won’t hurt her…not for you..or any of you. ”

[13:21]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) relaxes her head onto the ground..,….

[13:21]  Marissa Curtis: let me explain something about me….

[13:21]  Marissa Curtis: I don’t brand any woman…slave or free

[13:22]  Marissa Curtis: i dont disfigure woemn..that’s man’s laws and customs…dont you see? the very same laws you run from…you do yourslef

[13:23]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) blinks.., she was surprised about her sister.., and nods in full agreement..

[13:25]  Shark Starship rolled her eyes into the back of her head. “Then your spine is soft, like wax, like a worm.” Shark replied, clearly dissatisfied with the answer Mari had given. “Since she has some concern over this, perhaps there is another way to humiliate her tribe mate?” She asked Vodka. — Turning back to Mari, “Understand that, you are our enemy. If you wish to transcend into our ranks, you must show your loyalty and burn the bridge between yourself and the Sa Di as Vodka has asked of you. Otherwise, you will be taken to Fina and sold into slavery of their city.” Her voice calm, as she spoke, adding “Do you understand me? I have not time to waste on your lack of bravado.”

[13:26]  Vodka Clarity shrugged her slender shoulders. “And yet you speak of the terrible revenge and the wraith of your En. It is difficult to act upon revenge if you do not maim or harm women.”

[13:26]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) peeks up ” then i may a suggestion ” she declares.. ” give her the same task you gave serapis, when she decided to leave us for you..,, the circumstances are the same arent they.. and you speak of equality..

[13:28]  Marissa Curtis consider’s her options and weighs them in her head . slave of Fina…hurting a friend…..She looks at Vodka “My En is different than I am..she is stronger and more skilled..Perhaps her reputation has met your ears. My Answer is the same..I will not hurt Ems. ”

[13:29]  Vodka Clarity shook her head. “Serpais left your tribe on her own accord and only later ventured here. Serapis and I are bound forever since we both lived under the En, Skadi Lykin. She came here because Skadi was here. The women of Thar Zevar and Arua long ago forged a single unit. Our tribes combined and all who once hailed Thar Zevar are immediately accepted within Arua. The situations are not the same.” She would look at Marissa and simply shake her head. “No, her reputation has barely reached my ears unless it be at the spear end of a joke.”

[13:30]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) blinks.., ” troll!.. her eyes try to meet trolls.. she resigns into the grouns how ever..

[13:35]  Marissa Curtis gently lowers herself to the ground to rest and waits

[13:36]  Troll (tyrolia.tenk) eyes Emily, and extends a hang, pincing Em’s huge rear, while regarding Vodka from the corners of her eyes. Troll slowly ran her eyes up an down, inspecting the way emily’s hands and feet were bind. Perhaps she should do what was asked of her, but wasn’t entirely sure were here loyalty lay.., personally the one holding the scepter! was the one she’d follow, she looked from Vodka, the ropes to Shark, who sat quietly in the grass beside her. it seemed none of them would expect anything.

[13:38]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): Troll you swore something to me… do you remember..?

[13:39]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) wispers to troll ” you wanted to reinvent yourself.., now is your opportunity troll… do it now.. or you will end like we all do.. comform.. lazy and fat

[13:40]  Troll (tyrolia.tenk) nodded. She held up her open hands. “I swore that I would seize the universe! No Seize the world with these very fine hands! That we together would rule everything! every man, woman, and beast! ” She sighed. ” I believed whole heartedly in that Emily, but Joyce, told me there was no place for a Troll like me to fit in that picture. ”

[13:41]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): close your eyes .. troll.. wouldnt it be ice… just imagine it.. wouldnt it be nice.. to be free.. and that means to jst do what is not expected at all.. imagine yourself , taking your bow and shooting down all the aruas…. seize the universe now troll.. be beyond any rules.. beyond any expectations you are met..

[13:43]  Vodka Clarity looked at the brand as it had grown cold and tossed it onto the wooden ramp that bridged the gap where the gate sat. She listened quietly to the exchange and shifted her attention towards Troll. Vodka was not a slow woman, nor stupid. Her keen eyes watched her as their words sunk into her head. “The freedom she speaks of is nothing more than being alone. You are free and with family.”

[13:43]  Troll (tyrolia.tenk) lowered her head and balded her fists. “If I could do such a thing Emily. I would, but I met my bottle of Vodka. She shook me awake and told me that Troll did have a place in this world! that we are entitled to live underneah bridges, and in caves! She gave me renewed hope Emily.”

[13:45]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): troll would never be alone.. ” she wanted to say more, but then remained silent…. troll had made iup her mind.. words where senceless then.. as they always had been in the past.. she knew troll.. ” well thenn all this..

[13:48]  Shark Starship had almost zoned out, completely. She was exhausted from their journey. “So what be it, then?” She asked Vodka, as she tossed away the branding iron.

[13:48]  Troll (tyrolia.tenk) looked to her side, where Vodka stood, her eyes a glassy. Troll wasn’t good at surpressin her emotions, and stood up.., turning away from Emily, her face grieved with self torture..,she felt the tears coming but snorted them back in! She wouldn’t cry!”

[13:50]  Marissa Curtis wonders if they serve hot meals in this camp

[13:51]  Vodka Clarity inclined her head slightly and smirked. “As we were going to the docks you mentioned how annoying it was that you lost to Troll – well I shall afford you to the opportunity to do so once more. You will fight her for your freedom. If you win, you are free to go unscathed. If you lose – well. You will get to spend some time in our little troll cave.” Vodka’s gaze would shift towards Troll and she would contort with fleeting emotions. The huntress would pause there and consider her options, weighing them carefully. She shifted between Ems and Troll as the situation seemed to grow more complicated and tense. Vodka simply refused to doubt Troll’s loyalty and flushed seeds of doubt out of her mind. She would look her daughters and reached up to rub the back of her neck.

[13:53]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) blinks. peeking to troll. she had to smirk.., but she turned serious emmediatly ” i feel you seek for an arrangement.. we all do.. somehow.. we all wish arrangements.. at end the joy of tention is only until in snaps, the harmony of well harmony.. yes harmony.. is what i seek.. i fon my own beahlf wish only the very best for arua.. and its wise en….. ” she thought about this duel.. ” i will loose, i dont match troll.. ” she smiles.. ” how ever if you incist upon it.. then i will try to mmake it hard for her

[13:53]  Marissa Curtis gazes at the outstretched Ems “Ems..i covet your headband”

[13:54]  Vodka Clarity would finally speak and address Troll. “This is your name invention. You are part of the Arua family. We hold no allies and accept no outsiders. We are a sisterhood from within, Troll. But that being said – you have the freedom to choose to be here and or leave. That is the way of the forest. You earned your place amongst our sisters – you can choose to leave your earnings.” She would gesture at Ems. “You are clearly conflicted, my friend. It breaks my heart to see you so but I cannot afford to have doubt that my back will be speared by my own. This is, like yours, my sanity and home. My place of safety and rest.”

[13:54]  Vodka Clarity: I will make you this offer only once, Troll.

[13:55]  Marissa Curtis: I have faith in you Ems. Win or lose, you will still have my respect

[13:55]  Vodka Clarity: If you wish to leave – you may do so freely and without judgment with Ems and Marissa. That shall be that and our bridge will be broken.

[13:56]  Vodka Clarity: Or you must commit and accept that the Sa Di Sani are not our friends. We have no friends outside of the band. Well, we do. But the band is first and foremost.

[13:56]  Troll (tyrolia.tenk): “If I leave, who cleans up after you sister.”

[13:56]  Vodka Clarity laughed, “Fear not, Troll. I certainly would not want you to leave.”

[13:56]  Troll (tyrolia.tenk) snorts. “I have taken that task upon my shoulders.”

[13:56]  Vodka Clarity laughed and nodded. “Our band would suffer without you.”

[13:57]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): fine..if i get my bow.. and am unbound.. and get a loin to dress.. i shall fight

[13:59]  Shark Starship After hearing the exchange between the Sa Di and Troll, she herself had doubt of the woman’s loyalty and even if she remained, would not fully trust her until some time. Though, this was a stepping stone in the right direction, if she should pick up her weapon and fight what was , in the past, an apparent friend of hers. Shark gave Mari a quick to the side of her leg, with the back of her foot, to jolt her senses into awareness. “I am still confused. You have spoken your leave to the Sa Di. Do you go back on your word now, wench?”

[14:00]  Vodka Clarity would begin to walk up the hill and vanish for a few ihns amongst the tents. She returned casually and dropped her bow on the ground. “You will have to restring it.” She stated. “I cut it before I took it.” She would then drop a swath of aruan leather to cover Emily’s lady parts. “The finest leather in Gor.” She remarked.

[14:01]  Vodka Clarity would grab Ems bindings and pull her into a seated position. Taking her skinning knife she sliced through the bindings around her wrist before cutting way at her ankles.

[14:01]  (GM)Bindings: Vodka Clarity starts to unbind emily Trebuchet

[14:01]  Marissa Curtis is startled by the sudden nudge ” I told you…I will only join your band if as a free woman, free to roam. I will not harm Ems with a branding iron. you gave me a choice. I made it”

[14:02]  (GM)Bindings: Vodka Clarity finishes unbinding  emily Trebuchet, allowing them to stand free.

[14:02]  (GM)Bindings: emily Trebuchet was bound for 1 hour and 53 min.

[14:03]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): troll you have now a very wise en.. ” she smiles ” she stands up.. and then inspects her bow.., ” gosh now this string.. ” she raises her brows..

[14:03]  Vodka Clarity reached into her bag and removed one of her bow strings. Vodka always carried three or four for hunting. A broken string meant an empty stomach in the forest.

[14:03]  Shark Starship glanced at Vodka, laughing, “En? They think they have you pegged as our leader, Vodka!”

[14:03]  Vodka Clarity offered the string to Ems.

[14:03]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) picks on of her long hair.. ans skilfully attaches it onot the bow.. then checks an arrow

[14:03]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): fine i am ready

[14:04]  Vodka Clarity nodded to Shark and struck a pose. “I make a glorious leader. Don’t I my daughter?”

[14:04]  Troll (tyrolia.tenk): “Shes the one I pray too when I lose my light Emily, she means the world to me, in fact! lately she became my world.., its hard to imagine a life without her.

[14:04]  Marissa Curtis: Ems…fight well

[14:04]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): yes

[14:04]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): where..?

[14:04]  Vodka Clarity: Follow me.

[14:04]  Arua Gate opened by Vodka Clarity

[14:05]  Marissa Curtis shouts: ahhhhh

[14:05]  Vodka Clarity gestured towards the Forest. “You will fight in the woods.”

[14:05]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): i dont have a sword..

[14:05]  Troll (tyrolia.tenk) tosses away her sword.

[14:05]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): bow only..?

[14:06]  Shark Starship: 2 out of 3?

[14:06]  Troll (tyrolia.tenk): ye

[14:06]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): sure

[14:06]  Vodka Clarity: Are you both ready?

[14:06]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): yes

[14:06]  Troll (tyrolia.tenk): YEs!

[14:07]  Vodka Clarity: Very will. Fight.

[14:07]  GM 4.2 shouts: Tyrolia Tenk Has Captured emily Trebuchet!

[14:08]  GM 4.2: emily Trebuchet has recovered!

[14:08]  Vodka Clarity: First round goes to Troll.

[14:08]  Vodka Clarity wrinkled her nose slightly as she turned to Tequila. “I am mediocre at this distance. Were it me, I would try to add more space between us.”

[14:08]  Troll (tyrolia.tenk) smirks

[14:09]  Troll (tyrolia.tenk) shakes her head. “are you givin up allready?”

[14:09]  Princess Jasmine (rebecka.kohime) glanced at Vodka as she commented on the battle, “She appears to be reluctant. I’m confused.”

[14:09]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): why arent you shooting back..?

[14:10]  GM 4.2 shouts: emily Trebuchet Has Captured Tyrolia Tenk!

[14:10]  Vodka Clarity: Maybe to give you a chance.

[14:10]  GM 4.2: Tyrolia Tenk has recovered!

[14:10]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): troll dont humiliate me

[14:10]  Vodka Clarity chuckled.

[14:10]  Vodka Clarity looked at Troll and shrugged. “Do not dishonor her Troll. She wishes a proper fight.”

[14:11]  Princess Jasmine (rebecka.kohime) scoffed quietly, “Honor. What of it?”

[14:12]  Vodka Clarity shrugged her shoulders. “I am an outlaw. I do not care much for honor – but I do prefer a proper challenge. To hold back is to suggest I am weaker. I rather be proved weaker than assumed weaker.”

[14:12]  Marissa Curtis: get her Ems!

[14:14]  GM 4.2 shouts: Tyrolia Tenk Has Captured emily Trebuchet!

[14:14]  GM 4.2: emily Trebuchet has recovered!

[14:14]  Marissa Curtis pouts

[14:14]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): done

[14:14]  Troll (tyrolia.tenk): well

[14:14]  Princess Jasmine (rebecka.kohime) chuckled, “I suppose. Oh!” She rushed to her victorious tribemate, “You won!”

[14:15]  Vodka Clarity would reach out expectantly for Em’s bow. “You have failed to earn your freedom”

[14:15]  Shark Starship dropped Maris leash.

[14:15]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): perwe do not always receive things we earn ” she smiles

[14:15]  Reply Bell shouts: Silkie Rayna is at the boat docks to trade, please reply!

[14:15]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): but troll has earned your respect

[14:15]  Ems (emily.trebuchet) nods

[14:16]  Princess Jasmine (rebecka.kohime) snorted dismissively, “Doesn’t bode well for you.”

[14:16]  A flock of Vulos near the docks are startled.

[14:16]  Shark Starship: Shout to them, your resignation!

[14:16]  Shark Starship nudged Mari.

[14:16]  Lor Chun stretchs her arms and legs after hours of sleep, she came down and looked around, hearing soemthing about freedom, she presumed they had captives

[14:16]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): there you are .. thre e is my bow

[14:16]  Vodka Clarity shrugged as she took the bow from her grasp and slipped it over her own shoulder. She would look up as the trade bell rung. “It would seem they are here for you, Ems of the Sa Di.”

[14:16]  Vodka Clarity took the woman by the arm and began to guide her towards the trading women. “Come along.”

[14:17]  Marissa Curtis keeps silent as she hears the bell and wasnt sure it was she who she spoke to

[14:17]  A flock of Vulos near the docks are startled.

[14:18]  Silkie Rayna: tal huntress’s !! i have come to try to trade for my two elders of the Sa Di Sani

[14:18]  Shark Starship gave Mari a nudge forward, “Go ahead, speak your resignation.” She instructed Mari. Looking to the others- “This one has decided to pledge Arua.”

[14:18]  Marissa Curtis’s eyes widen brightly at the sight of her sisters . sh waves to them

[14:18]  Vodka Clarity inclined her head as she gazed upon the small gathering of women. She let go of Ems arm and smirked. “Tal. What do you bring me in exchange for your En Bow?”

[14:19]  Silkie Rayna: looks to the huntress nay i have come for two taken and i bring chocolate and arrow heads and perhaps if more be needed i can arrange something …but i come for two and two it shall be huntress

[14:20]  Marissa Curtis shrugs off the nudge ” i will pledge my allegience only if I am free…these ropes do nothing for me”

[14:20]  Vodka Clarity pushed Ems towards the Sa Di. “The one called Marissa is not free to go. Not yet. But we shall take your chocolate AND your arrow heads for Ems.” Vodka would use their names casually and with a hint of familiarity.

[14:21]  Silkie Rayna: quirks a brow at the one nuding ems and then smirks well you can be rest assured they are the finest that can be traded for come forward ill not throw them

[14:22]  Shark Starship responded: “If you wish to be free of the ropes, you will speak your resignation. Then, you may be free to pledge us. But first, your bridge to Sa Di must be burned.”

[14:22]  Marissa Curtis looks down , saddened that she wasnt part of the bargain

[14:22]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): very well ” she raises her brows.. and blinks to silkie ” lets go

[14:22]  Silkie Rayna: points the the huntress further back behind ems .. please come forward and receive the trade

[14:23]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): moment.., possibly.. mar wishes to say goood bye to her old sisters… you should grant her that.. or..? ” she tiurns back to vodka..

[14:23]  Shark Starship wrapped her knuckles around the base of her spear, pulling it from her back.

[14:23]  Shark Starship briskly drew her bow from it’s sheath, pulling back the string and setting aim at her target.

[14:23]  Silkie Rayna: looks to mari frowning a bit as well .. sister you need to think very clearly what it is you speak

[14:23]  A flock of Vulos is startled by your presence and scatters, the noise they make alerting everyone on the island.

[14:23]  Shark Starship laughed, “She has already given up your En. Tell.. Joy we will be coming for her.”

[14:24]  Marissa Curtis looks toward Silkie and catches her gaze “ is so…I made my decision to leave the SDS and join this tribe…they have a nice camp and good stream nearby”

[14:24]  Vodka Clarity approached and took the chocolate and arrow heads from the traders. She would later divide the spoils up amongst her sisters and fletch new arrows for the tribe. Vodka would nod to Ems once before pivoting on her heels. “There are no good byes yet, Ems of the Sa Di Sani. She is yet to earn her right amongst our tribe.”

[14:24]  Silkie Rayna: looks in amazement you would draw weapons at a trade party huntress ?

[14:24]  Silkie Rayna gave you Tray of High Quality Carved Poison Arrowheads.

[14:24]  Shark Starship: Of course, I will keep my weapons handy. Give me no reason to use them, and they are no threat to you, for one.

[14:24]  Shark Starship: *for now.

[14:24]  Silkie Rayna gave you Chocolate Sack….

[14:25]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): very well, mar.. ” she smiles.. ” we will meet again

[14:25]  A flock of Vulos is startled by your presence and scatters, the noise they make alerting everyone on the island.

[14:25]  Marissa Curtis nods sadly at Ems and Silks, Asma and Fab

[14:25]  Marissa Curtis: we shall meet and hunt together some day

[14:25]  Shark Starship shouts: Since Mari has given up your En – Please send our best to “Joy!” For, Arua knows her name and will seek her out and break her to our pleasure.

[14:25]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): yes certainly

[14:25]  Asma (louise.siemens) cant believe what she is hearing…..looking to maris…she asks with her eyes is this true?

[14:26]  Silkie Rayna: looks to the one holding mari after i had passed the items requested for ems to the other … and says softly .. are you quite sure you would wish to keep my sister that could possibly cause issues between us further that would only deteriorate ummm good trading policy hmmm ?

[14:26]  Marissa Curtis looks at Asma “Ai friend…i made a choice and will remain here”

[14:27]  Vodka Clarity looked at the arrow heads closely. She would bring one up to her nose and inhale. “Poisoned.” She announced. “How interesting.”

[14:27]  Shark Starship pointed her finger towards the docks, “Return now.” Shark instructed them. “We will meet soon again, I am sure.”

[14:27]  Marissa Curtis holds back her emotions when she sees Asma’s reaction

[14:27]  Karamella Core dark hues looked each woman up and down as she passed them. She cooly walked and stood near the woman vodka on the rise and watched casually.

[14:28]  Fabienne (vivia.dragovar) turns to Asma, ‘I have no pity for Mari and neither should you sister!’

[14:28]  Ems (emily.trebuchet): so we head back of home.., ” she nods.. ” thank you siszters

[14:28]  Marissa Curtis: Go now Sa di Sani…the brave lot of you will have a place in my heart.

[14:29]  Silkie Rayna: fixes t he huntress standing next to my sister mari with a cold gaze .. you have no idea what your deeds will cause .. tis amazing to me you would wish to seal your fate so soon in your young life .. you and yours will be hunted until my sister is returned you are quite well aware of this are you not ?

[14:29]  Marissa Curtis: Silkie…It was my choosing to stay. I made a choice. I will live with it.

[14:30]  Shark Starship held her bow firmly in her hand, raising it slightly. “I said leave. Do you not know you are now speaking to an Arua? Turn before our tolerance of you on our lands is revoked.”

[14:30]  Silkie Rayna: you will not be forgotten sister

[14:30]  Marissa Curtis: I will live here and hunt with them. I will survive”

[14:30]  Silkie Rayna: pfft

[14:30]  Marissa Curtis nods to Silkie “nor you sister”

[14:30]  Fabienne (vivia.dragovar) looks at Silkie, ‘it is time that we sail, let us depart!’

[14:30]  Marissa Curtis: pfft

[14:31]  Silkie Rayna: you arua huntress are stupid and foolish …said with an evil hiss … may your lands suffer plaquyes and may the fleas of hundreds of larls fill your evermost tender bits may they become infested and may your land suffer great famine .. so sayeth the goddess of the woods !!!

[14:32]  Marissa Curtis nods slightly at Asma and Silks

[14:32]  Vodka Clarity waggled her fingers in an amused gestured. “I am sure they will, Huntress. I am sure they will. And when they do we shall move into your woods and take over your land. Then the next. And then the next.”

[14:32]  Marissa Curtis: so..what;s for dinner?

[14:32]  Vodka Clarity: The forest supports our hunger.

[14:33]  Shark Starship began to cut through the bindings of Marissa after the others had sailed from the docks. “They would cut your throat should you return. They know you have given up their En.” Finishing, the binds as they fell to the grass, “You should know, I am a tracker. If you run, I will find you and your punishment will leave you begging for death.”



[12:50] Shark Starship blinked, hearing the two different names being given. The blonde woman talked a lot, and Shark had began to doubt she would offer up the details so freely. But, on the other hand, Marissa had not been as cooperative as Shark would like. It was possible they could both be lying. Shark removed a steel band from the tin of items. It was a tarnished collar, scratched with different symbols and markings. Who knew how old it could be? She had found it one day in her travels. She would grip the woman by her throat and slam the piece on to her neck, clasping the back until she heard a click signifying a lock. “This is where your lack of cooperation has gotten you. Continue down this path and you will be sold to Fina as a piece of meat to be used.”

[12:51] Marissa Curtis struggles against her grip and shakes her head to no avail “you have your answer..i spoke truthfully!”

[12:52] Zamira Avora muses it over looking down at her hands not a single tremble was happening shrugging it off a bit and just watches Shark with wonder, as she wiggles her bum on the grass a moment cause it itched, curling a bit to set a elbow on her knee listening attentively

[12:53] Marissa Curtis thinks about the stupid gate of thier camp and her foolish try at repairing it during battle

[12:54] Marissa Curtis shakes her head and scorns herself under her breath

[12:54] Shark Starship: Verna, do you think she is being truthful?

[12:56] Zamira Avora looks over my shoulder with a smirk…Would you so easily give up the name of your en..flicks a brow up…I would give my life to protect mine

[12:56] Illania Clarity: blins

[12:56] Illania Clarity: blinks*

[12:57] Marissa Curtis: i value my skin…not sure about you

[12:58] Troll (tyrolia.tenk) quickly stashes her sword away, before other around her would fall prey to it. Troll being clumsy and all knew all too well weapons could hurt, if not in the right hands, and hers were far from right, she lowered her head to Teq simply to amend for her accidental cut

[12:58] Marissa Curtis sees troll come in and grits her teeth in anger and hate

[12:59] Marissa Curtis: “backstabbing liar and turncoat!”

[13:01] Troll (tyrolia.tenk) noticed the angry expression on Mari’s face, and simply smiled at her accusation, she felt some hesitation to state her defense and decided not too, and said. “I am guitly, but it is for the greater good!”

[13:01] Illania Clarity: moves closer o the fie where she would toss the branding iron she had grabbed from over by the table, she tossed itin the fire hile she sat by Verna and waited for it to turnhite and well heated, she would hate fr their skin to stick to it if it were not hot enough, as she waits patiently

[13:02] Marissa Curtis: “the greater good of who? not Ems and I…she trusted you!”

[13:02] Marissa Curtis: and I trusted her word on you

[13:03] Troll (tyrolia.tenk): “and so i did what I promised Emily. Your trust was well placed.”

[13:03] Shark Starship sat on the grass, next to Mari. “You have given up your En. You did this willingly without much force. You can never go home again. If it is true what you say, your tribe mate will know you have given up her cover and will tell them when she returns. So, I offer you two resolutions. Join Arua. Live in a tent, down by the water. Or, I will journey you to Fina to be sold into slavery. I, of course, am concerned of your well-being.”

[13:03] Illania Clarity: sighs as her patience was running thin as she seen the fre was out, she grabs the old wood and removes the old ashes and replaces it with new wood, an she sets it ablaze, then grabs her branding iron once moe and places it back in the now burning wood with the flame enough thy could all feel the heat of it

[13:07] Marissa Curtis listens to Shark and ponders. …..”YOU threaten me with death..and hold a weapon to my neck…that is called coersion…being made to give up information against my will…not so freely as you stated..but I do value my life. WHat’s a name anyway? she will not hold it against me. but as to your offer…join your band? in bonds? nay…i will not submit to slavery”

[13:08] Marissa Curtis: I will join you as free..but never as slave

[13:08] Marissa Curtis: this is a good camp

[13:09] Marissa Curtis: you seem to be a tight tribe…you know the forest…aii..I will be Free”

[13:12] Shark Starship: Then you will speak your choice to your elder.

[13:12] Shark Starship: Come.

[13:12] Shark Starship drags her leash.

[13:13] Shark Starship: Marissa has given up their En. Her name is Joy. She also wishes to depart from the Sa Di and proclaim her interest in joining our ranks.

The Making of Tequila and Absinthe

•April 25, 2012 • 1 Comment

Firstly I would like to introduce you to Dominus Abishot, Green Caste of Chiron.

Dominus Abishot (deeabishot)

This magical green was responsible for the delivery of two rape twins. It drew quite the crowd. Here is the roleplay:

[14:35] Josie (josie.seubert) came back from gathering wood for the fire and stopped when she saw the long end of the spear..hesitantly she spoke, knowing full well she would rather pull her hair out than anything, but she was alone and having been a former Huntress herself, well..” greetings” she then stepped into the Inn to leave her to her thoughts
[14:41] Josie (josie.seubert) went about doing the mondain chores again for the third time, she looked down to the floor where the girl had gotten marked and made sure it was clean and then went about taking the vegetables and started slicing them
[14:49] Hemloc strolls up and narrows his gaze at her, spotting her from the docks. He glances down towards your belly, before glancing back towards your face. “Well. The last time I saw you, you were carving letters into my stomach. And now? You’re pregnant with my children and I hear you’re ready to pop…” He tilted his head at her.

[14:49] Vodka Clarity was seated upon the ground clutching her round belly. She would turn towards the drunken sailor and nod gently as she waited for her contractions to become more frequent. “Breathe.” He would instruct her between sips and the panther girl obliged. She looked up at Hemloc and shook her fist menacingly. “You did this to me!” She’d shout between panting labored breaths. It was clear that huntress was not pleased. Again her abdomen seized and she would groan and strain. She was already beginning to perspire.
[14:51] Josie (josie.seubert) stopped slicing the vegetable and laid the wdge to the side she was using, she calmly wiped her hands on the towel and walked briskly towards the gates
[14:52] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): alright what goes on here
[14:54] Hemloc laughed quietly. “Yes. Because it was all my fault. It had nothing to do with it being consensual right?” His sharp gaze cut over at the other towards the nearby panther. He then looked to the man and pointed at the panther, “This woman is pregnant with my children and she’s in labor. Her contractions are quite rapid and she doesn’t appear to be in the early stages of labor anymore.”
[14:54] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): i will handle it from here then you walk off a bit or go boil me some water do something useful
[14:55] Vodka Clarity continued to clutch her round belly and force herself to breathe in controlled bursts. Her face would contort with pain as the little hell spawns in her abdomen shifted. Vodka would reach up and wipe her forehead with the back of her arm, emerald eyes staring up at Hemloc pointedly. She was brooding and could not help but laugh.
[14:56] Magnus Hood (jaymie.drammond) is Online
[14:56] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks down at the regnant panther and says- alright girl and dont staet your younger than i so girl you are its not a dominance thing can your fellow panther assist us in getting your children out?
[14:56] Vodka Clarity shook her head. “Oh no! He is not going anywhere. He need to see this!” She growled and shook her fist.
[14:57] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): and im the physician whos delivering those children and i dont argue he can help by boiling water
[14:57] Hemloc raises a brow and looks at the man, “I am not leaving her side. They are my children as well.” His eyes narrow. “Now, why don’t you make yourself useful and deliver these children.”
[14:58] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): did i say your leaving forever i said go boil me some water its something constructive go do it you dont have to go more than a few paces im sure
[15:00] Vodka Clarity looked between the men and just blinked. Again contractions seized her stomach and she cried out again, her face turning a bright red. She would grab the pillow resting atop the crate and clutch it to her chest. “How about you both make yourselves useful and do something.”
[15:00] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -reaches into my healers bag and pulls out a sealed pack of repcloth holding my gloves and another full of sterile rep cloths-
[15:01] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -opens the glove pack and pulls out my sterile gloes and slips them onto my hands then i check her neck for her pulse and pulls out my stethescope and listent to her belly where the children are for their heartbeats-
[15:02] ℭrow (fallenstarstream): “a bond came for me.. what’s going on…?” she looked around startled, b-linning it for vodka.. her hair sticking from her face for the non stop run she trekked …. “Wa… now.. wiat.. huh?” she looked wide eyed between the man and swallowed hard “Don’t you dare fucking touch her” she growled through clenched teeth “Se… wow.. oh my god look at the size of your .. ” her hands grasped her hair “No wonder you hid from us”
[15:03] Hemloc looks a bit suspiciously at the man and narrows his gaze. He then noticed he was finally going to working and crossed his arms over his chest, falling silent. Glancing back, he took notice to the other two panthers and stepped towards crow, motioning his hand towards her. “Back away, she’s giving birth to my children you fiendish panther!” His hands started flailing as though it were some emergency room drama show.
[15:03] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -loks levelly at the new woman who approached- lok woman im here to deliver her children im not here to hurt her so back off
[15:04] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -points to the man you settle down before i have to inject you and deal with this
[15:05] Josie (josie.seubert) picked up the wedge again and she tried not to get involved, but decided to put on some clean water over the hearth in case , clean sheets and tapped into a new cask of paga as it sounded to her several were going to need something
[15:05] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks to my patient – alright what is your name?
[15:06] ℭrow (fallenstarstream) threw her hands up in the air, pushing the drunkards away “Dont you git yer filthy paws near my se!” she hissed at the men shuffling them off with her dagger in hand, looking suspiciously at hemloc and the physician “Alllright I got ya.. but any funny business and I’ll make yer fuckin tongue a necktie” she felt woozy, legs buckling as she stumbled back, bit her lips at watched…
[15:06] Vodka Clarity reached out and grabbed the hem of Hemloc’s kilt, clutching it. “Vodka!” She shouted as another set of contractions racked her body. She would weakly take her other arm and swing it his thigh. “Odin’s cock give me something for the pain. I feel like I am passing a bag of larmas!” She cried out. She was clearly one very unhappy little panther.
[15:09] Hemloc felt the clutching hand of his panther pulling at him. He then looked utterly confused at the entire situation and felt a bit dizzy as well. Looking down at what was going on and peering between Vodka’s thighs. He put his finger to his lips and turned, looking at those gathered nearby…”SHHHH LET THE MAN WORK!” He yelled.
[15:09] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): alright vodka we are on the same page here im going to help you but your little panther friend can back herself off while i do so pulls out a vial of a painkiller and puts a hypodermic in and draws a few ccs of it and takes her by the arm and quickly injects her with enough to relieve the pain but leave her lucid enough to aid in the delivery of her children-
[15:10] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): alright sounds like your getting close im going to need to inspect you unless youd rather i cut your children out
[15:11] ץαηg (illania.clarity): she shakes her head because really she int here, she is the brat inside yanking her sisters hair and kicking her moms coochie……however it seems to go hand in hand him giving her drugs, and my sister and I coming into this world stoned, yes STONED……as she watches and her mom gets all loopy
[15:11] Josie (josie.seubert) listened in not wanting to at all. she looked down and took odff the shelf a bottle sealed with wax, lifting it up she pulled the lead and broke the seal, and got several of the largest tankards she could find, filling them half way at least two might be needed
[15:11] ℭrow (fallenstarstream) grumbled something about men touching sensitive places , daggers and balls falling off… but did what she could to remain silent, gritting her teeth so hard they cracked audibly… goddamnit… let a woman do it! was all she could think, but she folded her arms aside bursting out in a ranting fit and stared across the wooden planks to that bastard of an alar man.. “Tsch familiars… ”
[15:12] Vodka Clarity looked at him and called out. “Good graces no! Keep your knives away!” Vodka planted her palm flat against the crate and attempted to get into a squatting position. As soon as she came to her feet she felt a sudden prick in her arm and the slow fingers of warmth moving through her arms.
[15:12] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks at the one shaking her head and says you go boild some water and your sister can go get some water so we caqn clean these babies when they come out
[15:13] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): alright you dont want them cut out fine then youll need to let me see you when you think your ready so i can make sure its time and guide as needed
[15:14] ℭrow (fallenstarstream): “water…. water okay ,fuck.. okay” she pushed her hands out as if steadying her body shouting out “I NEED BOIULED WATER?!?! wheres that bleeding bond!?!”
[15:14] Josie (josie.seubert) stood behind the Huntress that cam and held up the tankard of wine as she came through the door
[15:15] ℭrow (fallenstarstream): “Oi! you there! fetch me some boiled water and clean linens!” she hissed and stamped her foot “Make it snappy theres babies burstin outta my se!”
[15:15] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): boiled water and cool warer give me the right temperature to wash the children she delivers to get the blod and other fluids off
[15:16] Josie (josie.seubert): ” yes MIstress” upon hearinig what was happening she had already started water heating on the hearth and gathered clean linens” right away” she sat the tankard on the table and went to tend to the duty
[15:16] Vodka Clarity flailed about and fell back onto her bottom. She would slink down further and lay upon her back with her knees bent. As another contraction set in she stole forward and groaned, resting her hand atop her stomach. “Can’t you just push them out!” She whined and shuddered.
[15:16] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): vodka listen to me
[15:16] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): we are going to get them out but you need trust me as well alright?
[15:17] ℭrow (fallenstarstream): “Good one.. git it going.. bring sumore cold water too and blankets blankets fuck” she spun around booking it up the inn stairs and grabbing all the blankets off the beds, so much so it was piled up to near covering her face, feet wobbling from right to left
[15:17] Vodka Clarity nodded to him, “I do. I do.” She would sniffle.
[15:17] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks between her thighs and notices her heat is widening in responce to her contractions and smiles noting shes almost ready-
[15:17] Randal the Intrepid (randal.gloom) is Online
[15:18] Josie (josie.seubert) quickly took the kettle from the hearth using a piece of leather, and turned gathering the linens, briefly seeing a figure at the top of the stairs, she walked as fast as she dared with the kettle it was hot enough to steralize what it needed to, she took it onto out to the docks leaving it oout of the way but within reach should it be needed
[15:18] ℭrow (fallenstarstream) ran up to the scene, feet flying out from underneathe her as she falls face first against the planks and her mound of blankets scattered all around her “I braught blankets and such…” she groaned, rubbing her forehead
[15:19] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): ok vodka on the next contraction i want you to push like you are trying to force it out and stop when the contraction stops
[15:19] ℭrow (fallenstarstream) motioned to the bond “Take the physician what he needs girl” she snapped
[15:20] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks to the blonde panther- did i tel you to do it or the bond- he snaps-
[15:20] Josie (josie.seubert) eyes widened as she was about to leave it, she nodded and placed the kettle then nearer, and held oonto the linens, looking down biting her lip seeing the pain she was in
[15:21] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): bondgirl come here by me now!
[15:21] Vodka Clarity offered him a sharp nod and waited with baited breath for the next bout of contractions. Within an ehn they come once more and she began to strain and fluster, pushing the objects nestled deep inside her abdomen out. “FOCUS!” She shouted between labored pants. She would grab at Hemloc’s arm and squeeze his wrists.
[15:21] Hemloc continued to watch, looking as light headed as could be. By the expression on his face, you’d think he were the one giving birth. He saw the exchange between the panther and the physician and the slave, looking somewhat confused. “YES FOCUS!”
[15:22] Josie (josie.seubert) goes by” Yes Jarl whatever you need, say and it will be here” she was brief rolling her lips as she watched making a face
[15:22] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks at the bond go get a pan for cool water and one for boiling water and some clean rep cloths and hurry back
[15:23] Josie (josie.seubert) nods and dashes off
[15:23] ℭrow (fallenstarstream): “For crying out loud! I aint no service slut. I braught the blankets didn’t I…” she trailed off feeling woozy, watching vodkas womb openning up like a door way, WA BAM… “holy bosk shit! ” she smacked her hands over her eyes and bolted to stop herself from fainting right there
[15:24] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -glares at the blonde- no you aint a service slut but i gave you a order and expect it carried out in order to save time not act like your better than your own se when she is in labor i thought youd rather help her
[15:25] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -smiles at vodka- it will be ok girl well hav them out in no time
[15:25] Josie (josie.seubert) goes to the cupboard and yanks open the drawe, taking out 2 earther bowls that were sturdy, she grabbed the entore basket of freshly laundered rep cloths and then crouched down to lift the rope handle of the bucket of water trying to getr what he needed she trotted back in a haste
[15:26] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): good girl bond
[15:27] Josie (josie.seubert) pulled the rug from the crates and lay it down over thr ground, she sat the bowls out nearby and placed the basket in between, pouring the cooler water into the bowl on right and then sat iut aside, taking the leather swatch and filled the bowl on the left with the steaming still water afraid it would be too hot
[15:27] Vodka Clarity cried out again as contractions came again. She could feel movement within her tract. She leaned forward and pushed, screaming and crying out as she did. Her face was a violent red and her eyes were wide with dismay. “You did this to me!” She shouted again at Hemloc.
[15:28] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -puors out some of the cooler water and tells the bond- when i say pour the boiling warer in until you think itds warm enough to wash a baby
[15:29] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): you will assist me bond
[15:29] Josie (josie.seubert) nodded to him” yes Jarl” she glanced up looking at all the faces as if they were biting their nails” yes Jarl”
[15:29] ℭrow (fallenstarstream) knew absolutely nothing about children or child birth… it was evident by the way she waggled her finger to the approached curio “Shes being ripped apart! that man there” she waggled her fingertip at hemloc “Gave her some fat giant babies I know it” her mouth was near stuck in the dropped open position, pacing about like she knew what she was doing.. yes spectating and supervising… the hell did she feel the need to bother the damn scribe was left a question to be answered.
[15:30] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -chuckles loking at the nervous panthers and takes vodkas chin in my hand and smiles at her- your doing well sweet one
[15:30] Hemloc screamed back out in response as he started to panic. His eyes growing wide as he shouted back, “YOU WANTED IT! YOU WANTED SEED OF STRONG GOREAN WARRIOR! DO I LOOK STRONG TO YOU NOW?” He was having trouble standing on his own two feet now as he clutched the wooden post next to him where captives were typically hung; the scene of a true gorean moment.
[15:31] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -loks at the blonde and shakes my head-
[15:33] Josie (josie.seubert) took a glance she was focused on the woman in labor , she kneeled at the physicians feet and prepared the cloths, she looked around for his cyclinders in case of a problem so she could grab them, if anything were to go wrong here especially.. it would not be a good thing” ready Jarl” she then sees the size of her belly
[15:33] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -nods to the bonds maid-
[15:33] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): alright vodka on the next one push and dont stop
[15:34] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) made a dismissive gesture at Crow’s approach, as her body might cheat him of some spectacular sight yet unseen. Curio had shuffled into the company of the ‘birthing party’ furtively, his blue eyes darting to and fro, though mostly lingering on the swollen panther’s ladyparts. He scrawled away upon his humble parchment, seemingly taking meticulous notes on the act of childbirth, though… for all they knew, he could’ve just been composing a very detailed sketch of her vagina.
[15:35] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -looks at tme man scribbling and calls out are you a scribe sir?
[15:35] Vodka Clarity looked at him with wide eyes. Her face was frozen with an expression of utter displeasure. She furrowed her brows again, dug her heels into the earth, and pushed again with the next set of contractions. She continued to cry out, strain, and shout a volatile spew of profanities. It was indeed ugly and getting quite gross as washes of various liquids and such came leaking out of her body.
[15:36] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -watches as a torrent of fluid comes out and then there was the tip of the head-
[15:37] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): push vodka push dont stop
[15:37] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) “Indeed!,” he chimed in return to the rather enormous physician. “How may I be of servic–nnnghhhh!” His words were muted upon his lips by an abrupt dry-heave, as he witnessed the most disgusting display of womanhood he’d ever seen emerging from the nether regions of the panther.
[15:38] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): i dont even glance at him as i hear him get il one tyou can get away from my patients view of hernether regions two go be il elsewhere like a few dozen paces downwind
[15:38] Hemloc motioned to the man nearby. “I believe that man’s name is Ezio, but I cannot be sure…” Hemloc’s face was now a shade of sickness. He casually stepped around and pointed at the spot between Vodka’s legs. “Oh look…there is fluid.” He clutched his stomach and pressed his palm into his abdomen. “Fluid…” He removed a bota strung over his belt and uncorked it, taking a drink swiftly. The bota was filled with that of a rather potent alcohol.
[15:38] Josie (josie.seubert) hands shook as she spilled the amniotic fluid forth, she knew he would need to see it and hurridly placed a cloth beneath her , tending to the woman
[15:39] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -reaches out and slips my fingers between the edge of the head and her and guides it as she pushes-
[15:39] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): your doing wel vodka keep it up
[15:41] ℭrow (fallenstarstream) trails off “Is there holy …. what the look shes spouting out like a fountain! You broke her physician! put that back inside!” she stamps her foot , with that ‘oh my jesus christ the hell are you doing?’ expression
[15:42] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -sees another panther arrive while im working-
[15:42] Vodka Clarity cried out again as she continued to push the first of the two massive heads that would soon emerge from her magical vagina. She was certainly not used to having so many eyes upon her lady parts. She would look at Vexing as she approached and continue to pant and cry out with blood curtailing screams.
[15:43] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) dissolved into a useless parody of Gorean manhood as his senses were assailed by the unceasingly malodorous act playing out before him. “Ezio,” he managed in a graveled, wet tone, before hurriedly turning away to heave the contents of his shame onto the grasses, fully doubled over with quill and parchment discarded and hands on either knee.
[15:44] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -the head slides out more and more i guide it gently as her body helps her and allows the baby to slide out easier- almost got one
[15:44] Hemloc took note to the green caste’s concern and motioned to the panthers. “Do not worry. They man look fierce but they couldn’t fire an arrow at the broad side of a cylinder in Ar.” He smiled, taking another sip and feeling a little better now that he had alcohol running through his blood stream. He continued to watch the pregnancy show. He then turned and felt the paga coming back up. He hunched into the wall and was trying to keep himself from throwing up at the scene of the beautiful…scene…of giving birth…
[15:45] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): im not concerned about them im keeping my convern on my patient
[15:45] Vodka Clarity would push one last time and finish passing the child she would one day call Tequila.
[15:45] Josie (josie.seubert) followed what he was doing she dodged the sharp end of her spear as she pushed with great effort, herbelly moving on it’s own with the gift of life coming forth, she readies a clean linen with her still clean hand for the physicians need
[15:47] Mother (vexing.jinx) moved swiftly silent, her hushed footfalls absorbed by the earth as she slipped from the embrace of the woods, the rapid staccato of her footfalls hastening even moreso as she heard her daughter, the sobs and wordless pleas singing more of life than any other sound, one she knew all too well.. She moved faster, her direction certain as she rounded the tavern corner, her sight focused only on her daughter and she eased to her, dropping into a crouch nearby, removing her mask to set it aside as she met her child’s eyes with her own, smiling, still silent, as the child was brought forward
[15:47] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -guides one baby fully out and wraps it in rep cloth and takes my surgeons scalpel and cuts the cord tying it in a knot and tying the other off with sterile sewing string before the next one starts t make its presence known-
[15:47] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): bondpour some hot water to safe temp then bathe the child until hes clean
[15:48] Shark (shark.starship) approached the small gathering, reluctantly. In spite of the ceremony of birth, Shark remained peaceful but showed an obvious complacent in her sour expression and features. She coughed, bringing a hand to her mouth to make note of her presence. She eyed the small creature protruding from Vodka’s vagina with a look of distrust. “Well, it looks hideous.” She said finally, folding her arms to her chest across her bosom.
[15:48] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) found himself secretly hoping that any male babies would be circumcised, so that their penises would appear larger when revealed triumphantly to some drunken conquest at a later date.
[15:49] Josie (josie.seubert) did as told, she removed herslef leaving more fresh linens where she had been hoping someone would help with the next, she took the chold carefully after she poured the hot water nto the bowl and tested it on her own wrists, she sat with the prescious bundle and started wiping away the amniotic fluid and blood from the face
[15:50] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): ok vodka relax a moment before the nextlone comes
[15:51] Vodka Clarity would nod but her body did not cooperate. The second baby was on the way. Once more she began to push and cry out. It seemed that the one named Hypnotic would not linger in her womb long – she was intent on following her sister.
[15:51] Josie (josie.seubert) searched the ohysicians cylinder for the bulb, she took it and compressed the end and applied it into the babys nostrils to pull away any fluids that might be blosking its breathing, hearing it wail it’s first breath, she smiled as it started pinking up and continued to wash the baby clean
[15:52] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) did his best to recover from the vile assault to his senses, snatching up his only slightly-soiled scrap of paper and quill to look over the masterful work he’d began. Turning back, he instinctively flinched away… though, with the temperament of a true Gorean warrior, he forced his steely eyes upon Vodka’s distended ‘whispering’ one.
[15:52] Hemloc stands over the slave with the baby in her arms and looks at it. “Yup. He’s a cute kid. She is mine. Thankfully.” He looked back towards Vodka and awaited for the next child, “These children will be Ubara’s one day! Not panthers.” He nodded and pondered, looking up at the sky, taking another swig of the paga, “Perhaps Tatrix’. Leading a glorious place like Tharna where women rule.” He started day dreaming. “Or of high caste. Perhaps merchants.” He nodded his head and thought of the possibilities. “Rich merchants.”
[15:53] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): could even be physicians with the right word from one
[15:54] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -sees another gush of fluid from her heralding the arrival of the second child-
[15:55] Mother (vexing.jinx) settled her attention on the newborn, her natural instinct to slit the slave’s throat for touching the child tamped down with the knowledge that bathing the youngling in the blood of the less-than-free would probably damn the babe. her eyes roved over the babe with all due pride, the tattering of the man claiming pride in the child discarded like last night’s dreams. Still, though, she remained silent, more intent on Vodka than the babes, reading her own child’s expressions so familiar, holding her breath as she pushed, willing her strength as if it were a possibility
[15:55] Shark (shark.starship) picked up a pebble from between the wooden boards, holding it carefully before tossing it, sending it whizzing through the air at Hemloc’s body. She did not care where it hit him, as long as it did. “You make no demands of them.” She said, now suddenly defending her, what, sisters? Deciding not to spoil the moment with her own bitter sentiments for this man who had callously raped her blood mother, she took a step back then, fading into the background – not only for these reasons, but the bodily fluid and natural birthing sights and smells were making her stomach weak.
[15:56] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -smiles at vodka as the head of the second one started peekng out-
[15:57] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): bond is the child clean yet?
[15:57] Hemloc looks at the second child coming into this world. “IT IS MY SECOND DAUGHTER!” He held his paga bota up in the air and looked at the small group gathered nearby. “And yes, of course we make demands. they are my daughters and they shall be living of the highest regard!” He takes another swig and has an odd, surreal feeling of cheerfulness, mixed with drunken stupor, mixed with the disgusting sight of child birth.
[15:57] Vodka Clarity would offer up a few last pushes as the second child passed with a little more ease, the path already greased from the first. It was a miraculous event – the miracle of life, barf, and vaginal fluids all at once. She would cry out and shout, her body trembling weakly from the ordeal.
[15:58] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) did his best to capture the fullness of the scene… in terms of the woman’s vagina, at least. He furiously shaded those meaty curtains and that gargoyle-like head as it powered its way through like some sort of monstrous insect. It was the stuff of legends, surely… one scribe, standing alone against the horrors of the feminine with only his iron resolve as bulwark. He was alive — he was part of the natural order, a vibrating man-god among vermin, with the light of the cosmos in his unblinking eyes.
[15:58] Josie (josie.seubert) just made herself as useful as she could, she applied the green paga to the end of the cut cord and checked out the baby to make sure it had everything and swaddeled it so it wouldnt lose prescious body heat as it continued to cry showing the proper reflexes it should
[15:59] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -guides the second child into a clean rep cloth and said to the bond- give the first one to her mother and clean the second one
[15:59] Josie (josie.seubert): ” it is yes Jarl”

Popping out rape babies.

[15:59] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -takes the other rep cloths to clean vodka as gently as i could

[16:00] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): you did very well vodka

[16:00] Josie (josie.seubert) stood and went to lay the child to the woman, before she turned to tend to the other babe she was sure she was steady enough and set about to suction the fluid from the other infants nost to make sure it has no interferance with the breathing
[16:01] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -ull,s off my gloves after making sure the cur and knotted cords were safe and ends treated and smiled at vodka-
[16:02] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): wel young lady
[16:02] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): you now have two healthy babyies
[16:03] Vodka Clarity cheered, “I love babyies!”
[16:03] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): they your babies
[16:03] Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord) seemed to hold himself at bay, waiting for Hemloc to lift one of his children over his head like that baboon in the Lion King, where Elton John would descend from the heavens to act as bard, charming all with his velvety tones as he spoke of the circle of life.
[16:03] Vodka Clarity nodded and offered up a sigh of relief. She would wipe her brow again and close her eyes, needing rest.
[16:03] Josie (josie.seubert) could feel eyes upon her but it mattered little at this point, she did as was asked of her, watching the baby breath and pink up almost instantly as it wailed slightly louder then the first, she used clean cloths, and discarded them into a pile so as not to contaminate the water, she applied the green paga to the end of the nicely cut and clamped cord and swaddeled it as well so it wouldnt lose any heat
[16:04] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): very well done bond
[16:05] Hemloc walked over to pick up one of the babies and stood on top of one of the wooden boxes and held the child over his head, “THIS SHALL BE THE QUEEN OF GOR! FOR NOW, AND ALWAYS!” He nodded his head and shouted to the others nearby, “WE SHALL NAME THIS ONE, ‘fleur!’…”
[16:05] ץαηg (illania.clarity): eeww
[16:05] Josie (josie.seubert) nodded to him and gathered up the dirty linens and water” thank you jarl, will get this ouot of the way , you are very skilled ” she slipped past and went back inside after giving the baby to the physician
[16:05] Vodka Clarity looked at him and blinked. “I do not think so!” She would argue. “It came from my vagina. She is called Absinthe and the other Tequila. Like their mother.”
[16:06] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -takes the baby and places it in vodkas arms –
[16:06] Hemloc looked down at her and narrowed his eyes, “They wouldn’t have come from your vagina if I didn’t put them there panther!” He snapped, looking down to the child.
[16:06] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): -chuckles at the two of them and their arguement
[16:07] Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): enough you two
[16:07] Josie (josie.seubert) lay the bowls to the side and went about getting things back in order
[16:08] Mother (vexing.jinx) grinned, rolling back to gain her feet, dusting her hands off as she silently gloated to Hemloc. She lifted on hand, striking the mark of “1” in the air. Dismissing him, she lowered herself to her daughter’s side, kissing the top of her head in a rare display of pride, touching each of the girls with the back of her fingers before turning, swinging her attention back to the docks. Never one to let down her guard over long, far…far too many years in the woods for that.
[16:09]  Dominus Abishot (deeabishot): turns and returns to my tarn-
[16:10]  Curio the Craven (sovngarde.hawklord): “Farewell, noble physician! Honor and steel!,” he called, waving with his quill in hand.
[16:10] Mother (vexing.jinx) waves
[16:10] Vodka Clarity waved at him as he left.

Treve. Le Sigh.

•April 23, 2012 • 24 Comments

Normally I would attempt to dazzle you with some sort of amazing title and bit of humor but truthfully this is no laughing matter. It is a matter of facepalming. For a while now I’ve been forced to deal with boy-temperaments over  some of the stupidest things ever.

Let me start at the beginning by posting Arua SIM rules:

RAIDS (A raid consists of 3 or more people): MUST BEGIN AND END AT SIM ENTRANCE. 10 MINUTE SAFE ZONE.


One day Randal and Jerek decided to pay Vodka Clarity a little visit while she was sitting in camp and her sisters were raiding. Magically the managed to load a two-story siege vehicle larger than a boat, on a boat, and proceeded to cart it through our forest of phantom trees. Of course here you might ask, “Well Vodka, how does one manage to get a cart through trees in roleplay?” – I don’t have the answer. Neither does Vido, Randal, or Jerek. Regardless I looked upon the vehicle without complaint and simply began to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. I also laughed in ventrilo and thus my Sisters came to see via the appropriate docks what exactly was so funny. We did not attack them at that point but just merely let the two men ride back to Treve unscathed.


 It didn’t matter what the rules stated. Randal and Jerek apparently felt that it would be appropriate to lock down the SIM because of their presence and the offense of my dear sisters returning has forever not been forgiven.

In retribution Treve began to pull all sorts of shenanigans like TPing Lokai Spiritor onto SIM after a raid was already underway. Their defense – an eye for an eye.

[20:43] Vodka Clarity: [20:31] Lokia SpiritorLokia Spiritor has entered the region (173.99m).
[20:43] Vodka Clarity: So I heard you don’t let men join in late.
[20:43] Vodka Clarity: Poof suddenly he appeared after we began raiding.
[20:43] Treveian: well I had to adjust after you told me that its fine untill one side did not begin to shoot
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: we did shoot
[20:44] Treveian: vodka, you had 5 tpd in as we were over your walls yo;P
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: heh.
[20:44] Treveian: srsly
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: No.
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: You seriously.
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: Two wrongs don’t make a right.
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: So.
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: What are you trying to say
[20:44] Treveian: tp home and done come back. No mood into this shit, especialyl that you again only came at ridiculous late hour.
[20:44] Vodka Clarity: Because it happened when I thought you were JOKING you can do it?
[20:44] Treveian: done with it, cheers
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: It’s 8:44
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: PM
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: that’s not late.
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: We’re in america.
[20:45] Treveian: and the entire world does not resolve around your one timezone
[20:45] Treveian: revolve even
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: and ours doesn’t revolve around yours
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: I just got home from work.
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: 20 minutes ago.
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: I showered.
[20:45] Vodka Clarity: And I wanted some fun.
[20:46] Vodka Clarity: So…
[20:46] Treveian: so Im not dealing with your bitching
[20:46] Treveian: do not come back untill you adjust your attitude
[20:46] Vodka Clarity: Yes, I’m bitching because I’m pointing out someone TPed in and that you’re being a hypocrite by expecting me to raid on your schedule.
[20:47] Vodka Clarity: Seriously bitching, am I right?
[20:47] Treveian: Slow down woman. You have done nothing but raided us only at this late hour while we’ve mannage to bring game to your place at different times and when you were clearly on but you chose not to raid.
[20:48] Vodka Clarity: It’s not a late hour.
[20:48] Vodka Clarity: It’s 9.
[20:48] Treveian: Ive had 5 panthers from your tribe drop onto my fucking head when we approached your gate
[20:48] Vodka Clarity: You came in a huge siege weapon. I had never seen such I thing. I thought you were fucking around and joking.
[20:48] Vodka Clarity: People told me you were using us to test it out.
[20:48] Vodka Clarity: And adjusting it.
[20:48] Treveian: now, you complaining about lokia tping in is fine. Im just not going to deal with your sort of complaints considering what I let slide on your side.
[20:49] Vodka Clarity: Okay so what you’re telling me is that its okay for you to break the rules.
[20:49] Vodka Clarity: Because it happened one time when I told you I thought it was a big joke.
[20:49] Treveian: what Im telling you is that roleplay with groups is optional and we clearly dont see eye to eye, sadly
[20:50] Treveian): enjoy your evening, elsewhere

 After this incident we let Treve relax for a bit and avoided roleplaying/raiding there until we were having some OOC conversations with a few Treveians and they suggested that a raid because they were bored. Again a simple raid turned into a bunch of OOC bullshit and eventually a ban on panther raids:

[19:26] Treveian: hi there sexy
[20:03] Vodka Clarity: Hey you
[20:05] Treveian: some of your chicks were in my mens ims
[20:05] Treveian: complaining we didnt RP anyone
[20:05] Treveian: we kept 3
[20:05] Treveian: and rped them
[20:05] Treveian: still have them
[20:05] Vodka Clarity scratches her head.
[20:05] Vodka Clarity: Okay.
[20:06] Treveian: can you ask your tribe not to whine in the lads ims
[20:06] Treveian: especailly when they talk crap
[20:06] Treveian: it doesnt look good
[20:06] Vodka Clarity facepalms and smiles.
[20:07] Vodka Clarity: Who is whining exactly, dearest?
[20:07] Vodka Clarity: Without some sort of names.
[20:07] Vodka Clarity: Or some other information.
[20:07] Vodka Clarity: Like.. you know.. logs.
[20:07] Vodka Clarity: I don’t can’t do much.
[20:07] Vodka Clarity: As heresay and blanket statements don’t seem to work.
[20:08] Vodka Clarity: Unless you are referring to a personal conversation Shark was having with her friend, herpes.
[20:10] Treveian: ok hang on
[20:10] Treveian: i didnt want to get personal
[20:10] Treveian: but ok
[20:10] Vodka Clarity: But it doesn’t help with blanket statements.
[20:10] Treveian: someone called shark
[20:10] Treveian: imed zeek i think
[20:10] Vodka Clarity: You mean the person who said, “[19:31] Shark (shark.starship): I agree. Not everyone can be role-played. I was happy to be sailed, especially if it gave some one else the chance to be role-played. Like I said, it didn’t bother me at all.”
[20:11] Treveian: well you might point out we kept three to rp with
[20:11] Treveian: that is not the im i am refering to
[20:11] Treveian: it was the *you didnt rp anyone thats BS*
[20:11] Treveian: one
[20:12] Vodka Clarity: I asked her if she IMed Zeek.
[20:12] Vodka Clarity: [20:11] Shark (shark.starship): Nope.
[20:11] Shark (shark.starship): Not even once.
[20:12] Treveian: ok hang on i have to go back
[20:13] Vodka Clarity: Yes, please do go back.
[20:13] Vodka Clarity: And let me know
[20:14] Treveian: Herpes Melodie: [19:25] Shark (shark.starship): Yeah, everyone got sailed apparently.
[19:25] Shark (shark.starship): They are kind of annoyed with it.
[19:25] Decent Free Woman (herpes.melodie): Mind it if I copy the last two lines in groupchat?
[19:25] Shark (shark.starship): Sure.
[20:14] Treveian: when that appeard
[20:14] Treveian: everyone got miffed cos we kept 3
[20:14] Vodka Clarity: Heh. Apparently you don’t know the entire story.
[20:15] Vodka Clarity: You know what I think the issue is, TREVEIAN?
[20:16] Vodka Clarity: I think that every time someone has a conversation about anything and its not a circle jerk about how awesome Treve is you dismiss it as whining and complaining. Herpes and Shark are friends and engaged in a rather lengthy conversation with one another about your RP tactics – tactics that aren’t exactly, well, celebrated in Gor. You, yourself, have complained about how you’re being called GE and have constant issues. Now – Herpes asked Shark if he could share a small segment of conversation in group chat and got her approval. He seemed to do just that.
[20:17] Vodka Clarity: And frankly I am not going to start monitoring the conversations my adult players are having with their friends just because TREVE was brought up.
[20:17] Vodka Clarity: I am frankly getting tired of listening to you people talk about how everyone bitches when thus far I have heard nonstop from Randal about every little mistake that has been made.
[20:17] Vodka Clarity: And has hence forth went about purposefully TPing people ect ect ect ect.
[20:17] Vodka Clarity: I have better shit to do with my time than, well, this.
[20:18] Treveian: every time you come here
[20:18] Treveian: we get mod calls and bitching in ims
[20:18] Treveian: you bore the tits off us with it
[20:18] Vodka Clarity: That’s probably because you guys are TPing Lokai when we’ve already arrived and doing stupid shit like that.
[20:18] Treveian: again we are one of the few cities you can actually raid
[20:19] Treveian: so can we agree not to interact
[20:19] Treveian: you tped in 5 as we stood on the docks
[20:19] Treveian: and said it was ok
[20:19] Treveiain: seriously
[20:19] Treveian: stay away
[20:19] Vodka Clarity: It was you and TREVEIAN coming.
[20:19] Vido Sciarri: i am already getting complaints about how often you come
[20:19] Vodka Clarity: Or TREVEIAN  and TREVEIAN
[20:19] Vodka Clarity: And.
[20:20] Treveian: so can we just agree not to interact
[20:20] Vodka Clarity: It takes in our rules, always has, that the SIM does not get locked down by 2 people.
[20:20] Treveian: if your so unhappy
[20:20] Vodka Clarity: We aren’t so unhappy. I was perfectly happy just sitting here writing my paper until you started IMing me about random stuff. Again, it was perfectly okay as a) they did not get TPed in. They came from from the docks.
[20:20] Vodka Clarity: ANd two.
[20:21] Vodka Clarity: RAIDS (A raid consists of 3 or more people): MUST BEGIN AND END AT SIM ENTRANCE. 10 MINUTE SAFE ZONE.

[20:21] Vodka Clarity: It has read that since the FIRST TIME we opened the aura SIM.
[20:21] Vodka Clarity: It’s ALWAYS been our rules.
[20:21] Vodka Clarity: And I explained that to Randal.
[20:21] Treveian: ok
[20:21] Treveian: lets call it off
[20:21] Treveian: we can go back to no more panther raids
[20:21] Treveian: and we can all have more fun and less shit
[20:22] Treveian: night vodka
[20:22] Vodka Clarity: I am tired of being strong armed by you over every little thing. You guys can do anything you feel like but the moment we comment or something of that nature, it’s a huge issue. Make it so there aren’t any more panther raids – that’s FINE

At the end of the day I feel like I can’t really shed any tears over this pseudo-roleplay ban with Treve. Raids are far from perfect, we know that. When there is something seriously wrong we bring it up – but it’s not drama. It’s simply trying to fix it. Rather than dealing with issues like adults some people have to simply disregard, strong arm, and bullshit their way through.

And that’s the shit we put up with.

PS: Since we put up our post another site decided to write a story on Treve. This wordpress is A certain Treveian went about assuming the author was from Arua and started to send messages:

[12:51] Treveian: you are all banned from treve
[13:06] Shark (shark.starship): I have no idea who you are and I could care less. Dont message me again.
[13:07] Treveian: dont come to treve
[13:07] Treveian: fuck you

[12:54] Treveian: i dont give a shit what you call me
[12:54] Treveian: but callinbg payton an alcoholic stalker
[12:54] Treveian: thats total cuntery
[12:54] Treveian: you
[12:54] Treveian: fucking
[12:54] Treveian: cunts
[12:56] Treveian: i see you girls like to blog
[12:56] Vexing Jinx: Treveian? I adore you, even when you’re radge. Carry on, mate. Do what you must. No hard feelings here.
[12:56] Vexing Jinx: Go ahead, return the favour.
[12:56] Vexing Jinx: Always welcome
[12:56] Treveiani: we you wont be able to do fuck all else after that shit

[12:50] Treveian: do not come back to treve
[12:50] Treveian: ever
[12:50] Treveian: you are all banned you fucking dopehead
[12:51] Vodka Clarity: You already RP banned us. Remember?
[12:51] Treveian: no i didnt
[12:52] Treveian: but i have now
[12:52] Treveian: cuntface
[12:52] Vodka Clarity: [2012/04/22 20:21] Treveian: lets call it off
[2012/04/22 20:21] Treveian: we can go back to no more panther raids
[2012/04/22 20:21] Treveian: and we can all have more fun and less shit
[2012/04/22 20:22] Treveian: night vodka
[12:53] Treveian: you call me a scottish pyco
[12:53] Treveian: payton an alcoloic stalker
[12:53] Treveian: you fucking cunt
[12:54] Vodka Clarity: What are you talking about?
[12:54] Vodka Clarity: I am so fucking confused.
[12:54] Treveian: you call p[ayton an alcoholoiuc stalker
[12:54] Treveian: i dont give a fuck what you call me
[12:55] Treveiani: but thats being a total cunt
[12:55] Treveian: you fucking cunt
[12:55] Treveian: stay
[12:55] Treveian: away
[12:55] Treveian: from treve
[12:55] Treveian: you will find the number of sims you can go to will be very few after that fucking shit
[12:57] Treveian: oh an feel free to blog of of this dopehead
[12:59] Vodka Clarity: what the fuck are you talking about?
[12:59] Vodka Clarity: I don’t know shit about payton
[12:59] Vodka Clarity: Or said anything about her.
[12:59] Vodka Clarity: So uh.
[12:59] Vodka Clarity: Okay.
[12:59] Vodka Clarity: Show me where I said anything about payton
[13:00] Treveian: in the other blog
[13:00] Vodka Clarity: Because it didn’t happen.
[13:00] Vodka Clarity: Where did I say something about Payton.
[13:00] Treveian: from you upset bitch
[13:00] Vodka Clarity: SHow me.
[13:00] Treveian: why
[13:00] Treveian: you fucking read it
[13:00] Vodka Clarity: I did.
[13:00] Treveian: the orther blog
[13:00] Vodka Clarity: It says nothing about Payton
[13:00] Treveian: liten
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: What?
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: What blog?
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: What the fuck are you talking about
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: I didn’t say shit about payton
[13:01] Treveian: your tea party one, its obviouslky from your bitches
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: On any blog.
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: What the fuck you talking about
[13:01] Treveian: if you want to put our ims on a blog you cvan fuck off
[13:01] Treveian: and
[13:01] Treveian: no fucking sim in gor will want you
[13:01] Treveian: cos they can expecxt to be on a blog too
[13:01] Vodka Clarity: lol.
[13:02] Vodka Clarity: right
[13:02] Treveian: Catigernus: (Saved Mon 23 Apr 2012 19:23:04)
[13:02] Treveian: now
[13:02] Treveian: you tell your bitches
[13:02] Treveian: that none of you are welcome here
[13:02] Treveian: ims on a fucking blog
[13:10] Vodka Clarity: What hte fuck?
[13:10] Vodka Clarity: THat isn’t mine.
[13:11] Vodka Clarity: Or anyone i know
[13:11] Vodka Clarity: so
[13:11] Treveian: i know it isnt
[13:11] Treveian: its one of your bitches
[13:11] Treveian: but it doesnt matter
[13:11] Treveian: you want to blog
[13:11] Treveian: enjoy it
[13:11] Treveian: but stay the fuck away from trteve
[13:11] Treveian: all of you
[13:11] Vodka Clarity: who is it?
[13:11] Vodka Clarity: hm?
[13:12] Treveian: vodka are you doped out your head right now or not?
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: No.
[13:12] Treveian: is ceraphis drunk again?
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: I’m telling you I’ve never seen that blog
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: In my life.
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: So.
[13:12] Treveian: has he got his cock out?
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: I don’t know what you’re talking about
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: Serapis is a woman.
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: LOL.
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: I talk to her on vent
[13:12] Treveian: dont kid a kidder lassie
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: Sounds like you’re drunk.
[13:12] Vodka Clarity: To be honest.
[13:13] Vodka Clarity: No one is kidding you, Vido.
[13:13] Treveian nope i dont drink
[13:13] Treveiani: ok fine
[13:13] Treveian: just stay the fuck away from here
[13:13] Treveian: we are done with ya
[13:13] Treveian: dinhey fucking huntress
[13:13] Treveiani: aka kanda keeper
[13:14] Treveian: and
[13:14] Treveian: seraphis is a bloke and you fucking know it
[13:15] Vodka Clarity: Serapis is a girl.
[13:15] Vodka Clarity: That blog isn’t owned by us.
[13:15] Vodka Clarity: But I will edit out your name and put this up too.
[13:15] Vodka Clarity: Because it’s ridiculous.
[13:17] Vodka Clarity: [13:17] Vodka Clarity: DOES SOMEONE OWN GOREANTEAPARTY.COM?
[13:17] Verna (zamira.avora): Not I
[13:17] ץαηg (illania.clarity): not i
[13:17] Mother (vexing.jinx): nope

Just to make it -very- clear that as far as I am aware, no member of Arua is responsible for While we may blog about things that we find to be a bit absurd, the reality is that we don’t really try to make personal attacks on people. Maybe as a jest – but realistically we love everyone. Hell, I personally like Vido and Randal a lot (when they are feeling generous and acting normal). Our purpose is really to point out and poke fun of things; not to write serious slander about people being alcoholics or putting up personal information like a person’s decent. Generally speaking our blog is primarily roleplay logs and things of that nature – but once in a while I feel like someone deserves to be called out. I certainly wont pretend that the Arua are perfect, no gorean group is. But that’s why I mainly stick to logs with brief summaries and I accept comments from -everyone- regardless if they agree with our view point or not. I’m terribly sorry to Treve that this unfortunate turn of events has happened but perhaps it is a call to look a little introspectively.

If you’re going to feel bad or embarrassed about something you say – don’t say it.

… And that’s the shit we put up with again.

Dem Asses

•April 22, 2012 • 1 Comment

Jaymie, Curio, Jaxx, and Bear having to raid in the buff after losing a round of siege drills.

It's peanut butter jelly time.

Rebecka and the Merchant of Sais

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Rebecka, Chytrine, and the head merchant of Sais:


[19:23] ChytrineChytrine pushes herself to her feet and marches off after her Mistress, her gait as graceful as a lopsided thalarion with a hernia. She stomps, her but bouncing around with the speed and agility of a rabbit on opiates as she hop skips to keep pace with the taller woman “Yes your worship!” she says in a syrupy sweet voice that reeked of summisive ooze and dark irony
[19:24] RicariRicari gave a wry grin to the Mistress, “Aye I am indeed Mistress, but slaves are such interesting font’s of information. May your day be ever interesting Mistress.” Watching Nox she chuckled softly, that was, well a interesting moment, not often the sleen offered up her toys to anyone. Probably wanted a fresh hand knowing her. Picking up the skull she tossed it from hand to hand, watching the two, oh that was so interesting..that pair, she could tell were more than what they seemed. Ahh well she’d miss all the fun, but what could be more fun than playing games with a beast who ripped apart people for kicks?

[19:27] Brogan Rhiadra: Tal, name and homestone
[19:28] Rebecka KohimeRebecka Kohime popped an eye at Chytrine. She unscrupulously drew a leather switch from the holster at her belt and swatted the broadly kneeling woman on the shoulder, “Miranda of Thentis.” she replied to Brogan’s request. Her tone was smug and her posture tall.
[19:29] Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra nodded, “I am Brogan, the warrior of the warriors, what can I do for you this day?” He leaned and peered through the gate scanning their faces
[19:30] ChytrineChytrine flicked her eyes up to the man behind the gate as she again settled herself into a wide-thighed stance. Her teeth bit back into a leer of a grin and her breast rose and fell in a steady rush. Her nose wrinkled in quiet contemplation as she stared at the thick walls and iron hatched gate. She didn’t speak. For the moment she was just content to be silent and still upon the splintery boards of the gate. Her face was dirty and fire burned in her eyes, she chewed her lip and glanced up to the woman who tugged her leash. She awaited her response, simply, glancing back and forth between the free, looking most poignantly bored.

[19:32] Rebecka Kohime blanched at Brogan’s boastful introduction. Despite her modest dress, Rebecka had the ego of a tatrix and wielded a switch with the hand of one. She holstered the beating implement and approached Brogan, “I’d like admission to the city. I’m returning from a long journey to the north, if you couldn’t tell.” She bared her palms, which were caked in a thin film of grime. She was blunt about it, at least. “And for my kajira.”
[19:34] Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra nodded as he looked at her hands and walked to the capstan and gave it a spin. He pulled hard and the counterbalances allowed the gate to lurch and break free, rising quickly to the top. He bellowed out, “Step lively, when she comes back down, she has been called the ass shaver.” He sucked on his teeth waiting watching her demeanor and making his snap judgment, as he always had and will.

[19:36] ChytrineChytrine heard the woman speak and she cut her eyes up towards the switch. That fucking thing. Her pale gaze glared balefully upon the swishy lash that did more to augment her frame with bruises and cuts than any travel could. Her own body was coated in a grimy layer, and she sniffed, wiping her nose upon the sleeve of the modified traveling kirtle she wore as she stared upon each figure. Denoting a flash of what was wither a mad, oversized canary or perhaps a rabid peacock she turned her face upwards and saw a slaver. Oh. Wonderful. She saw the gate fly open and rose in an economical movement, one that might be seen in a bond. Her stride was long, one of a person grown accustomed to travel, though as she sank again to her dirt stained knees the faintest traces of grace lingered behind the mask of economic movement. It was at the edges of her motions, highglighting her sensual frame with a decadent and rich undertone.

[19:38] Rebecka Kohime stifled the chuckle that threatened to escape her mouth. She held her breast as she entered the gate, her shoulders rigid as she side-stepped the iron protrusions as they came back down. Lowering her hand, she glanced knowingly at Chytrine. Brogan’s comment had triggered the aspect of her character she was trying to hide. Patting the switch as she looked at Chytrine, a glimpse of a devious smile could be seen on her face. “Aii.” she said curtly, resuming her charade as a civilized woman, “Where is your inn, warrior?”
[19:42] Brogan Rhiadra popped his lips and craned his neck, “There is a tea room, with a place for you to eat, and be served, or a gathering spot where the villagers settle in the evening, your choice.” He placed the palm of his hand under his chin and pressed his fingers across his cheeks, before dragging the hand downward. This ritual if noted by an observer, was a sigh the hand had worn him down. His face was now slightly wrinkled and his hair disheveled, each a beacon that the day had drug on for him. He looked to the corner of his eye while he awaited her retort, grimacing slightly as he thought he had heard the Ubar moving about. Life had taken a turn, the son of the Ubar, now was not a birth right, but a weight that he wore around his neck.\

[19:46] Rebecka Kohime cast a broad glance over Brogan’s shoulder as he mapped out the city. She must have found the banter rather tiresome — or she was in a hurry to leave his presence in general — because she strode past him with a hasty remark of, “That’ll be fine. We’ll find our way.” Her voice cracked slightly as she spoke, belying her anxiousness. Shit. She beckoned Chytrine with a flick of her wrist and began to move.

[19:47] Chytrine scratched at her thigh and used one long finger to pick some dirt off of her leg. She had caught the woman’s smile, and her own eyes flashed with amusement, an answering smile appearing in a ray of delicious sunshine for a moment before sinking back amid the clouds of her dark countenance. she tugged at the matted hair, her thick lashes curving over her cheek as she reflected for a moment. Her weight shifted slightly and the gaze hauled itself back up along the man’s frame. She regarded him neutrally, then flicked her study down to the slave. She felt her lip half curl, though somewhat neutrally. She rose at the woman’s bidding and began to move after her in that same strong stride, grimacing as her voice cracked. She reflected back on the slave as she walked, how clean she was. Boo made a mental note to go take a bath.

[19:51] Rebecka Kohime entered the quaint pavilion in the company of a scantily clad woman with parted knees. It was an awkward sight to behold, no doubt, but Rebecka held her ground. “Tal.” she said simply, carefully climbing into the receding pit where the gathering was being held. She vigilantly scanned the crowd; it was mostly women. She smiled eerily at that. Her trailing, rep dress was swept aside as she slid onto an empty couch. She’d watch and listen.

[19:53] Saryn TedeschiSaryn Tedeschi chuckles, “That’s Ta Wine, dee..”

[19:53] ChytrineChytrine marched up to the pavilion and let her ass smack down upon the stones with a meaty ‘thwock’ as she knelt with wide thighs and narrowed eyes. A half-sneered grin came to her face as she glances around to each before saying in a chillingly haunting voice “Hilsia and Hilsner….. Greetings” the last was said with a tone of disgust, as much as the previous words had been crooned. She stared around the circle again, her dark golden gaze obscured by lank and dirty hair that covered half of her face. She crawled forward, behind the woman and crouched. Even her crawl had hints of a subtle swagger that enticed the eye. She was bold indeed, but held a reserved anger and darkness that seemed to swirl overhead in a dark stormcloud of evershifting fire. Turbulance seemed to glance off her with every movement and she flicked her intense gaze to each face in turn

[19:54] DeeDee RabeniDeeDee Rabeni nods my head and smiles “Yes Master, Your usual coming right up!” Pushing my self to my feet and turning on the cold stones toward the kitchen.
[19:54] Nicholas Eel: chuckles
[19:54] Nicholas Eel: i am i guess an open scroll
[19:54] Celeste PixelmaidCeleste Pixelmaid looks over to the Mistress whom just sat down, inching closer to her as she pulled her knees together, “Mistress may i offer you something?”
[19:54] Nicholas Eel: .em chuckles

[19:57] Rebecka KohimeRebecka Kohime caught the ambient anger eroding from Chytrine’s form. As the crowd bantered amongst themselves, she cast an alarmed glance at her traveling partner. It was an attempt to chide the woman — maybe soothe her — out of her funk. Resentment doesn’t pay when you’re trying to remain inconspicuous. As another resident kajira spoke to her, she replied, “Aii. Kalana.”

[19:57] Ratty FoxtrotRatty Foxtrot flashes his eyes at Rainey. Then at the new arrivals. “Tal one and all.”

[19:58] Saryn TedeschiSaryn Tedeschi glances across the fire pit and smiles to the Lady in blue, “Tal, Lady,” she offers warmly, “I’m the Lady Saryn of the Merchants of the village…”
[19:58] Raine ArtfulRaine Artful looked over her shoulder and back at the newly arrived, shifting herself so her back would no longer be exposed to the Free.
[19:58] Celeste PixelmaidCeleste Pixelmaid nods, “Yes, Mistress. Chilled?”

[19:59] Rebecka Kohime groaned at Celeste’s follow-up query. She flailed a hand, as if wishing to rid herself of a pest, and replied, “Chilled. Nothing else. Chilled kalana.”

[19:59] Chytrine was just moody as always. Her eyes flicked back to the man and she jerked her chin up slightly, her eyes meeting his as he tossed them over. Pride lingered in the gesture. She moved grudgingly, placing her back to the stone wall and she looked disgustedly at the slaves nearby. She shifted on her knees and seemed to slack off, going into a doze.

[20:00] Saryn TedeschiSaryn Tedeschi’s smile widens.. “Well then, Welcome to our humble village, Lady Katniss…”

[20:00] Nicholas Eel: .me reaches to the her hands, touches her fingers and then takes the wine from her….. looks into it and swirls a bid, then slowly lifts to his lips and drinks .. allowing it to penetrate his body, lowers, looks at her once mor and then partakes again

At which point Chytrine’s dog defecates on her bed.
[20:00] Chytrine: ((brb, my dog just took a big ‘ol shite on my bed))
[20:00] RisingFirebirdRisingFirebird has left the region.
[20:00] Ratty Foxtrot: [[NICE]]]
[20:00] RisingFirebirdRisingFirebird has entered the region (126.46m).
[20:00] Celeste PixelmaidCeleste Pixelmaid sank back as she nodded slowly, rising from her knees to make her way to the tavern. “Yes, Mistress.” she whispered.
[20:00] Rebecka Kohime: ((Beat it with the fury of a thousand suns!))
[20:00] Christa Ashbourne: (ROFLMAO!!!!! 😀

[20:01] Nicholas EelNicholas Eel once again lowers the wine, “aww dee, this is just excellent girl, well done, yu picked an excellent vintage.. and the servrice as always was perfect.. you bring honor to your Master, again girl very well done.. (then drinksonce mre)
[20:01] Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra spoke directly to Miranda, “I see you found your way, and that the slave is tending your needs.” He still toyed with the knife as he watched the pair.
[20:02] Nicholas EelNicholas Eel savors the taste loving ta wine, thinks that it must indeed be atleast 5 years in storage
[20:02] Ratty FoxtrotRatty Foxtrot could see Brogans subtle movements, and his finger play upon his knife. “Something the matter, Brogan?”
[20:02] Nicholas Eel: dee open you mouht girl
[20:02] Nicholas Eel: mouth*
[20:02] DeeDee Rabeni: “Master, I am happy the wine pleases you so.” Watching as he drank it slowly.
[20:02] Jules JierdonJules Jierdon has left the region.
[20:03] Nicholas Eel: .me allows the slave take a drink of the excellent wine
[20:04] DeeDee RabeniDeeDee Rabeni glances over to my master and then back to Master Nick, opening my mouth slowly.
[20:04] Nicholas Eel: drink of it dee
[20:04] Nicholas Eel: and taste what you serve to me girl
[20:04] Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra calls out, “All is well my friend”
[20:05] Rebecka KohimeRebecka Kohime seemed to relax at Celeste’s departure. The attentions of a kajira weren’t her prime directive, so to speak. Relieved, she began to appraise each member of the gathering. The woman in a floral robe was particularly tempting. She found the paisley pattern to be quite appealing in comparison to her own garish, gray, belted sack. With a superficially charming smile, she cupped her chin in a hand and spoke to Saryn, “What a lovely dress. Are you nobility, lady?”

Ratty Foxtrot nods solemnly. “As your assurance.” he offers him a friendly smile.

Nicholas Eel: you willl see it is the drink of the Preist Kings
Raine Artful reached over for the nearby bottle of the chilled kalana wine and uncorked the bottle with her teeth once more, tipping it slightly on it’s side and dropped the cork from her mouth, letting it roll between her thighs, “More wine, Master?”

Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra slipped to the steps and sat back exhaling and then looking to the sky, he stretched and hear and felt the bones pop as he did

Nicholas Eel: honor to Brogs !!!!!!! you have done well dee girl! not a surprise to me, you may go back to his feet where you belong, keep honoring him, he is my friend.. now go back to him pretty slut, girl of my friend, slave of Gor

Saryn Tedeschi shifts slightly on the cushion and smooths her finger tips over her skirts, rearranging them just a bit.. A Lady can never be too careful… modesty is paramount

Rebecka Kohime gave a lively chortle at Saryn’s response. She made a mental note to pursue the woman further. Self-effacingly, she muttered, “Oh, I can’t tell, these days. You city women all have lovely taste. I am Rebecka. Yourself?”

Ratty Foxtrot grins at Nicholas. “I could preach about it, but Saryn might cut my tounge out”

Brogan Rhiadra nods to him, “Her service is immpecable, and she turned me plenty of coin when I was forced to run the tavern. You see, the Ubar was taken by the North, I paid a large sum to get him back, temwood ransom, and took a while to recoop our losses.” He turns his head, “Are the girls of the Talahari well versed in the furs?”

Celeste Pixelmaid returned to Mistress Rebecka’s side a warm smile on her face as she held a neatly polished goblet and the bottle of kalana. Gracefully she sank to her knees and set down the goblet, placing the chilled bottled between closed thighs so that she may work the cork off. Struggling with the cork a few moments, it finally tore free from the hefty bottle and she moved to tip it over the goblet to fill it. Recorking the bottle she set it aside and lifted the goblet carefully between slender fingers, offering it up to the woman. “Your kalana, Mistress. i hope it is pleasing to you.”

Ratty Foxtrot grins sheepishly at Saryn. Then turns to Brogan. “Oh, yes. If theyre not, theyre taught to, and if they cant learn, they learn how to work in harvesting salt.”

Brogan Rhiadra laughed, “Very well, that is no salt under the nails of that one at your side, she has been a pleasure slave and paga slut for a while, I asure you that one can stop a man, and with more than a look”

Rebecka Kohime adopted a beleaguered sort of frown as Celeste returned with her drink. She hid her annoyance as the woman performed the usual, excessive task of serving a beverage. She turned her gaze aside and took the goblet by the stem. She began to distance herself from the kneeling woman by inches, replying coldly, “Aii. Leave, kajira.” — Sheesh. It couldn’t have been a more abrasive way of thanking a woman.

Saryn Tedeschi: “Oh dee, yes… I have a definite taste for Kalana tonight,” she smiles widely, “I trust you recall which goblet I prefer as well; the golden chalice with the red stones set into it just below the brim.. I think it is on the high shelf, or it had better be or someone’s head will roll…”

Rebecka Kohime froze at Saryn’s description of her preferred vessel. Her neck began to creak towards the woman like she’d just climbed out of the crypt. A massive, malicious grin crept onto her features, and she furiously exclaimed, “Ah! Lady, lovely taste!” — At this point, Rebecka was examining her own goblet for the presence of jewels. No such luck.

iSaryn Tedeschi turns her attention back to the Lady Rebecca, “I am flattered, Lady… but, I do thank you for the compliment on my choice of garment…” she smiles warmly, “Tell me, what brings yo to our humble village tonight?”

Rebecka Kohime broke into a bout of obnoxiously nasal laughter. Nothing was funny. Nobody was laughing. She was just overcome by the pungent scent of -money-. Like metal drawn to a magnet, she began to hover towards Saryn. “I’m just seeking a bit of respite from the hectic life of a traveler.” she replied.

Saryn Tedeschi: “Ahh…” she smiles, “I, too, travel quite often.. In my line of work, it is expected.. Tho, always with escort..” she leans over to the Lady and whispers to her, “A Lady can never be too careful..”

Rebecka Kohime was more immersed in the conversation than any rational person should be. She craned her neck towards Saryn and muttered coyly, “Oh, I’d be more afraid of the escort than the road.” — That was a pretty telling statement. Whoops. Covering her tracks, she mumbled, “But a caravan is the best type of security you could find. A small one.”

Raine Artful parted her thighs even wider than she had been sitting for her Master’s pleasure, feeling the rape of his eyes over her and slowly her hand slid over the exposed curves, cupping her breast and pulling gently on her nipples to feel them harden beneath her own touch. Turning her gaze away from her own Master and towards the man at her side she leaned to him, lips brushing over his lobe and soft warm breath pouring down his neck whispering, “Master, would you like more wine…or anything else to please you?”

DeeDee Rabeni quickly retrives the Mistresses favorite goblet from its hiding place and then the bottle of her favorite wine. Tucking the bottle under my arm I head back to her side. Knowing that one goblet will not be enough.

DeeDee Rabeni I slip to my knees, placing the goblet beside me. Taking the bottle of her favorite Kalana, I sink my teeth into the cork and gently give it a tug. Slowly I pour the Ruby Red wine into the goblet, till it is almost full. Then placing the cork back and setting the bottle to the side just in case she would like more. I lift the goblet up to her on outstretched hand. “Mistress, your Kalana. I hope it is as pleasing as this girl wishes to be.”

Saryn Tedeschi nods to the Lady, “Indeed… tho I find the company of perhaps one or two Guards is usually sufficient.. besides, if I had to hire more than that, it would cut into my profits..” she chuckles…

Rebecka Kohime glanced at the approaching kajira and made way. Unconsciously, her hand shifted towards the bejeweled, gilded chalice like an automaton built from sheer greed. “Mhm-…” she hummed absentmindedly, “What do you sell, lady?”

Brogan Rhiadra raised a brow, “Yes friend, I think you have the slut heated”

Raine Artful grinned to herself and extended her tongue, drawing the man’s lobe between her lips and suckling gently upon it. Only he could hear the soft moans coming from her, her hand sliding over his thigh and curving inwards.

Ratty Foxtrot grins, but its intrrupted by yet another shiver. “I swear it was on accident…” He mutters confusedly. Only saying so out of humor.

Saryn TedeschiSaryn Tedeschi smiles as dee returns, slipping the goblet from the girl’s fingers and raising it to her lips.. she sips the potent red wine, savoring the delicate flavor.. she closes her eyes and allows the warmth to warm her throat and belly.. She regards the goblet and muses, “Pretty much anything I can lay my hands on…for a price, of course..” she takes another sip and lowers the goblet, holding the stem in her fingers.. “Well served, dee.. you are as precious to me as this wine is tonight…”

Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra laughed, “We are men of the Mighty Vosk, we have slaves that are trained, and please the Free.” He pauses, “Do not apologize for such, such is a compliment, the slave feels hear because of you, and such is only right. As I said, she is in your service, and extension of my hospitality

Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra laughed, “My father, the Ubar here would have the slut’s heat dancing upon his fingers and beating me for not doing so”

Ratty Foxtrot managed out a chuckle under Rainey’s assualt. “That said, shows just how different the Vosk and Tahari can be. Not that its wrong for me to attempt anything, but my father’d just as easily have me whipped for being so esily taken by a Kajira.”

Rebecka Kohime withheld a retch at the fondling and groping occurring just outside of her periphery. She gathered her wits — sparse as they were — and began to inspect Saryn’s body for a purse. It was likely concealed. “Lo-o-o-ovely.” she drawled “Might I see your wares tonight? I’d love to see what a respected merchant such as yourself sells. You’re obviously no two-timing peddler, lady.” Oh, the schmoozing! The unabashed obsequiousness!

Saryn Tedeschi glances over her shoulder, “Tal, Rif..”

Brogan Rhiadra narrowed his eyes, “Taken, well it is her that is under your control, the slave has no power, just to please, and do as told”

DeeDee Rabeni tucks the bottle of her special Kalana behind her cushion before I rise. “Yes Mistress. Happy to serve you as always”

RisingFirebird: nods”Tal Lady Saryn”

Raine Artful pulled back slightly from him, “Do you wish me to stop, Master?” she simply asked, beginning the slow pull away from him.

Saryn Tedeschi takes another sip of the wine, “Of course, Lady, I would be happy to show You what I have to offer… What is it you are looking for?”

Ratty Foxtrot ‘s bronze eyes sank beneath his eyelids for a moment. “Worng words friend. Enjoying this too much.” He paused.

DeeDee Rabeni quietly returns to my masters side, a smile on my face. “May I serve you in any way My Master?”

Brogan Rhiadra: “Then enjoy, she is at your disposal”

Rebecka Kohime subtly thumbed the hem of Saryn’s gown. Her smile sank into a frown, “Oh, nothing in particular. A pendant, I suppose. Something classy.”

Ratty Foxtrot manages to coherent himself. and turns and grins to Brogan. “Ive been away from the touch too long, its good to be back in sais.”

Ratty Foxtrot then turns to Rainey. “Dont even dare.”

Raine Artful was still waiting for the Master’s reply to her offer to stop. She smiled wide hearing his threat and shifted her knees to move closer to him, lifting her leg to straddle his lap and face him directly. Slowly her hands slid up the front of his stomach and chest, moving over his shoulders and encircling his neck, leaning forward again to resume the assault of tender hunger upon his ears.

Saryn Tedeschi considers her current inventory and taps her chin thoughtfully.. “A pendant? I may have one or two at present..”

Brogan Rhiadra: /m leaned to dee and then smiled, “Rub my shoudlers, I am tired and tense”

Rebecka Kohime focused on the ornate fabric of Saryn’s garment as she spoke. At the mention of a pendant on Saryn’s person, she lifted her chin with faux-surprise, “Oh? I’d love to see it.”

DeeDee Rabeni hearing his request I slide up behind his back and slowly massage his neck and shoulders. My fingers kneading the tight muscles. Slowly I work down his neck. First the left side then the right. Making sure all the knots were worked out.

Ratty Foxtrot shivered in delight as Rainey hoisted onto him and resumed her ‘attack.’ He grinned and began retaliating with reopeated, harmless bites over her shoudlers and neck.

Saryn Tedeschi: “I dont usually hold any type of jewelry for long.. I usually have a buyer already lined up before I even get a hold of fine jewelry, and, I only handle the finest gems and metals; necklaces made by the best craftsman along the Vosk..”

Brogan Rhiadra leaned back and then smiled exhaling and working with her as she pulled the stress from his day. He traced the brand on her thigh while she did

Rebecka Kohime took on a vividly red hue as Saryn elaborated on her stock, “I’m only interested in the best of quality, lady.” she said stolidly, “We need to discuss this in private.” She began to pat her purse indicatively. “I’m not comfortable discussing business amongst strangers. You would understand, lady.”

Raine Artful eyes fluttered back, laying her back in offering of her neck and giving herself freely to him, her fingers lightly playing with the hair at the nape of his neck and holding him closer to her. Slowly her hips pressed down into his, her bare heat pressing against him and moaned upwards, heart beating faster and subtly begging for more.

Saryn Tedeschi smiles, “This one here,” she lighlty touches the bauble hanging on a light gold chain around her neck, “is only a small part of my personal collection..” she grins to the Lady, “I do enjoy the finer things in life..” she lowers her hand and sips of the goblet once more..

Rebecka Kohime had begun to secretly admire the elegant merchant. Rebecka’s gregariously loud persona had faded into calm reserve. She appreciated the finer things, too. Saryn would understand her motives. It was a shame they hadn’t met earlier. Gently, she began to rise, “You’ve convinced me, lady. I demand to see the rest of this collection. If I cannot possess one of your items, I cannot show myself in public.” — It was partially sincere.

DeeDee Rabeni leaned into his back, my full breasts pressing into his bare flesh as my fingers worked his muscles over. Knowing just how hard he works, I pay extra attention to his shoulders. “Does that feel good My Master?” as I move back and forth from his left to his right.

Saryn Tedeschi nods to the Lady, “Of course.. I do understand your trepidation…” she finishes off the wine and sets the goblet on the stones next to her cushion.. “I will be pleased to show you, Lady..”

Ratty Foxtrot l;ets a breath of air escape just before Rainey presses her lips down. His arms grasp her firmly by the hips and he heaves heavily. He pulls away and lets down one firm, but gentle bit at the base of her neck.

Saryn Tedeschi: “My stall is out on the docks…it isn’t far…”

Rebecka Kohime had decided — with a bit of reluctance — to leave the goblet in favor of bigger, better possibilities. She gestured to Saryn, “Lead the way.”

Brogan Rhiadra nodded and made noises that were reminiscent of a urt getting run over by a cart, “Very good dee, better than ramberry and paga on cheese”

Saryn Tedeschi: “Commander, I will return shortly.. I have a bit of business to take care of..” she turns back to the Lady, “This way, please..”

Saryn Tedeschi reaches into the small leather pouch hanging from her belt and pulls out the small shiny key. She inserts it into the lock and gives it a half turn. She listens for the soft click of the tumbles being freed, and pushes open the door. She slips the key back into the small leather pouch.

Rebecka Kohime followed Saryn with a purposeful stride. Long, determined steps led her to a quaint outpost beside the dock. As Saryn opened the stately wooden door, Rebecka shuffled inside after her. She gaped at the selection of merchandise. This woman was more than she appeared to be. Still, the conspicuously silent building worried her. She suspected more security. Keeping up the facade of an eccentric traveler, she examined the wares with utmost interest, “Quality. Beautiful.” she exhaled her words like a litany, “To business. Your wares?” — With that, she unclasped her purse to reveal a bounty of tarn discs. This was getting weirder and weirder.

Saryn Tedeschi moves to the back counter and digs into the smal leather pouch once again, drawing forth another key.. she inserts it into the lock on the drawer and pulls the drawer out, revealing a locked box… again, she draws out yet another key, this one smaller still and inserts it into the box, unlocking it.. she places the key back in the leather pouch on her belt and lifts the lid.. she smiles, turning back to the Lady and holding up a pendant, much like the one she wears; the lighting reflecting brilliantly off of the fully faceted gem suspended by a thin golden chain… “Is this something like what you are looking for?”

Rebecka Kohime clutched her misleadingly modest purse in a hand. She brushed her opposite finger against the golden chain of the presented necklace. “Mhm.” she muttered, setting the purse on the counter. “I’d like to try it on. It needs to ‘go’ with mauve evening wear.” — Man, that felt awkward to say.

Saryn Tedeschi places the pendant back into it’s box and closes the lid.. she inserts the key back into the lock, turning it with a soft click. she shakes her head as she slides the box back into the drawer and locking it as well.. she slips the keys back into the safety of the pouch and tucks it carefully away, “This particular one is spoken for, Lady.. but, I can get an identical pendant from my supplier in two day’s time.. she runs her eyes over the Lady, noting her modestly drab garments… “That pendant will cost well over 5 gold, Lady… Are you certain you can afford such a thing?”
SnowTora: ponders Deciding too scar epeople in next stall looking arund grabbing a large sledge hamemr as he mvoes back windign up slams it into wall ahrd enough tooo shake it and echo out boom knowing he made sure not too dent the wall snickering evily

Rebecka Kohime voiced her disappointment with an offended sigh. She thrust the purse towards Saryn, “Lady — I haven’t been entirely honest with you.” she began, “Glance into the pocketbook, please.” Inside of it, lying amongst the silver and gold discs, was a forged seal. It was hardened wax, dripped carefully onto gilded parchment. Thentis. “I might be of privileged upbringing, but parading around disguised as a pauper can be quite amusing.” — As a sledgehammer ricocheted into the wall, she jumped, startled. Reflexively, a hand went to her belt, only to retract moments later, “What in the name of–…”

Saryn Tedeschi whirls about and scowls deeply, shaking her head… “Pay no mind, Lady.. now, where were we? Oh yes..” she glances into the pocketbook and lifts a brow, “Thentis? I was not aware you were from the great city of Thentis..”

Rebecka Kohime uttered a haughty chuckle. She was really getting into character. Leaning clandestinely over the counter, she whispered, “Nobody else should be, either. My father wouldn’t be pleased.”

Saryn Tedeschi: “Oh? Who is your Father, if I may inquire… I am quite well known in the city.. I do business with the Merchant there quite often..”

Rebecka Kohime restrained a grunt at Saryn’s insistent probing. Rebecka was a fastidious woman, but she hadn’t bothered to collect a name to go with the seal. She prodded the purse with a quirked brow. Challengingly, she replied, “My attempts to be secretive often fail. It’s a shame, really. I’ve been desperately trying to find a jeweler who isn’t compelled to brag about doing business with Thentis.” She sighed aloud, “I truly do like your wares, though-…”

Saryn Tedeschi smiles, “I’m glad you find them as appealing as I do. the jewelry I handle is difficult to come by.. but, as I always say, if there is a will, there is a way, don’t you agree?” she lowers her voice, “Not to worry, Lady, I wont even mention your visit here to any of Thentis, of this, you have my word…”

Rebecka Kohime returned a pained smile. The cogs in her cranium were spinning and whirring like a dynamo. Think, Rebecka. Think! She mentally reassured herself as she concocted a plan. Eventually, she spoke, “In this business, trust is as precious as gold. My father is a caterer in Thentis. He’s the host of most of the events in the city. McNamara; I’m sure you’ve met.” She beamed with false pride.

iSaryn Tedeschi cants her head slightly and furrows her brows.. after a moment she shakes her head, “No, I dont think I’ve had the pleasure, Lady..” she waves it off with a sweep of her fingers, “No matter.. I’m sure I will eventually..”

Rebecka Kohime deflated in relief. Literally. Her tense form shrank two sizes at that moment. “Of course.” She smiled congenially, “Back to business? I want to stun the crowd.”

Saryn Tedeschi nods, “As I said, I can have the pendant for you in two days time… It will be 5 gold and 30 silver to cover the cost of the item as well as my expenses in obtaining such a rare and beautiful item..”

Rebecka Kohime hid a grimace. She waved a hand in an attempt to appear unburdened, “A small sum for such a rare pendant. I would like it packaged extravagantly; a velvet case with gold foil would do nicely.” She lifted her chest from the counter and continued, “I’m quite pleased with it. I’d like to see your selection of bracelets, as well.”

Saryn Tedeschi twists her lips sideways, “I do not carry those particular items, Lady.. they are often mistaken for ‘slave cuffs’…” she regards the Lady once more, a Lady of high station would already know this and would never even consider such a thing.. she straightens and takes a step toward the door, fishing in her small purse for the key… “As I said, I will have the pendant here for you in two days time, if you still wish it..”

Rebecka Kohime was actually quite bewildered at Saryn’s correction. She chuckled wryly, shaking off the cold sweats that then overcame her, “Pardon me, lady? I’m purchasing them for my kajirus.” She laughed and willingly followed Saryn to the door. No brute force, tonight. “I’d like it delivered, if that’s alright. Send a carrier vulo to Thentis before delivery, and I will be happy to receive it.”

Saryn Tedeschi: “Ahh… well then, I would be happy to accomodate you with the bracelets.. I will have them packages separately with your pendant…for no additional cost,” she whispers in hushed words in case any other ears would be listening. she would not want it to get around that she gave away something for free..people would come to expect it then.. she nods, “I will send word to Thentis then by carrier vulo in two days then…” she smiles…

Rebecka Kohime was visibly thrilled with their agreement. She leaned back, a self-satisfied smirk on her features, and awaited Saryn’s unlocking of the door, “Our secret, esteemed merchant.” A hand lifted to retrieve her purse and jam it into her pocket. Should the vulo arrive, she’d be in paradise. “Lovely doing business with you.”

Saryn Tedeschi inclines her head, “And you, Lady..” she smiles and approaches the door, slipping the key into the lock once again.. she pushes the door open and awaits the exit of the Lady…

Rebecka Kohime turned with a flourish of her skirt and departed. Her grin widened. This would work out quite nicely. “Be well, lady.”

You shouldn’t splash in puddles.

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Toreii and Mouse go to Rorus and meet a slave named Puddles. Here is what happened.

[23:41] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ groans and even though she is frightened by her circumstance, she is also bored and it completely shows as she rolls around the bottom of the cage. “So, uh, what are you staring at?” She asks the warrior near her.

[23:45] Mouse barely hears Tor…. mostly because she wasnt wearing her hat. “Why your well toned body, sister dear. Village slaves tend to get all squishy in places while we maintain our excellent physique through hunting and labor…”

[23:46] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ smirks then hearing the faint noise of Mouse’s voice and nods. She was vain. And she says back, voice raised. “That is true, from the one I saw she needed to move around a bit more! We can’t help we’re so much better looking!”

[23:49] puddles: Holding her mouth long enough “Treee slut and what makes yew think yew can outhunt oor out fish me? I work the fields for my villages” Pointing to the the backpack full of fish. “I also think yer need to look in a mirror” Slapping hee thigh she feels the ripple of her muscules.

[23:50] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ looks skyward hearing the slave girl speaking..didn’t anyone gag them? Sighing, she says whether she is talking to her or not. “Stop talking. Your voice sounds like a bosk farting.”

[23:52] puddles: Laughing she listens to the ramblings of the self imprisoned captives “Bosks? well at least i bathe and not wear their scent as the tree sluts do” waving her hand in front of her face fanning the scents from her naries.

[23:53] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ groans at how people like to use that lie as an insult. “I bathed an ahn ago. You have the most unimaginative insults imaginable. The truth is, I bathe more than you, so shut your trap and stop telling lies, daft slut.”

[23:55] puddles: Lokks at the tree slut “Then why is there a rancid smerll when the air blows from your cell?” laughing “Bring it on tree slut with the insults, i can take it”.

[23:55] Mouse: “GIrl you should stop smelling yourself, I doubt you can scent us all the way from over there” she says with a snicker. “And I doubt you can hunt anything bigger than an urt with that physique… Ive seen twigs thicker than your arms.”

[23:56] puddles: Flexing she just smiles!

[23:56] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ then turns on her side. “Just ignore the little princess.” Yelling it to Mouse.

[23:58] puddles: Ignoring the recycled insults she smiles politely “One day yew tree slut mmay get to see what a real bond is made of” Sitting back ion her heels she has a look of contenment watching the panther show.

[23:59] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ starts ignoring the little useless girl, she was out of insults apparently and maybe about to cry. She didn’t wish to make a little girl cry. So she tries to look under the kilt of the warrior staring at her. Yes her, not the girl.

[00:00] Mouse: “Its rather hard to ignore her, sister. I can feel her envy just crawling all over my skin.” she yells back at Tor before looking at the girl. “Well if you find this ‘real bond’ I would like to meet her and tell her that you are making a mockery of her proffession.”

[00:01] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ clears her slender throat and then shouts toward Mouse’s direction through the thick cell walls. “I just tune her out. She’s got nothing else in her life but insulting the prisoners that come through, I pity her really.” She smirks then, now so amused as it shows in her dark eyes. “Anyone would be envious of you, my sexy comrade.”

[00:04] puddles: Rolling her eyes, at ther incessant mindless babbling of the captives “envy, hardl, unless being caged and tortured is yer ideal life, since yew mindless sluts find it amauzing to attack a fully armed village, makes someone wonder, aye?” Packks up and walks away, suddenly n upset stomach .

[00:05] MouseMouse totally won that argument

[00:05] TᴏʀᴇɪɪTᴏʀᴇɪɪ raises her shoulders in lew of her arms since they are bound behind her. “Score one for my dear comrade!”