You shouldn’t splash in puddles.

Toreii and Mouse go to Rorus and meet a slave named Puddles. Here is what happened.

[23:41] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ groans and even though she is frightened by her circumstance, she is also bored and it completely shows as she rolls around the bottom of the cage. “So, uh, what are you staring at?” She asks the warrior near her.

[23:45] Mouse barely hears Tor…. mostly because she wasnt wearing her hat. “Why your well toned body, sister dear. Village slaves tend to get all squishy in places while we maintain our excellent physique through hunting and labor…”

[23:46] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ smirks then hearing the faint noise of Mouse’s voice and nods. She was vain. And she says back, voice raised. “That is true, from the one I saw she needed to move around a bit more! We can’t help we’re so much better looking!”

[23:49] puddles: Holding her mouth long enough “Treee slut and what makes yew think yew can outhunt oor out fish me? I work the fields for my villages” Pointing to the the backpack full of fish. “I also think yer need to look in a mirror” Slapping hee thigh she feels the ripple of her muscules.

[23:50] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ looks skyward hearing the slave girl speaking..didn’t anyone gag them? Sighing, she says whether she is talking to her or not. “Stop talking. Your voice sounds like a bosk farting.”

[23:52] puddles: Laughing she listens to the ramblings of the self imprisoned captives “Bosks? well at least i bathe and not wear their scent as the tree sluts do” waving her hand in front of her face fanning the scents from her naries.

[23:53] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ groans at how people like to use that lie as an insult. “I bathed an ahn ago. You have the most unimaginative insults imaginable. The truth is, I bathe more than you, so shut your trap and stop telling lies, daft slut.”

[23:55] puddles: Lokks at the tree slut “Then why is there a rancid smerll when the air blows from your cell?” laughing “Bring it on tree slut with the insults, i can take it”.

[23:55] Mouse: “GIrl you should stop smelling yourself, I doubt you can scent us all the way from over there” she says with a snicker. “And I doubt you can hunt anything bigger than an urt with that physique… Ive seen twigs thicker than your arms.”

[23:56] puddles: Flexing she just smiles!

[23:56] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ then turns on her side. “Just ignore the little princess.” Yelling it to Mouse.

[23:58] puddles: Ignoring the recycled insults she smiles politely “One day yew tree slut mmay get to see what a real bond is made of” Sitting back ion her heels she has a look of contenment watching the panther show.

[23:59] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ starts ignoring the little useless girl, she was out of insults apparently and maybe about to cry. She didn’t wish to make a little girl cry. So she tries to look under the kilt of the warrior staring at her. Yes her, not the girl.

[00:00] Mouse: “Its rather hard to ignore her, sister. I can feel her envy just crawling all over my skin.” she yells back at Tor before looking at the girl. “Well if you find this ‘real bond’ I would like to meet her and tell her that you are making a mockery of her proffession.”

[00:01] Tᴏʀᴇɪɪ clears her slender throat and then shouts toward Mouse’s direction through the thick cell walls. “I just tune her out. She’s got nothing else in her life but insulting the prisoners that come through, I pity her really.” She smirks then, now so amused as it shows in her dark eyes. “Anyone would be envious of you, my sexy comrade.”

[00:04] puddles: Rolling her eyes, at ther incessant mindless babbling of the captives “envy, hardl, unless being caged and tortured is yer ideal life, since yew mindless sluts find it amauzing to attack a fully armed village, makes someone wonder, aye?” Packks up and walks away, suddenly n upset stomach .

[00:05] MouseMouse totally won that argument

[00:05] TᴏʀᴇɪɪTᴏʀᴇɪɪ raises her shoulders in lew of her arms since they are bound behind her. “Score one for my dear comrade!”


~ by Arua Tribe on April 22, 2012.

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