Rebecka and the Merchant of Sais

Rebecka, Chytrine, and the head merchant of Sais:


[19:23] ChytrineChytrine pushes herself to her feet and marches off after her Mistress, her gait as graceful as a lopsided thalarion with a hernia. She stomps, her but bouncing around with the speed and agility of a rabbit on opiates as she hop skips to keep pace with the taller woman “Yes your worship!” she says in a syrupy sweet voice that reeked of summisive ooze and dark irony
[19:24] RicariRicari gave a wry grin to the Mistress, “Aye I am indeed Mistress, but slaves are such interesting font’s of information. May your day be ever interesting Mistress.” Watching Nox she chuckled softly, that was, well a interesting moment, not often the sleen offered up her toys to anyone. Probably wanted a fresh hand knowing her. Picking up the skull she tossed it from hand to hand, watching the two, oh that was so interesting..that pair, she could tell were more than what they seemed. Ahh well she’d miss all the fun, but what could be more fun than playing games with a beast who ripped apart people for kicks?

[19:27] Brogan Rhiadra: Tal, name and homestone
[19:28] Rebecka KohimeRebecka Kohime popped an eye at Chytrine. She unscrupulously drew a leather switch from the holster at her belt and swatted the broadly kneeling woman on the shoulder, “Miranda of Thentis.” she replied to Brogan’s request. Her tone was smug and her posture tall.
[19:29] Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra nodded, “I am Brogan, the warrior of the warriors, what can I do for you this day?” He leaned and peered through the gate scanning their faces
[19:30] ChytrineChytrine flicked her eyes up to the man behind the gate as she again settled herself into a wide-thighed stance. Her teeth bit back into a leer of a grin and her breast rose and fell in a steady rush. Her nose wrinkled in quiet contemplation as she stared at the thick walls and iron hatched gate. She didn’t speak. For the moment she was just content to be silent and still upon the splintery boards of the gate. Her face was dirty and fire burned in her eyes, she chewed her lip and glanced up to the woman who tugged her leash. She awaited her response, simply, glancing back and forth between the free, looking most poignantly bored.

[19:32] Rebecka Kohime blanched at Brogan’s boastful introduction. Despite her modest dress, Rebecka had the ego of a tatrix and wielded a switch with the hand of one. She holstered the beating implement and approached Brogan, “I’d like admission to the city. I’m returning from a long journey to the north, if you couldn’t tell.” She bared her palms, which were caked in a thin film of grime. She was blunt about it, at least. “And for my kajira.”
[19:34] Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra nodded as he looked at her hands and walked to the capstan and gave it a spin. He pulled hard and the counterbalances allowed the gate to lurch and break free, rising quickly to the top. He bellowed out, “Step lively, when she comes back down, she has been called the ass shaver.” He sucked on his teeth waiting watching her demeanor and making his snap judgment, as he always had and will.

[19:36] ChytrineChytrine heard the woman speak and she cut her eyes up towards the switch. That fucking thing. Her pale gaze glared balefully upon the swishy lash that did more to augment her frame with bruises and cuts than any travel could. Her own body was coated in a grimy layer, and she sniffed, wiping her nose upon the sleeve of the modified traveling kirtle she wore as she stared upon each figure. Denoting a flash of what was wither a mad, oversized canary or perhaps a rabid peacock she turned her face upwards and saw a slaver. Oh. Wonderful. She saw the gate fly open and rose in an economical movement, one that might be seen in a bond. Her stride was long, one of a person grown accustomed to travel, though as she sank again to her dirt stained knees the faintest traces of grace lingered behind the mask of economic movement. It was at the edges of her motions, highglighting her sensual frame with a decadent and rich undertone.

[19:38] Rebecka Kohime stifled the chuckle that threatened to escape her mouth. She held her breast as she entered the gate, her shoulders rigid as she side-stepped the iron protrusions as they came back down. Lowering her hand, she glanced knowingly at Chytrine. Brogan’s comment had triggered the aspect of her character she was trying to hide. Patting the switch as she looked at Chytrine, a glimpse of a devious smile could be seen on her face. “Aii.” she said curtly, resuming her charade as a civilized woman, “Where is your inn, warrior?”
[19:42] Brogan Rhiadra popped his lips and craned his neck, “There is a tea room, with a place for you to eat, and be served, or a gathering spot where the villagers settle in the evening, your choice.” He placed the palm of his hand under his chin and pressed his fingers across his cheeks, before dragging the hand downward. This ritual if noted by an observer, was a sigh the hand had worn him down. His face was now slightly wrinkled and his hair disheveled, each a beacon that the day had drug on for him. He looked to the corner of his eye while he awaited her retort, grimacing slightly as he thought he had heard the Ubar moving about. Life had taken a turn, the son of the Ubar, now was not a birth right, but a weight that he wore around his neck.\

[19:46] Rebecka Kohime cast a broad glance over Brogan’s shoulder as he mapped out the city. She must have found the banter rather tiresome — or she was in a hurry to leave his presence in general — because she strode past him with a hasty remark of, “That’ll be fine. We’ll find our way.” Her voice cracked slightly as she spoke, belying her anxiousness. Shit. She beckoned Chytrine with a flick of her wrist and began to move.

[19:47] Chytrine scratched at her thigh and used one long finger to pick some dirt off of her leg. She had caught the woman’s smile, and her own eyes flashed with amusement, an answering smile appearing in a ray of delicious sunshine for a moment before sinking back amid the clouds of her dark countenance. she tugged at the matted hair, her thick lashes curving over her cheek as she reflected for a moment. Her weight shifted slightly and the gaze hauled itself back up along the man’s frame. She regarded him neutrally, then flicked her study down to the slave. She felt her lip half curl, though somewhat neutrally. She rose at the woman’s bidding and began to move after her in that same strong stride, grimacing as her voice cracked. She reflected back on the slave as she walked, how clean she was. Boo made a mental note to go take a bath.

[19:51] Rebecka Kohime entered the quaint pavilion in the company of a scantily clad woman with parted knees. It was an awkward sight to behold, no doubt, but Rebecka held her ground. “Tal.” she said simply, carefully climbing into the receding pit where the gathering was being held. She vigilantly scanned the crowd; it was mostly women. She smiled eerily at that. Her trailing, rep dress was swept aside as she slid onto an empty couch. She’d watch and listen.

[19:53] Saryn TedeschiSaryn Tedeschi chuckles, “That’s Ta Wine, dee..”

[19:53] ChytrineChytrine marched up to the pavilion and let her ass smack down upon the stones with a meaty ‘thwock’ as she knelt with wide thighs and narrowed eyes. A half-sneered grin came to her face as she glances around to each before saying in a chillingly haunting voice “Hilsia and Hilsner….. Greetings” the last was said with a tone of disgust, as much as the previous words had been crooned. She stared around the circle again, her dark golden gaze obscured by lank and dirty hair that covered half of her face. She crawled forward, behind the woman and crouched. Even her crawl had hints of a subtle swagger that enticed the eye. She was bold indeed, but held a reserved anger and darkness that seemed to swirl overhead in a dark stormcloud of evershifting fire. Turbulance seemed to glance off her with every movement and she flicked her intense gaze to each face in turn

[19:54] DeeDee RabeniDeeDee Rabeni nods my head and smiles “Yes Master, Your usual coming right up!” Pushing my self to my feet and turning on the cold stones toward the kitchen.
[19:54] Nicholas Eel: chuckles
[19:54] Nicholas Eel: i am i guess an open scroll
[19:54] Celeste PixelmaidCeleste Pixelmaid looks over to the Mistress whom just sat down, inching closer to her as she pulled her knees together, “Mistress may i offer you something?”
[19:54] Nicholas Eel: .em chuckles

[19:57] Rebecka KohimeRebecka Kohime caught the ambient anger eroding from Chytrine’s form. As the crowd bantered amongst themselves, she cast an alarmed glance at her traveling partner. It was an attempt to chide the woman — maybe soothe her — out of her funk. Resentment doesn’t pay when you’re trying to remain inconspicuous. As another resident kajira spoke to her, she replied, “Aii. Kalana.”

[19:57] Ratty FoxtrotRatty Foxtrot flashes his eyes at Rainey. Then at the new arrivals. “Tal one and all.”

[19:58] Saryn TedeschiSaryn Tedeschi glances across the fire pit and smiles to the Lady in blue, “Tal, Lady,” she offers warmly, “I’m the Lady Saryn of the Merchants of the village…”
[19:58] Raine ArtfulRaine Artful looked over her shoulder and back at the newly arrived, shifting herself so her back would no longer be exposed to the Free.
[19:58] Celeste PixelmaidCeleste Pixelmaid nods, “Yes, Mistress. Chilled?”

[19:59] Rebecka Kohime groaned at Celeste’s follow-up query. She flailed a hand, as if wishing to rid herself of a pest, and replied, “Chilled. Nothing else. Chilled kalana.”

[19:59] Chytrine was just moody as always. Her eyes flicked back to the man and she jerked her chin up slightly, her eyes meeting his as he tossed them over. Pride lingered in the gesture. She moved grudgingly, placing her back to the stone wall and she looked disgustedly at the slaves nearby. She shifted on her knees and seemed to slack off, going into a doze.

[20:00] Saryn TedeschiSaryn Tedeschi’s smile widens.. “Well then, Welcome to our humble village, Lady Katniss…”

[20:00] Nicholas Eel: .me reaches to the her hands, touches her fingers and then takes the wine from her….. looks into it and swirls a bid, then slowly lifts to his lips and drinks .. allowing it to penetrate his body, lowers, looks at her once mor and then partakes again

At which point Chytrine’s dog defecates on her bed.
[20:00] Chytrine: ((brb, my dog just took a big ‘ol shite on my bed))
[20:00] RisingFirebirdRisingFirebird has left the region.
[20:00] Ratty Foxtrot: [[NICE]]]
[20:00] RisingFirebirdRisingFirebird has entered the region (126.46m).
[20:00] Celeste PixelmaidCeleste Pixelmaid sank back as she nodded slowly, rising from her knees to make her way to the tavern. “Yes, Mistress.” she whispered.
[20:00] Rebecka Kohime: ((Beat it with the fury of a thousand suns!))
[20:00] Christa Ashbourne: (ROFLMAO!!!!! 😀

[20:01] Nicholas EelNicholas Eel once again lowers the wine, “aww dee, this is just excellent girl, well done, yu picked an excellent vintage.. and the servrice as always was perfect.. you bring honor to your Master, again girl very well done.. (then drinksonce mre)
[20:01] Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra spoke directly to Miranda, “I see you found your way, and that the slave is tending your needs.” He still toyed with the knife as he watched the pair.
[20:02] Nicholas EelNicholas Eel savors the taste loving ta wine, thinks that it must indeed be atleast 5 years in storage
[20:02] Ratty FoxtrotRatty Foxtrot could see Brogans subtle movements, and his finger play upon his knife. “Something the matter, Brogan?”
[20:02] Nicholas Eel: dee open you mouht girl
[20:02] Nicholas Eel: mouth*
[20:02] DeeDee Rabeni: “Master, I am happy the wine pleases you so.” Watching as he drank it slowly.
[20:02] Jules JierdonJules Jierdon has left the region.
[20:03] Nicholas Eel: .me allows the slave take a drink of the excellent wine
[20:04] DeeDee RabeniDeeDee Rabeni glances over to my master and then back to Master Nick, opening my mouth slowly.
[20:04] Nicholas Eel: drink of it dee
[20:04] Nicholas Eel: and taste what you serve to me girl
[20:04] Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra calls out, “All is well my friend”
[20:05] Rebecka KohimeRebecka Kohime seemed to relax at Celeste’s departure. The attentions of a kajira weren’t her prime directive, so to speak. Relieved, she began to appraise each member of the gathering. The woman in a floral robe was particularly tempting. She found the paisley pattern to be quite appealing in comparison to her own garish, gray, belted sack. With a superficially charming smile, she cupped her chin in a hand and spoke to Saryn, “What a lovely dress. Are you nobility, lady?”

Ratty Foxtrot nods solemnly. “As your assurance.” he offers him a friendly smile.

Nicholas Eel: you willl see it is the drink of the Preist Kings
Raine Artful reached over for the nearby bottle of the chilled kalana wine and uncorked the bottle with her teeth once more, tipping it slightly on it’s side and dropped the cork from her mouth, letting it roll between her thighs, “More wine, Master?”

Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra slipped to the steps and sat back exhaling and then looking to the sky, he stretched and hear and felt the bones pop as he did

Nicholas Eel: honor to Brogs !!!!!!! you have done well dee girl! not a surprise to me, you may go back to his feet where you belong, keep honoring him, he is my friend.. now go back to him pretty slut, girl of my friend, slave of Gor

Saryn Tedeschi shifts slightly on the cushion and smooths her finger tips over her skirts, rearranging them just a bit.. A Lady can never be too careful… modesty is paramount

Rebecka Kohime gave a lively chortle at Saryn’s response. She made a mental note to pursue the woman further. Self-effacingly, she muttered, “Oh, I can’t tell, these days. You city women all have lovely taste. I am Rebecka. Yourself?”

Ratty Foxtrot grins at Nicholas. “I could preach about it, but Saryn might cut my tounge out”

Brogan Rhiadra nods to him, “Her service is immpecable, and she turned me plenty of coin when I was forced to run the tavern. You see, the Ubar was taken by the North, I paid a large sum to get him back, temwood ransom, and took a while to recoop our losses.” He turns his head, “Are the girls of the Talahari well versed in the furs?”

Celeste Pixelmaid returned to Mistress Rebecka’s side a warm smile on her face as she held a neatly polished goblet and the bottle of kalana. Gracefully she sank to her knees and set down the goblet, placing the chilled bottled between closed thighs so that she may work the cork off. Struggling with the cork a few moments, it finally tore free from the hefty bottle and she moved to tip it over the goblet to fill it. Recorking the bottle she set it aside and lifted the goblet carefully between slender fingers, offering it up to the woman. “Your kalana, Mistress. i hope it is pleasing to you.”

Ratty Foxtrot grins sheepishly at Saryn. Then turns to Brogan. “Oh, yes. If theyre not, theyre taught to, and if they cant learn, they learn how to work in harvesting salt.”

Brogan Rhiadra laughed, “Very well, that is no salt under the nails of that one at your side, she has been a pleasure slave and paga slut for a while, I asure you that one can stop a man, and with more than a look”

Rebecka Kohime adopted a beleaguered sort of frown as Celeste returned with her drink. She hid her annoyance as the woman performed the usual, excessive task of serving a beverage. She turned her gaze aside and took the goblet by the stem. She began to distance herself from the kneeling woman by inches, replying coldly, “Aii. Leave, kajira.” — Sheesh. It couldn’t have been a more abrasive way of thanking a woman.

Saryn Tedeschi: “Oh dee, yes… I have a definite taste for Kalana tonight,” she smiles widely, “I trust you recall which goblet I prefer as well; the golden chalice with the red stones set into it just below the brim.. I think it is on the high shelf, or it had better be or someone’s head will roll…”

Rebecka Kohime froze at Saryn’s description of her preferred vessel. Her neck began to creak towards the woman like she’d just climbed out of the crypt. A massive, malicious grin crept onto her features, and she furiously exclaimed, “Ah! Lady, lovely taste!” — At this point, Rebecka was examining her own goblet for the presence of jewels. No such luck.

iSaryn Tedeschi turns her attention back to the Lady Rebecca, “I am flattered, Lady… but, I do thank you for the compliment on my choice of garment…” she smiles warmly, “Tell me, what brings yo to our humble village tonight?”

Rebecka Kohime broke into a bout of obnoxiously nasal laughter. Nothing was funny. Nobody was laughing. She was just overcome by the pungent scent of -money-. Like metal drawn to a magnet, she began to hover towards Saryn. “I’m just seeking a bit of respite from the hectic life of a traveler.” she replied.

Saryn Tedeschi: “Ahh…” she smiles, “I, too, travel quite often.. In my line of work, it is expected.. Tho, always with escort..” she leans over to the Lady and whispers to her, “A Lady can never be too careful..”

Rebecka Kohime was more immersed in the conversation than any rational person should be. She craned her neck towards Saryn and muttered coyly, “Oh, I’d be more afraid of the escort than the road.” — That was a pretty telling statement. Whoops. Covering her tracks, she mumbled, “But a caravan is the best type of security you could find. A small one.”

Raine Artful parted her thighs even wider than she had been sitting for her Master’s pleasure, feeling the rape of his eyes over her and slowly her hand slid over the exposed curves, cupping her breast and pulling gently on her nipples to feel them harden beneath her own touch. Turning her gaze away from her own Master and towards the man at her side she leaned to him, lips brushing over his lobe and soft warm breath pouring down his neck whispering, “Master, would you like more wine…or anything else to please you?”

DeeDee Rabeni quickly retrives the Mistresses favorite goblet from its hiding place and then the bottle of her favorite wine. Tucking the bottle under my arm I head back to her side. Knowing that one goblet will not be enough.

DeeDee Rabeni I slip to my knees, placing the goblet beside me. Taking the bottle of her favorite Kalana, I sink my teeth into the cork and gently give it a tug. Slowly I pour the Ruby Red wine into the goblet, till it is almost full. Then placing the cork back and setting the bottle to the side just in case she would like more. I lift the goblet up to her on outstretched hand. “Mistress, your Kalana. I hope it is as pleasing as this girl wishes to be.”

Saryn Tedeschi nods to the Lady, “Indeed… tho I find the company of perhaps one or two Guards is usually sufficient.. besides, if I had to hire more than that, it would cut into my profits..” she chuckles…

Rebecka Kohime glanced at the approaching kajira and made way. Unconsciously, her hand shifted towards the bejeweled, gilded chalice like an automaton built from sheer greed. “Mhm-…” she hummed absentmindedly, “What do you sell, lady?”

Brogan Rhiadra raised a brow, “Yes friend, I think you have the slut heated”

Raine Artful grinned to herself and extended her tongue, drawing the man’s lobe between her lips and suckling gently upon it. Only he could hear the soft moans coming from her, her hand sliding over his thigh and curving inwards.

Ratty Foxtrot grins, but its intrrupted by yet another shiver. “I swear it was on accident…” He mutters confusedly. Only saying so out of humor.

Saryn TedeschiSaryn Tedeschi smiles as dee returns, slipping the goblet from the girl’s fingers and raising it to her lips.. she sips the potent red wine, savoring the delicate flavor.. she closes her eyes and allows the warmth to warm her throat and belly.. She regards the goblet and muses, “Pretty much anything I can lay my hands on…for a price, of course..” she takes another sip and lowers the goblet, holding the stem in her fingers.. “Well served, dee.. you are as precious to me as this wine is tonight…”

Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra laughed, “We are men of the Mighty Vosk, we have slaves that are trained, and please the Free.” He pauses, “Do not apologize for such, such is a compliment, the slave feels hear because of you, and such is only right. As I said, she is in your service, and extension of my hospitality

Brogan RhiadraBrogan Rhiadra laughed, “My father, the Ubar here would have the slut’s heat dancing upon his fingers and beating me for not doing so”

Ratty Foxtrot managed out a chuckle under Rainey’s assualt. “That said, shows just how different the Vosk and Tahari can be. Not that its wrong for me to attempt anything, but my father’d just as easily have me whipped for being so esily taken by a Kajira.”

Rebecka Kohime withheld a retch at the fondling and groping occurring just outside of her periphery. She gathered her wits — sparse as they were — and began to inspect Saryn’s body for a purse. It was likely concealed. “Lo-o-o-ovely.” she drawled “Might I see your wares tonight? I’d love to see what a respected merchant such as yourself sells. You’re obviously no two-timing peddler, lady.” Oh, the schmoozing! The unabashed obsequiousness!

Saryn Tedeschi glances over her shoulder, “Tal, Rif..”

Brogan Rhiadra narrowed his eyes, “Taken, well it is her that is under your control, the slave has no power, just to please, and do as told”

DeeDee Rabeni tucks the bottle of her special Kalana behind her cushion before I rise. “Yes Mistress. Happy to serve you as always”

RisingFirebird: nods”Tal Lady Saryn”

Raine Artful pulled back slightly from him, “Do you wish me to stop, Master?” she simply asked, beginning the slow pull away from him.

Saryn Tedeschi takes another sip of the wine, “Of course, Lady, I would be happy to show You what I have to offer… What is it you are looking for?”

Ratty Foxtrot ‘s bronze eyes sank beneath his eyelids for a moment. “Worng words friend. Enjoying this too much.” He paused.

DeeDee Rabeni quietly returns to my masters side, a smile on my face. “May I serve you in any way My Master?”

Brogan Rhiadra: “Then enjoy, she is at your disposal”

Rebecka Kohime subtly thumbed the hem of Saryn’s gown. Her smile sank into a frown, “Oh, nothing in particular. A pendant, I suppose. Something classy.”

Ratty Foxtrot manages to coherent himself. and turns and grins to Brogan. “Ive been away from the touch too long, its good to be back in sais.”

Ratty Foxtrot then turns to Rainey. “Dont even dare.”

Raine Artful was still waiting for the Master’s reply to her offer to stop. She smiled wide hearing his threat and shifted her knees to move closer to him, lifting her leg to straddle his lap and face him directly. Slowly her hands slid up the front of his stomach and chest, moving over his shoulders and encircling his neck, leaning forward again to resume the assault of tender hunger upon his ears.

Saryn Tedeschi considers her current inventory and taps her chin thoughtfully.. “A pendant? I may have one or two at present..”

Brogan Rhiadra: /m leaned to dee and then smiled, “Rub my shoudlers, I am tired and tense”

Rebecka Kohime focused on the ornate fabric of Saryn’s garment as she spoke. At the mention of a pendant on Saryn’s person, she lifted her chin with faux-surprise, “Oh? I’d love to see it.”

DeeDee Rabeni hearing his request I slide up behind his back and slowly massage his neck and shoulders. My fingers kneading the tight muscles. Slowly I work down his neck. First the left side then the right. Making sure all the knots were worked out.

Ratty Foxtrot shivered in delight as Rainey hoisted onto him and resumed her ‘attack.’ He grinned and began retaliating with reopeated, harmless bites over her shoudlers and neck.

Saryn Tedeschi: “I dont usually hold any type of jewelry for long.. I usually have a buyer already lined up before I even get a hold of fine jewelry, and, I only handle the finest gems and metals; necklaces made by the best craftsman along the Vosk..”

Brogan Rhiadra leaned back and then smiled exhaling and working with her as she pulled the stress from his day. He traced the brand on her thigh while she did

Rebecka Kohime took on a vividly red hue as Saryn elaborated on her stock, “I’m only interested in the best of quality, lady.” she said stolidly, “We need to discuss this in private.” She began to pat her purse indicatively. “I’m not comfortable discussing business amongst strangers. You would understand, lady.”

Raine Artful eyes fluttered back, laying her back in offering of her neck and giving herself freely to him, her fingers lightly playing with the hair at the nape of his neck and holding him closer to her. Slowly her hips pressed down into his, her bare heat pressing against him and moaned upwards, heart beating faster and subtly begging for more.

Saryn Tedeschi smiles, “This one here,” she lighlty touches the bauble hanging on a light gold chain around her neck, “is only a small part of my personal collection..” she grins to the Lady, “I do enjoy the finer things in life..” she lowers her hand and sips of the goblet once more..

Rebecka Kohime had begun to secretly admire the elegant merchant. Rebecka’s gregariously loud persona had faded into calm reserve. She appreciated the finer things, too. Saryn would understand her motives. It was a shame they hadn’t met earlier. Gently, she began to rise, “You’ve convinced me, lady. I demand to see the rest of this collection. If I cannot possess one of your items, I cannot show myself in public.” — It was partially sincere.

DeeDee Rabeni leaned into his back, my full breasts pressing into his bare flesh as my fingers worked his muscles over. Knowing just how hard he works, I pay extra attention to his shoulders. “Does that feel good My Master?” as I move back and forth from his left to his right.

Saryn Tedeschi nods to the Lady, “Of course.. I do understand your trepidation…” she finishes off the wine and sets the goblet on the stones next to her cushion.. “I will be pleased to show you, Lady..”

Ratty Foxtrot l;ets a breath of air escape just before Rainey presses her lips down. His arms grasp her firmly by the hips and he heaves heavily. He pulls away and lets down one firm, but gentle bit at the base of her neck.

Saryn Tedeschi: “My stall is out on the docks…it isn’t far…”

Rebecka Kohime had decided — with a bit of reluctance — to leave the goblet in favor of bigger, better possibilities. She gestured to Saryn, “Lead the way.”

Brogan Rhiadra nodded and made noises that were reminiscent of a urt getting run over by a cart, “Very good dee, better than ramberry and paga on cheese”

Saryn Tedeschi: “Commander, I will return shortly.. I have a bit of business to take care of..” she turns back to the Lady, “This way, please..”

Saryn Tedeschi reaches into the small leather pouch hanging from her belt and pulls out the small shiny key. She inserts it into the lock and gives it a half turn. She listens for the soft click of the tumbles being freed, and pushes open the door. She slips the key back into the small leather pouch.

Rebecka Kohime followed Saryn with a purposeful stride. Long, determined steps led her to a quaint outpost beside the dock. As Saryn opened the stately wooden door, Rebecka shuffled inside after her. She gaped at the selection of merchandise. This woman was more than she appeared to be. Still, the conspicuously silent building worried her. She suspected more security. Keeping up the facade of an eccentric traveler, she examined the wares with utmost interest, “Quality. Beautiful.” she exhaled her words like a litany, “To business. Your wares?” — With that, she unclasped her purse to reveal a bounty of tarn discs. This was getting weirder and weirder.

Saryn Tedeschi moves to the back counter and digs into the smal leather pouch once again, drawing forth another key.. she inserts it into the lock on the drawer and pulls the drawer out, revealing a locked box… again, she draws out yet another key, this one smaller still and inserts it into the box, unlocking it.. she places the key back in the leather pouch on her belt and lifts the lid.. she smiles, turning back to the Lady and holding up a pendant, much like the one she wears; the lighting reflecting brilliantly off of the fully faceted gem suspended by a thin golden chain… “Is this something like what you are looking for?”

Rebecka Kohime clutched her misleadingly modest purse in a hand. She brushed her opposite finger against the golden chain of the presented necklace. “Mhm.” she muttered, setting the purse on the counter. “I’d like to try it on. It needs to ‘go’ with mauve evening wear.” — Man, that felt awkward to say.

Saryn Tedeschi places the pendant back into it’s box and closes the lid.. she inserts the key back into the lock, turning it with a soft click. she shakes her head as she slides the box back into the drawer and locking it as well.. she slips the keys back into the safety of the pouch and tucks it carefully away, “This particular one is spoken for, Lady.. but, I can get an identical pendant from my supplier in two day’s time.. she runs her eyes over the Lady, noting her modestly drab garments… “That pendant will cost well over 5 gold, Lady… Are you certain you can afford such a thing?”
SnowTora: ponders Deciding too scar epeople in next stall looking arund grabbing a large sledge hamemr as he mvoes back windign up slams it into wall ahrd enough tooo shake it and echo out boom knowing he made sure not too dent the wall snickering evily

Rebecka Kohime voiced her disappointment with an offended sigh. She thrust the purse towards Saryn, “Lady — I haven’t been entirely honest with you.” she began, “Glance into the pocketbook, please.” Inside of it, lying amongst the silver and gold discs, was a forged seal. It was hardened wax, dripped carefully onto gilded parchment. Thentis. “I might be of privileged upbringing, but parading around disguised as a pauper can be quite amusing.” — As a sledgehammer ricocheted into the wall, she jumped, startled. Reflexively, a hand went to her belt, only to retract moments later, “What in the name of–…”

Saryn Tedeschi whirls about and scowls deeply, shaking her head… “Pay no mind, Lady.. now, where were we? Oh yes..” she glances into the pocketbook and lifts a brow, “Thentis? I was not aware you were from the great city of Thentis..”

Rebecka Kohime uttered a haughty chuckle. She was really getting into character. Leaning clandestinely over the counter, she whispered, “Nobody else should be, either. My father wouldn’t be pleased.”

Saryn Tedeschi: “Oh? Who is your Father, if I may inquire… I am quite well known in the city.. I do business with the Merchant there quite often..”

Rebecka Kohime restrained a grunt at Saryn’s insistent probing. Rebecka was a fastidious woman, but she hadn’t bothered to collect a name to go with the seal. She prodded the purse with a quirked brow. Challengingly, she replied, “My attempts to be secretive often fail. It’s a shame, really. I’ve been desperately trying to find a jeweler who isn’t compelled to brag about doing business with Thentis.” She sighed aloud, “I truly do like your wares, though-…”

Saryn Tedeschi smiles, “I’m glad you find them as appealing as I do. the jewelry I handle is difficult to come by.. but, as I always say, if there is a will, there is a way, don’t you agree?” she lowers her voice, “Not to worry, Lady, I wont even mention your visit here to any of Thentis, of this, you have my word…”

Rebecka Kohime returned a pained smile. The cogs in her cranium were spinning and whirring like a dynamo. Think, Rebecka. Think! She mentally reassured herself as she concocted a plan. Eventually, she spoke, “In this business, trust is as precious as gold. My father is a caterer in Thentis. He’s the host of most of the events in the city. McNamara; I’m sure you’ve met.” She beamed with false pride.

iSaryn Tedeschi cants her head slightly and furrows her brows.. after a moment she shakes her head, “No, I dont think I’ve had the pleasure, Lady..” she waves it off with a sweep of her fingers, “No matter.. I’m sure I will eventually..”

Rebecka Kohime deflated in relief. Literally. Her tense form shrank two sizes at that moment. “Of course.” She smiled congenially, “Back to business? I want to stun the crowd.”

Saryn Tedeschi nods, “As I said, I can have the pendant for you in two days time… It will be 5 gold and 30 silver to cover the cost of the item as well as my expenses in obtaining such a rare and beautiful item..”

Rebecka Kohime hid a grimace. She waved a hand in an attempt to appear unburdened, “A small sum for such a rare pendant. I would like it packaged extravagantly; a velvet case with gold foil would do nicely.” She lifted her chest from the counter and continued, “I’m quite pleased with it. I’d like to see your selection of bracelets, as well.”

Saryn Tedeschi twists her lips sideways, “I do not carry those particular items, Lady.. they are often mistaken for ‘slave cuffs’…” she regards the Lady once more, a Lady of high station would already know this and would never even consider such a thing.. she straightens and takes a step toward the door, fishing in her small purse for the key… “As I said, I will have the pendant here for you in two days time, if you still wish it..”

Rebecka Kohime was actually quite bewildered at Saryn’s correction. She chuckled wryly, shaking off the cold sweats that then overcame her, “Pardon me, lady? I’m purchasing them for my kajirus.” She laughed and willingly followed Saryn to the door. No brute force, tonight. “I’d like it delivered, if that’s alright. Send a carrier vulo to Thentis before delivery, and I will be happy to receive it.”

Saryn Tedeschi: “Ahh… well then, I would be happy to accomodate you with the bracelets.. I will have them packages separately with your pendant…for no additional cost,” she whispers in hushed words in case any other ears would be listening. she would not want it to get around that she gave away something for free..people would come to expect it then.. she nods, “I will send word to Thentis then by carrier vulo in two days then…” she smiles…

Rebecka Kohime was visibly thrilled with their agreement. She leaned back, a self-satisfied smirk on her features, and awaited Saryn’s unlocking of the door, “Our secret, esteemed merchant.” A hand lifted to retrieve her purse and jam it into her pocket. Should the vulo arrive, she’d be in paradise. “Lovely doing business with you.”

Saryn Tedeschi inclines her head, “And you, Lady..” she smiles and approaches the door, slipping the key into the lock once again.. she pushes the door open and awaits the exit of the Lady…

Rebecka Kohime turned with a flourish of her skirt and departed. Her grin widened. This would work out quite nicely. “Be well, lady.”


~ by Arua Tribe on April 22, 2012.

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