Paga Boarding

Our camp was attacked by a rag-tag band of men from various groups. It ended being a little too much for the band and we were felled. Vodka, Crow, and Verna found themselves at the clutches of various captors in away places.

To make a long story short Vodka got free, Crow was returned, but Verna remained in the Unknown camp in the hands of Vittiro Abruzzo. Arua came in to rescue Verna and were successful in their attack on the Unk. They took home Verna’s captor as a little prize. Here is what transpired. 


[00:12] Vittorio Abruzzo barks a small, short laugh.. as his bottoms begin to be removed.. biting back a sharp reply as she moves off, seeing no sense in poking the kur with a stick at this point, bound as he is…
[00:12] Isha Maus (isha.fireguard) goes look for dream, shes been wanting to pnch those cute nips ever sine she got here.
[00:12] Vexing Jinx tapped her chin, considering for a long moment. Looking to her daughter, she tilted her head to her and cleared her throat. “This one fancies himself a man, yes? Well..let’s test the boast. To the tavern for a bit of the drink! If he can outdrink us all, he walks..if he cannot, his ass is booty…every pun intended”
[00:13] Vexing Jinx reaching down, she gathered the lead, setting off to bring him right along
[00:13] Arua Gate opened by Vexing Jinx
[00:14] Vittorio Abruzzo: “This seems a common test for you all… I wonder what the catch would be…” He sighs as he is drug through the wet earth, staining his attractive new outfit rather regrettably…
[00:14] Phaniar (phaniar): replies boringly…i a here not to fight and you wont get it so it will be wise not dwell upon anything youu cant have
[00:14] A flock of Vulos is startled by your presence and scatters, the noise they make alerting everyone on the island.
[00:16] Verna (zamira.avora) looks about for something to put on, pursing her lips a moment
[00:17] Verna (zamira.avora) walking over and snatching up one of the furs to wrap around her body and ties it off wtih a wrinkle of her nose..Well this will just have to do
[00:17] Vexing Jinx strained the last few feet, lugging his carcass to a halt before the barrels of mead recently “acquired”. She dropped the lead, wiping her face on her forearm and rubbed her hands free of the cramps that were plaguing them thanks to the ropes. She smirked a bit, rolling her shoulders to alleviate the ache and stepped clear, striding over to gather mugs for he civilized folk.
[00:18] Vittorio Abruzzo glances about the inn… “Ye know, ye could have just cut me feet free and saved yourself some hassle, oi? No need tae be hauling my large arse about wit such a small frame” He
[00:19] Verna (zamira.avora) growls and hauls back kicking him again..Shut up you fool
[00:19] Vodka Clarity unsheathed one of her skinning knifes from her belt and slid the blade into the seal of the barrel. With a sudden kick it came undone and revealed the contents within – paga. Vodka would look to Verna momentarily and offer her up a grave nod before taking his arm with the assistance of her mother, Vexing. Together they drove him against the barrel and attempted to push his face into the surface. “Let us play a game – an imaginary game of bobbing for larma. I’ll tell you what – you have an option… you can drink or drown.” She remarked. He continued to hold him inside the barrel, weight baring down so he would be forced to remain doubled over. To add a little dramatic effect she would bring her edge to the back of his neck.
[00:20] Vittorio Abruzzo releases a small grunt.. air blowing from hsi lungs with the unexpected kick.. “I think she is still a bit sore… ” He chuckles softly at his double entendre..
[00:26] Vodka Clarity returned and dusted her hands off and signed.

[00:27] Verna (zamira.avora): Welcome back Vodka..nodding a touch as she gave his throat just a bit of her weight before pulling it off
[00:27] Magnus Hood (jaymie.drammond) is Online
[00:28] Pinto Schnyder is Offline
[00:30] Vodka Clarity came back and surveyed the scene. “Where was I?” She asked before reaching down to grab his bindings. “Join me comrades.” She beckoned and together they panthers would attempt to hoist up the warrior and board him into barrel of paga. Once more with the application of her knife and the continuous pressure of her sisters did they work to double him over and force his face into the surface. “Drink you bastard.”
[00:31] Vexing Jinx dropped low, linking her arm through the decidedly meatier shoulder of his, using her legs to lift a she staggered under his weight, assisting Vodka with initiating the man into the wonders of the bottom of the barrel…the secrets swimming there holding the keys to both life …and death. She dropped her elbow into the back of his head, gently encouraging his face to break the surface..and his pride
[00:32] Verna (zamira.avora) grumbles a bit but helps shoving him up and bent over the barrel, looking around…We can alway prop him up with a broom stick..she suggested with a laugh
[00:32] Vittorio Abruzzo: “I was not adressing you, actually but the redhead here.. your kef marks you as a slave, without manumission papers I have little use for your opinion.. ” He grumbles irritably as he is “Womanhandled” and arches his back trying to stay shallow in the barrel.. setting himself against their effortts as well he may in his condition.. sucking down the Paga before she so much as bids it, in an attempt to lower the barrel enough to allow him a stolen breath
[00:34] Vodka Clarity lifted his head momentarily and drew back her fist. She would suddenly unleash a single violent punch directly aimed at his eye socket before shoving his face back down into the paga. It seemed that the Se was taking out her aggression from a long day of fighting.
[00:34] Isha Maus (isha.fireguard): “Yae know, thars an easy way tae remove brands… All we need are some ropes, another barrel o’ paga, an’ a knife… An’ maybe a physician after…” she says as she watches the male guzzle paga down like a champ…. with a black eye
[00:35] Verna (zamira.avora) looks over then down at the brand…War wound..she flings a hand up..Not worried about it…but turns a bit and bows her arm and jabs him just above the kidneys
[00:38] Vittorio Abruzzo can do little to fight the happening,,.. seeign the punch coming, and landing .. feeling fortunatye that it was indeed, only a woman to land the blow though even it still smarted against his sensitive eye.. He goes back to drinking the paga, a moment before simply holding his breath as a wave of nausea at the fast pace of the bitter drink makes his tomach rebel… his back his closely shorn hair slippign from her fingers as he raises his head up long enough to steal another large gulp of air..
[00:41] Vexing Jinx didn’t even grace his comment about ginger haired anythings, just focused on bracing herself better, and planting her hand on the back of his head as he lifted his head. Her low chuckle, silk and honey, laced with a dark and delighted pleasure in his struggles. She makes a “tsking” sound, wrinkling her nose at the same time. “You make me,” thumped his head again, “violent, poppet…more drinking, less thinking”
[00:43] Verna (zamira.avora) laughs as she heard his head was thumped on the barrel, pushing her self on to his ass harder as she leans on him but still managing to hold him some…We really should get a broom to prop him up with..HOnestly it work he has a hole to stick it in and all..nods
[00:43] Vodka Clarity would lift his head by gripping at either side of his temples and yank his head back. “Are you enjoyin’ yourself?” She inquired before shoving his face right back down. She would only let him catch a few fleeting breaths each time she drew him up only to force him below the amber-hued surface. “Maybe we should brand you. You seem to have a fondness for our arrows.”
[00:44] Vittorio Abruzzo cannot fight the downward descent of his head.. sucking in a deep breath.. the reaking smell of strong paga already filling his senses and making his stomach recoil.. he struggles bhlowing bubbles under the thick amber fluid before going limp.. and hanging over the edge of the barrel…
[00:46] Verna (zamira.avora) rolls my eyes looking at him…Yeah and he dares to call me week…grumbles …I lasted longer than that stepping back hoping his ass would hit the stones full force
[00:47] Vexing Jinx felt her heart lurch as her daughter spoke of brandings. She couldn’t hardly be more proud of the other woman, not in this life or any other. She turned as the man went limp, as they all did, catching Verna’s eye. “Branding, Arua? If he’s obsessed with yours, let’s give him one of his own?”
[00:47] Vodka Clarity grabbed his torso and yanked it back over the edge into the floor. She looked up at her sisters before maneuvering behind the barrel, planting her back against a neighboring pile, and kicking it over. A suddenly flood of amber spilled over the floor mercilessly drenching everything in sight. She would settle into the task of removing the other end and fastening her ropes to form some sort of shoulder holster.
[00:48] Vodka Clarity blinked at Vexing once but remained silent as grabbed his shoulder and began to attempt to drag him into the barrel. She would pause before the mouth, remove a knife, and begin to hack away at his top. She would have to disrobe him before redressing him.
[00:48] Verna (zamira.avora) hops up and down all giddy like as she watches Vodka shaking her head, walking over to pick up a knife and walks back crouching over him cutting away at his pants
[00:50] Vittorio Abruzzo grins a moment before lashing out with his bound legs, aiming at Verna’s feet, only a moment before trying to roll his bound weight into Vodka, while she is occupied and burdened witht he barrel… his going limp a possum’s trick that hapened to work… remarkably enough…
[00:52] Vexing Jinx took that answer as a no and sighed. She stood back as the pair fashioned their new dressing and sucked on her teeth, bummed that she wasn’t going to have a chance to burn this one, it was sort of her thing, an eager thing she appreciated. And she moved quickly, snapping her frying pan from her back and lurching forward, aiming for his head with a sick thunk, the motherly urge to protect her offspring coming into play and adding a healthy amount of OOMPH and speed to the action
[00:52] Verna (zamira.avora) falls back with a growl at his kick still clutching the knife, pouching up in his roll to land on his chest the knife going to his throat..Move again and Ill gut you like fish
[00:52] Vodka Clarity nearly toppled over as he rolled into her, catching her weight on the barrel with a thud.
[00:55] Vittorio Abruzzo is mid way through his triumphant “Haha!” When the large, cast-iron pan blots out the light in the room like an eclipse… the gong-like sound of it revebrating against his skull the last thing he hears … flahses of color alighting behind his eyes before even those fade away… his lsat conscious thought is that perhaps attacking so soon was ill advised..
[00:57] Verna (zamira.avora) pokes him a bit with her knife not to cut him just to make sure his ass was out cold, nodding a bit she sat down on his lap sort of hard with a sigh…Now we can brand him if you want..Not like will know till its too late..wiggles her brows as she bounce a bit on hislap
[00:58] Vodka Clarity huffed after she regained her balance and proceeded to settle into the task of cutting away his clothing. She worked her sharp skinning knife through the leather of his tunic and down the length of his leather pantaloons. She continued to shred and shred until he was fully exposed and she could pull the rags out from under him. “It is a shame he has never traded for Aruan leather. We make the best.”
[01:03] Vittorio Abruzzo drools just a little… his paga swollen nasal passages and constriocted throat drawing a long snore from hsi breathing… obviously out quite cold…
[01:04] Vodka Clarity grabbed Vittiro’s binding and began to slide his torso through the barrel. She looking to Vexing and Verna for help in this as he was obviously quite heavy.
[01:05] Verna (zamira.avora) sits back down on his lap after his clothes where cut away, hearing him snoring was very amusing indeed ..looking down..This is about as close as you will ever get to my parts again snoreing man..taps him on the face before lifting up and helping them slide the barrel on to him
[01:07] Vexing Jinx resettled her frying pan and shook off her residual disappointment. She moved forward and helped get him into the barrel, rolling and tugging, shoving and “helping”
[01:09] Vodka Clarity leaned down and began to roll his body outside. It was a much easier way of travel.
[01:11] Vittorio Abruzzo wakes to the rolling,… the blow to his head, and the paga and now rolling making his stomach heave and roll like a galleon at stormy sea… he quickly leans his head over expelling some of the paga forced down him earlier in a hot stream of bile..
[01:11] Vodka Clarity would dump his prone unconscious form with the tavern drunks, resting his head in the sailor’s lap. She would reach out and pet him on the head, “Thank you, Captain Mushinflogger.” She would reached into her backpack and offer him a coin. “Watch this one for us, aye?”
[01:13] Verna (zamira.avora) wrinkles my nose up to his spewing of vomit as he was rolled , covering my mouth a touch as I just watch what was going on
[01:13] Vexing Jinx sighed for the final time, avoiding the spew he’d sent forth in favour of drawing the Arua tribal shape on the back of his calf. “It’s a pity…It would have worked so well”
[01:14] Vittorio Abruzzo peers around groggily,… simply making a mental list of insults and faces… his pale bleu eyes squinted witht he rining pound of a blooming headache …

Vittorio, Arua, and the drunks of Last Post Inn

Kudos Vittorio for always being a good sport. We love you.


~ by Arua Tribe on April 13, 2012.

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