Urt’s Quest (For Mead)

Isha in disguise.

[09:59] Suzi Recreant furrowed her brows. She was doing a lot of that lately. “Well Sir, I cannot say I have seen him so far this day, but if you come at the invitaiton of the Polemarkos, I certianly am not the one to deny him… or you. If you would come to the side gate? I’ll let you in as fast as I can manage…”
[09:59] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant sees a new person arrive. “Tal Stranger…”
[10:00] Isha MausIsha Maus clears her throat while the pair speak, stepping up to the gate to announce herself, “Tal… I am Cecil from teh village of Voh… I wish to Trade for a few barrels of mead.”
[10:01] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant looked the person over and the black clothing did much to concern her. “excuse me, trqader, but you wear the colors of the shadow caste. Are you a killer?”
[10:03] Isha MausIsha Maus looks down at herself, then back up at the woman, shaking her head. “Im a simple innkeeper. My clothes are simply what I can trade for… fancy garbs are hard to come by so far up north… I usually trade in Rorus, but my supplier has…. met a rather horrible fate… Im looking for another, and good mead is hard to come by down south.”
[10:04] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant nods. “I would see your face, please. With your garments, you could be masked. And I am unsure of what to do with outlaws at our gates.”
[10:06] Derty DeedDerty Deed makes the remark simply stated, “For someone with little mean, who could you poissible afford a sea voyage that would take you past the Navies of Kar, Tyros and finally the Cosian Navy, just for a few barrels of ale?”
[10:07] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant leans forward and she felt a wave of relief. She just LOVED it when rarii got involved.
[10:08] Isha MausIsha Maus nods and removes her veil. showing off her pretty freckled face. She was reluctant to pull back the hood, not knowing if taht verr wool wig would fool anyone, so she keep it up just enough. “I must say i’ve never really been mistaken for an outlaw before…” she says ebfore looking to the male. “Believe me, the men of torvald will travel many pasangs for a good horn of mead.”
[10:10] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant looked to the woman, now that the garments muffling her voice were removed and she could actually understand the woman’s words, and more to the point, hear her voice. She was greatly relieved. “LAdy trader, it is not necessary to wear a veil in Temos if you are of low caste. But no one will deny you if you wish to wear one. But again, be prepared, for many will question your garments. But I will allow you entry. Please move to the side gate with the rarius.”
[10:13] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant then turned and sorta waddled over to the side gate.
[10:13] Isha MausIsha Maus nods. “Also, perhaps some directions to your trader.” she said as she moved
[10:13] Derty Deed: “So you are telling me you, just some lowly innkeeper who cannot even afford a decent dress, traveled nearly 800 pasangs, an expensive sea journey, just so the men of the North could have some ale from Temos?”
[10:15] Isha MausIsha Maus nods. “Why is it you think I cannot afford a decent dress? All my coin goes to boatfare, mead, and upkeep… Would you fancy to know how many long tables I have had to purchase these last 30 days?”
[10:17] Derty Deed: “If you were wearing the colors of Caste, accompanied by a Merchant trader, escorted by a Man of your village or any other indication that you are nothing more than a outlaw beggar and or thief, I might be inclined to believe you, but frankly, I do not need believe anything other than my own eyes, and I say you are one or all of the aforementioned.”
[10:22] Isha MausIsha Maus sighs heavily. “Listen, warrior. I have one good dress, and I use it when im in my inn. As you can see by my well worn travel clothes, the journey to find supplies is a harsh one, and I would rather not risk the one single dress I wear to be presentable when trading. I have traveled a long way, through cold and rough seas, I have brought coin which will gladly show you should you ask, and I am growing weary of having to run around trying to find mead, now if you wish to pay for my boatfare to yer another part of Gor so I can trade there, Then I will gladly leave, if not, then I wish to go about and give my well earned coined to the citizens of this city for three barrels of their finest mead… Any more queries or may I go about my business?” she says before pulling our a pouch and shaking it… and it jingled.
[10:23] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant cleared her throat.
[10:23] Suzi Recreant: Sir? rarius? I shall be in trouble for holding the gate open much longer.”
[10:25] Derty DeedDerty Deed steps over and leans casually against the pike, feeling its deep grain yeah smooth finish, he rubs his hand up and down it a few times, then regards the visitor, “You see this fine piece of wood? You will notice there are no roots, no branches and it seems to be ‘planted’ right here in stone, quite remarkable I would say, except for the fact that it was pounded deep in the ground, the the blocks set around it and mortared in, just for the sole purpose of making a nice target for me to throw outlaws, beggars and thieves off the wall onto it. Now I suggest you spend what little coin you have left to go find a supplier of ale closer to home.”
[10:25] Derty Deed: “Shut it.”
[10:26] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant blinked. Her jaw flapped openand closed a few times… “Ah.. ah.. b.. but sir…I thought she was a merchant and wished trade?”
[10:26] Isha MausIsha Maus huffed and pranced thru the gate, clearly annoyed at the interrogation when all she wanted was three barrels of mead… “Warriors…” she said as she walks near the gate, the males threats ignored. “Hospitality is not your strong suit. warrior. leave that to the women.”
[10:27] Derty DeedDerty Deed retrives his shield from his back slips his arm through then quickly draws his gladius and stands ready to fight
[10:27] Derty DeedDerty Deed sheaths his melee weapons and draws his bow, quickly slipping an arrow from his quiver and notches back ready to fire
[10:27] maddleine: looks around seing the bread
[10:27] OddOdd blinks hearing blades being draw and battle
[10:28] Suzi Recreant shouts: Help! Help!
[10:29] The kennel alarmThe kennel alarm sounds loudly in warning! There is a threat to the lands!
[10:29] The alarm bellThe alarm bell sounds loudly in warning! There is a threat to the lands!
[10:29] Derty DeedDerty Deed reaches down and runs his hands over and though her garments, searching for hidden weapons, finding nothing of significance, he tears off several strips of cloth and kicks her legs together
[10:30] Derty DeedDerty Deed then rolling her on her front side, wrenches her hands behind her back and takes the cloth and wraps several times, finishing in a simple knot
[10:31] Derty DeedDerty Deed wrestles with her boots and pulls them off leaving them aside and takes another strip of cloth and lashes several times around her ankles and finishes in another knot
[10:31] KhelKhel walked along Odd and followed him . looking about at what the commotion is all about
[10:32] Khel: Tal Rarius . what seems to be the problem here ?
[10:32] OddOdd gives a nod as he walks up. “canna ye be telling man , what in hades of lokis balls be going on?”
[10:33] Derty DeedDerty Deed looks over and regards the men, “I am Deed, invited here by Scott the Polmarkus, this beggar, or thief not sure which conned her way inside the gate and I was let in, pushed me aside and began to venture into the city.”
[10:33] KhelKhel nodded to the Rarius “well met Deed . and i am a friend of Scott myself . welcome to Temos. and if i understand right she sneaked in ?”
[10:34] Derty Deed: “Says she traveled 500 pasangs from Rorus to buy three barrels of ale for an Inn in Torvald or some place, who knows, sounded like bunk to me.”
[10:34] KhelKhel looked to the woman that was now bound and said “i am known as Khel ”
[10:34] KhelKhel his gaze returning to the Rarius as he said his name
[10:34] Derty Deed: “Well the Lady of Temos was letting me in, I told her to shut the gate and before she could this one slipped in and took off.”
[10:34] OddOdd looked back to Khel and shook his head. “Be out me hands. Na’ being of ye city. Just visiting. So I hav’ ta let ye settle this.” backing up but still standing near to watch..
[10:35] Isha MausIsha Maus groans as she comes to. “Tal… ” she said before piping up. “The side gate… was opened for me… I did not sneak in… this man attacked me unlawfully… and I came here to trade… if this is how travelrs are treated, tehn by all means this city shant be getting good supplies….”
[10:36] KhelKhel looked to Odd and nodded “Thank you fellow Torvie ” turned to look back at Deed “you have done well and a service to our home . you have my thanks for stopping her ”
[10:36] Derty Deed: “Simply drag her back up front, the woman there will attest to what I just described.”
[10:37] OddOdd nods slightly agreeing. “Aye, Guessing the lady can be testify to her entrance..bu’ No way be grabing me balls to witness other then the fight.”
[10:37] Isha MausIsha Maus groans and smacks her head on the ground. “Three barrels… all I wanted was three barrels of ale… you folk could have been a few silvers richer but nooooooo… attack a trader you did… You have my word your coffers will run dry once the merchants hear of this travesty.”
[10:37] KhelKhel chuckled hearing Odd’s words
[10:37] Derty Deed: “Oh did I mention she arrived, hooded and masked?”
[10:37] KhelKhel frowned hearing about the hood and mask
[10:38] Khel: what merchant travels as a thief
[10:38] OddOdd mutters..”Be going ta see of that bell. Be even bothering me ears..” chuckling and steping back turns to go find the ringing.
[10:38] Draco: is everything under control
[10:38] Draco DimanovicDraco Dimanovic steadies the hilt and replaces the blade at His hip
[10:38] Isha Maus: “A merchant taht would like to keep her hair dry… and it was a veil! which I kindly removed for the lady!”
[10:38] Derty Deed: “This is the City of Temos, the Isle of Cos, I hardly think the likes of some obscure village that most likely reaks of Kur dung is going to ‘break the bank’ of one of the wealthiest cities in Gor”
[10:38] KhelKhel stepped closer to the woman and pushed his knee into her back “what brings you here and the truth now ”
[10:39] Derty DeedDerty Deed uses his boot and a swift kick to roll her over and show, she hardly looks like a ‘Merchant’
[10:39] ~The Old Forge~ Travellers Cloak – Hood down: The resize scripts have ben removed from this item, it can no longer be resized.
[10:40] Isha Maus: “Three barrels of ale…. if you look near my leg, I have a pouch… open it and inside there are two silver and ten copper… that would be what I brought for trade… ”
[10:40] Derty DeedDerty Deed looks to the man and nods, “Thief”
[10:41] The kennel alarmThe kennel alarm’s toll silences. The threat is over.
[10:41] The alarm bellThe alarm bell’s toll silences. The threat is over.
[10:41] KhelKhel quirked a brow hearing the woman “who comes down to Temos . for ale when we are renowned for our wine ?”
[10:43] Isha MausIsha Maus oofs loud. “Yes a grand day to you warrior!” she says as she tries to curl up in pain. “And what sort of thirfs comes unarmed!!” she shouted back… “I have not traveled this far, and I came to know of this place know for its ‘beverage’ from one of my friends… I need not your finest wine, just simple good mead… I would have gotten some from Fina… but… last time I tried the men near tore down my inn…”
[10:43] Khel: so now its mead and not ale ? why do i feel your version changes as you keep talking woman ?
[10:44] Khel: you do know their is a brand for liars and notched ears for thieves right ?
[10:46] OddOdd waves a hand. “Bell be dead and now ye Lady for witness. Be two bird one catapult rock!”
[10:47] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant ambles up slowly and carefully, holding onto the side of the building. Her gait is becoming harder to manage with her swollen belly. She looked on as she arrived.
[10:47] Derty DeedDerty Deed looks up to the man, ‘Just offhand what would be the price of three barrels of ‘ale, mead or wine’, wouldn’t that run at least a silver, leaving her one silver and a few copper to venture all the way back across the Thassa, up the Vosk, across and back up to Torvald? I hardly think she would have enough, even without the purchase of any goods.”
[10:48] KhelKhel looked up at the Rarius and nodded “that would be correct . how did she intend to pay for such ?”
[10:48] Isha MausIsha Maus nods to the warrior who left. “Have ye tried speaking clearly after being pummeled by man twice your size?” she says as she looks to the other man and sighs. “Fine, pull of my hood, check my ears, rub my neck, whatever it takes to get my cursed three barrels or at least get something that was worth traveling all this way for! All I came here for was three.. barrels.. OF MEAD! I did not expect fo a male to criticize my clothes which were mad for long cold sea travels, or to get arrows plunged into my sides simply by walking through a gate which one of your women held open for me, let alone by a warrior, who, as I heard, was simply invited here… now please, pleaaaaase by the Prieast kings can one of you outstanding warriors please unbind me, elad me to the master trader, watch the transaction, and perhaps ear a few eaxtra coppers by carrying it to the docks so I can get back to my inn!?”
[10:49] ?î?î?î?î seeing the Mistress laboring in Her gait, she looks to her Jarl and quietly asks, “my Jarl, may i please kneel near the Mistress so that she may lean on me if needs be?”
[10:49] Derty DeedDerty Deed looks once again to the Man in front of him, “Ever hear a Torvie pray to Priest Kings?”
[10:50] OddOdd starts to lift a hand. Knowing he was about to spew just way too many words for this moment and calmly slaps a ahnd over his mouth to stop himself but was saved by the question of his girl. “Oh, Aye ..aye. Be her post if she needs. Least that or crutch. She loo’in she needs be in bed more then on those feet.”
[10:50] Derty Deed: “Even the mention of Priest Kings in the North most likely would result in great harm or even death, to a Torvie they do not even exist.”
[10:50] Isha Maus: “have you ever traded with angry merchants? its a common phrase, perhaps you;d like to come with me so you can learn it….”
[10:50] KhelKhel rubs at his temple and shook his head looking at Deed “nay i havent ” his eyes moved to the other that assembled about and nodded to them “well we shall see what a night in jail and stripped of all brings to her . and after that ill have the Magistrate deal with her ”
[10:50] ?î?î: thank You, my Jarl.
[10:50] ?î?î?î?î moves to Suzi’s left should She need to lean on her for support.
[10:51] Isha MausIsha Maus grunts, holding back a scream and just simply laying her head on the ground… “Three barrels… all this greif… for three barrels… why… whyyyyyy… ” she just said in resignation.
[10:51] Tassy OhmaiTassy Ohmai happily munching her sandwich she wandered towards where she had see people going, curiosity geting the better of her she settled off to the back of the crowd leaning on the wall and simply watching what was going on.
[10:52] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant smiles behind her veils. She first looks to ehr right and gives the man a soft nod. “You are very generous, sir. We should be showing you Temos hospitality, not the other way around. ” and the she took some small advantage of dimi’s presence to help steady herself on her feet.
[10:52] Derty DeedDerty Deed steps aside to allow the citizen to take charge of the captive, “She’s all your’s do as you wish, of course I showed her the pike out front just a moment before she came busting in, so I hope to stick around long enough to see how my aim is, just as I told Scott I would be doing..”
[10:53] maddleine: number 7 kajira looks aside to Mistress as she leans on the wall..
[10:53] asma: greetings my Master
[10:53] SmileySmiley walks to the gathering .Tal Free
[10:53] KhelKhel reached down taking a grabd of the bindings around the woman and pulled her up to her feet “thank you all for your help this day ”
[10:53] ?î?î?î?î kept her tongue behind her teeth, thinking that her greetings were not needed at this moment.
[10:53] maddleine: sees kajira asma moving and turning back sees her Master showing on
[10:54] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant looks to the rarius and the captive. She didn;t know what happened other than they entered by her leave adn then weapons started flying. “Rarius, you know you were given my full leave to enter, and I shall of course report that. As was the woman. If you found something amiss of her, then you have acted in defense of the city, which shall not be forgotten. I shall make a report of this to the Polemarkos.”
[10:54] maddleine: greetings Master
[10:54] Derty Deed: “Ahh, Tal Smiley, I told you I would return, caught what seems to be a thief, or at least a really bad liar, how are you?”
[10:54] OddOdd chuckles and looks back hearing the voice. “Aye, Tal and Helsia. ” then blinks at old habits of greetings but moved aside to alow room to pass as needed.
[10:54] SmileySmiley nods looking at him.. i am well Deed
[10:54] Smiley: is all secure now ?
[10:55] Sira Ember is online.
[10:55] Tassy OhmaiTassy Ohmai hearing smiley’s voice she would glance to her side and drew the sandwich from her lips long enough to say’ Tal there’ her gaze eyeing him over as had became usual the past couple of days.
[10:55] Derty Deed: “Aye, no worries, they are going to jail her, and send the matter to the Magistrate.”
[10:56] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant turned and let loose a huge sigh of relief. Finally a rarius was here!
[10:56] Smiley: So tell me Deed are you joining Temos or just helping us keep the Thiefs out
[10:57] ?î?î?î?î looked at the faces gathered, some familiar to her, some not. she remained vigilant at the Mistress’ side as she had been instructed to do.
[10:57] asmaasma smiles at the Master who scared her to death “greetings Master….. nice to meet you, but a bit overwhelming”she laughs
[10:57] Derty Deed: “Well…. kinda, ‘complicated’ as I am interested in a particular Head merchant in Thentis, however I am finding Thentis a bit less ‘Thentis’ than I would like.”
[10:57] Isha MausIsha Maus broods mightily. “Thief indeed… Fine hospitality you have… I’ll make sure the merchants know how fine upstanding citizens you lot are… Perhaps they ll come by the drove to your gates to trade… or you just might find your docks bereft of new goods for the following months… ”
[10:58] SmileySmiley looks around who is charged with theft then ?
[10:58] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant looks tot he captive and her ire flares. “Lady! How dare you speak of that to me! I did nothing but grant you entry!”
[10:58] KhelKhel pushed the woman ahead as he held her by the bindings “Tal Smiley . im going to toss this one in jail and have her stripped . are you fine with this ?”
[10:59] Smiley: No i am not.. bring her to jail please Khel.. stripping is ordered by the Magistrate. not the citizens
[10:59] Derty DeedDerty Deed gives the thief on the ground one last swift kick to the ribs, “Temos has all the merchant trade it needs, right here on Cos, we hardly need to sell a few barrels of booze to keep our doors open, now shut up, before I take you out of here myself and show you that pike, up close and personal.”
[10:59] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant shifts about and tries to drag dimi around so she can see what is developing.
[10:59] KhelKhel shrugged “fine if you want her to keep all her items and what might be hidden in her clothes ; its your call ”
[11:00] Tassy OhmaiTassy Ohmai’s cloudy gaze turned to look the visiting man over a bit she smirked adn stuffed the sandwich back into her mouth eating as fast as she could as her attention drawn to khel she waggled a brow at him and mumbles” put her in the on eon teh left’ she nods firmly having taken liking to the one where she coudl see the library.
[11:00] SmileySmiley looks again.. lets see Khel come with me to the jails please
[11:00] Suzi RecreantSuzi Recreant clears her throat. “Sirs, she should be searched for weaponry and such…”
[11:00] ?î?î?î?î feels the Lady press the back of her head as though wanting her to shift. she pivots on her knees, turning to face the goings on.
[11:00] Isha MausIsha Maus chuckles. “If you handles the hospitality instead of these fine men, perhaps this matter could have been avoided… now then, to this jail, fine warriors. the sooner this matter is settle, the sooner I can get my three barrels and the sooner I can spread the word about this upstanding city and its treatment of those who delve in commerce.”
[11:01] Smiley: Tal Crus
[11:02] KhelKhel pushes her along , opening the doors to the jails and then opening one of the cells , he pushes her inside and grabs at her shoulders landing her on her rump . he nods and walks out of the cell , closing it loudly behind him and making sure the door and lock are secured
[11:05] SmileySmiley looks at Khel.. thank you brother for youre help.. its a privilage to have you with us
[11:05] Khel: its nothing Brother . only doing as any man would for his home
[11:06] Isha Maus: “Would have been nice if I had the use of my limbs… what, you think I carry lockpicks as well? If I did then I most certainly would have tools to get out of these binds….. but I dont… because I dont have an.
[11:06] SmileySmiley turns to her.. so will anyone tell me what happend ?
[11:08] Khel: well i was in the tower and the woman in blue that i dont know the name was shouting for help . and i saw one of the visitors Odd . come to her and he explained a Rarius had taken down a woman . so i went with him to see the Rarius you saw Deed . had taken down and bound that one . she apparently sneaked into the city . although she claims she is her for trade of ale . then mead and gods known what . she came with very few silvers if you count on the travel fees and the goods she expected to “buy”
[11:09] SmileySmiley nods well i will speak to this Deed then
[11:10] SmileySmiley steps inside as he closes the cell behind him.. walking to the woman as he rolls her over taking the dagger to cut true her bindings
[11:10] (GM)Bindings: Innersmile Amsterdam starts to unbind Isha Fireguard
[11:11] Khel: ill be outside Smiley if you need me just call for me
[11:11] SmileySmiley slides the dagger between the bindings of her enkles looking at them
[11:11] (GM)Bindings: Innersmile Amsterdam finishes unbinding Isha Fireguard, allowing them to stand free.
[11:11] (GM)Bindings: Isha Fireguard was bound for 0 hour and 39 min.
[11:11] Smiley: C ould you get this deed for me Khel ?
[11:11] Khel: aye of course
[11:11] Isha MausIsha Maus huffs and rolls onto her side. “Im tired, ive been at sea for too long and I do not wish to be criticized for my expenses even though I can very much fit all that in on what remaining coin I have…” she says as she gets unbound. “Ahh… thank you… at least some of the men here have some inkling of manners.”
[11:12] SmileySmiley slides true the bindings of her wrists then helping the Lady to her feed
[11:12] Smiley: *feet
[11:12] Isha MausIsha Maus nods. “My thanks, warrior. While I have you, would you mind telling me where the trading post is so I can head to it once this matter is all cleared?”
[11:13] SmileySmiley looks at her as his eyes narrow.. dont mistake my kindness for that of a fool Lady.. now tell me youre Name and Homestone
[11:13] Isha MausIsha Maus purses her lips and puts her hands on her hips. “Cecil of Voh… Owner of the Sneaky Larl Inn near the edges of the forest of Arua.”
[11:14] Khel: i brought Deed Smiley
[11:14] SmileySmiley frowns well i have never heard of this Cecil
[11:14] Smiley: Ah thank you Khel
[11:14] Isha Maus: “Have you ever ben to Voh?”
[11:14] Smiley: Deed can you tell me why you downed and tied this Woman ?
[11:14] KhelKhel slaps the Rarius on the shoulder “thank you for your help ”
[11:15] Derty Deed: “Indeed, let me begin…”
[11:17] Derty Deed: “I arrived at the gate just before the ‘suspect’, made myself known to the Lady with the long red hair, and that I came to see Scott, she was going to open the side gate for me when this one, hooded, masked appeared. I was supicious of her manner of dress, where she claimed to be from and purpose for being here, non of which made sense. At that time the Lady had opened the side gate, I gave this person fair warning, I considered her to be either a beggar, thief or outlaw as she was not accompanies by a Merchant Trader, a Fee Man nor was she displaying caste colors indicitive of a Inn Keeper as claimed.”
[11:19] SmileySmiley nods listening to his words as he keeps a close eye on the “Lady”infront of him
[11:20] Derty Deed: “At such time, I stepped through the gate and told the woman to shut it, at that time this person came bustling through, made a remark to me about leaving hospitality to woman and took off into the city, I followed, stopped, she turned and looked at me, then approached in what i felt could be a act of hostility, as she was not checked for weapons, at that time, I drew and engaged, resulting in her downing, she was bound and handed to a citizen.”
[11:20] Isha MausIsha Maus kept quiet, idly checking her garb for rips and tears, missing paraphernalia, waiting for herself to be mentioned before speaking her mind.
[11:21] SmileySmiley shrugs so she entert the city without permission then ?
[11:21] Derty Deed: “I had permission, the gate was opened for me, she did not, and pushed her way past before it was shut.”
[11:22] Derty Deed: “And in most cities, that is grounds for impalment.”
[11:22] Isha MausIsha Maus was still checking her garb, grunting every time she found a hole that wasnt supposed to be there.
[11:22] SmileySmiley turns to the Lady.. what do you have to say for yourself ?
[11:23] Isha MausIsha Maus turns to the warrior inside with her in the cell. “I hope you dont mind it terribly if I took off my cloak.”
[11:23] SmileySmiley nods to the Warrior.. indeed entering without permission is punishable with impalement by Temos Law
[11:24] Smiley: Show yourself Lady indeed
[11:28] SmileySmiley turns to the Warrior thank you for youre help again Sir.. there are better things for you to do then stand here i am sure
[11:29] Isha MausIsha Maus nods and starts to undo her cloak and hood while speaking. “I came to the gate, announced myself as the warrior stepped to the side waiting for the gate to open, now as I made my introduction and intent to trade, I galdly took off my veil to show the lady in blue my face, after which she did invite me through the side gate. Now as she opened it, This fine warrior chose to interrogate me some more, but ofcourse it would be rude of me to enter before him because he was first invited. So when he did enter, I followed behind him. I had permission to enter and simply went back to ask the lady where the trader is. Before I knew it I was being pluged with arrows and woke up bound… I do not know what politics goes behinds these walls, but I would have expected, as a trader, to have been given the benefit of the doubt before being bradned as a thief… for as you can see….” she lets her hood and cloak drop, revealing her travel dress “I have no weapons, no notches, no mark of any sort, and here would be my <c>
[11:30] Isha Maus: <c> pouch of coin. I have not set foot in your lands, I carry no ill intent, All I want is to trade for three barrels of mead to serve to the patron of my inn… Ive traveled far down the coast, and I have yet to find one to suit my patrons tastes, and am hoping this city would be the one to end my travel, and perhaps establish permanent trade with.”
[11:33] Smiley: Sighs well i have to ask the magistrate not sure about this
[11:33] Derty DeedDerty Deed dropping one more remark to Smiley before going, “Might have a look at those coins, their mine could have a determining factor as to her intent, besides, she doesn’t claim to have enough to even make it home much less buy three barrels of ‘mead’, which for the most part is not even available in this region of Gor.”
[11:33] Derty Deed: *mint
[11:33] Smiley: Yeah this is not over Deed.. i will speak to him first
[11:34] Announcer Bell shouts: Zonieman Resident A visitor is at the gate…….
[11:34] Isha MausIsha Maus huffs, takes her cloak, and goes lay down on the floor, covering herself with her cloak and grumbling.
[11:36] Derty DeedDerty Deed grins…. I don’t like ‘Torvies, much less their women, your mouth landed you in here, the rest, of course is ‘circumstantial at best’, enjoy your ‘short stay’, I’ll be around to throw you off the wall on that pretty ‘tree’ out front.”
[11:36] Derty DeedDerty Deed kicks at the door, “Hey Smiley!”
[11:58] Crus: I have some things to tend to…i know you have work to do on your up coming dancings..see to that while I am gone
[11:58] jazzy: yes Master
[12:09] Announcer Bell shouts: semjonow Resident A visitor is at the gate…….
[12:10] Temos Main Gate shouts: semjonow Resident knocks loudly at the door ?
[12:11] Temos Residential Gate shouts: semjonow Resident knocks loudly at the door ?
[12:24] Syd Cicerone: entering the jail…she sees someone laying on the floor “Tal thar…be ye asleep then?” she asks and waits to see if there is a response
[12:26] Cynthia Athens is offline.
[12:26] Isha MausIsha Maus stirs, hiding a yawnd before sitting upm pushing her cloak aside, stretching her arms, and finally standing up. “Well if this is to clear up this false charge against me, i;d stay up all day.”
[12:27] Syd CiceroneSyd Cicerone chuckles at her spunk…”I be Lady Syd…Magistrate of Temos…I be told yer charged with theft within our city walls…perhaps ye would care ta tell me yer thoughts on this…umm….well..I nay know yer name…”
[12:28] Syd CiceroneSyd Cicerone takes in the woman’s appearence…young..attractive..garbed wtih a horn, arm band of items…heavy boots…”hmmmm”
[12:29] Isha MausIsha Maus bows. “Lady Syd, I am Cecil from the village of Voh. Now as for theft, I highly doubt I could STEAL anything from your fair city since I was bowed down before I could even ask where the trade master is… I come unarmed, bearing only the simplest of items for my travel, dressed in clothes that could weather the elements… I come here for trade, plain and simple.”
[12:30] Syd CiceroneSyd Cicerone nods…”Well Met Cecil…’ave ye eaten yet this day?” she asks cordially
[12:32] Isha MausIsha Maus shakes her head. “Not yet, but I can weather a few more Ahns. I just simply wish to leave this city even without trade, for now I am worrying about my Inn… The last time I left it for twice as long as I have now, I came back to see my roof burned to cinders….”
[12:33] Syd Cicerone: “Well Cecil…I do be understanding tha…but wha I fail ta know is wha were it tha ye be doing ta confuse our guards ta tha point of detaining ye…Why don’t ye tell me from tha begining of ye stepping off tha ship…”
[12:37] Syd CiceroneSyd Cicerone watches the demeanor of the woman as she speaks…
[12:39] Isha MausIsha Maus huffs and streatches her arms. “Fine… SO as I arrive, A male was in front of me gaining entry from a woman in a blue dress. His name was Deed, I think. Now He was allowed in. I politely stated my intent, And the woman in blue gave me permission as well, I even removed my veil so she could gaze at my face. Now the warrior started to criticize my garb, telling me I looked suspicious. The lady had already been keeping the side gate open for a while so I simply plcated the warriors questions an waited for him to enter… Little did I know that he could remove my invitation after I have so politely asked for it simply because I sported dark garbs… I entered with the thought that my invitation held but was then beaten down by the man… and so here I am…
[12:40] Syd CiceroneSyd Cicerone perks a brow….”ye mentioned ye were hoping ta trade some items?”
[12:43] Isha MausIsha Maus nods. “Whatever my silvers can afford… I’ve traveled far, and my coin is becoming sparse. This was to be my last stop before I headed back to my Inn for I cannot afford to travel any farther…. Three… three barrels of mead… Your guards corrected me saying that this city was renowned for its wine, but Im still hopeful to gain some sort drink to pacify the men of the north till I can afford to venture again.”
[12:44] Syd Cicerone: “So it were tha ye wished ta BUY items…nay trade barrels of mead ye be ‘aving ta us?”
[12:46] Isha MausIsha Maus chuckled. “Buy, Trade, Lets settle for… exchange… I wish to exchange what little coin I have left for three barrel of mead or whatever beverage can get my patron singing vulos”
[12:47] Syd CiceroneSyd Cicerone nods and shakes her head…”Aye Cecil…” and fuming inside over the misunderstanding “I will return momentarily…please excuse me”
[12:59] The alarm bellThe alarm bell sounds loudly in warning! There is a threat to the lands!
[12:59] The gate alarmThe gate alarm sounds loudly in warning! There is a threat to the lands!
[12:59] The kennel alarmThe kennel alarm sounds loudly in warning! There is a threat to the lands!
[13:00] Smiley shouts: to Arms
[13:01] Syd Cicerone shouts: Lady Kaleigh…girls….this way…follow me
[13:03] The gate alarmThe gate alarm’s toll silences. The threat is over.
[13:03] The kennel alarmThe kennel alarm’s toll silences. The threat is over.
[13:03] The alarm bellThe alarm bell’s toll silences. The threat is over.
[13:13] Natsuki260Natsuki260 looked to the woman and froze. “What are you doing here mistress?” She asked the woman in the cell.
[13:13] Syd Cicerone: “By!!! seems I be needing ta clarify with tha lady who granted ye enterance…she happen ta tell ye her name?” she asks Cecil in an exasperated voice…
[13:14] Syd Cicerone: lowering her gaze to the slave…whom she knew was a former Panther….
[13:14] Syd Cicerone: “ye know this woman girl?”
[13:14] Natsuki260: “I do. She helped hide me from Kur when I had lost my memories.” She would say softly to the mistress.
[13:15] Syd CiceroneSyd Cicerone nods “and whar was tha at girl? In a city…or in tha wood?”
[13:16] Natsuki260: “It was at Ironhall mistress.” She would reply softly. “Surely you can tell she is of the north. Just look at her clothes.” She smiled.
[13:16] Syd Cicerone: glaring down at the beast “Nay be telling me wha ta think beast..less ye wish it ta be as ye swing from yer toes!!”
[13:17] Natsuki260Natsuki260 looked to the floor and said “Yes mistress.” before going silent.
[13:18] Isha MausIsha Maus was busy sewing her cloak when she was asked, smiling as she put away her items and standing up. If she was going to answer questions, she was going to answer them prim and proper. “Dhe didnt give me ehr name at the gatem but when they gathered around me I heard one warrior call her Suzi… You must forgive me, being pummeled on the head and made a pin cushion of makes details a tad hard to remember….”
[13:18] Syd CiceroneSyd Cicerone takes a bit of pity on the girl she once knew as a free woman…”tha woman here has nay eaten this day…go fetch her something basic…”
[13:18] SmileySmiley puts his hands to his mouth Slaver you there ?
[13:19] Natsuki260: “At once mistress.” She smiled. She then got up and darted off to the bakery so she could eat.
[13:20] Syd Cicerone: “Aye…well tha name of Suzi be quite well indeed…” she says…and then with a sigh “I ‘ave sent tha slave ta fetch ye something ta eat…I must first speak with Lady Suzi afore I can decide ta release ye or nay…much hinges on her recount of tha events…”
[13:21] Zia (ziame) is online.
[13:21] Natsuki260Natsuki260 returned with a goblet of water and a plate with a small piece of cooked bosk meat, ramberries, and a sa-tarna roll. She then slipped the plate into the cell and carefully did the same with the goblet, taking extra care to not spill.
[13:21] Syd Cicerone: then seeing the girl return…”girl…make tha woman as comfortable as possible, sans letting her out or giving her items ta injure herself or others….do ye understand?”
[13:22] Natsuki260Natsuki260 nodded to the mistress. “I understand completely.” she said.
[13:23] Isha MausIsha Maus lets out a heavy sigh and nods. “Not much I can do then except wait and fret over my inn… I’d be lucky if theres still beams to build a new one upon when I return… I do thank you for your time in deciding my case, You seem a fair and just lady.”
[13:23] Syd Cicerone: looking back to the woman Cecil “I will return shortly…I do believe this were a misunderstanding…and ye will be freed shortly”
[13:24] Natsuki260Natsuki260 would stay with the woman and smile while she waited for her to eat.
[13:24] Syd CiceroneSyd Cicerone nods and heads out to find Suzi
[13:27] Isha MausIsha Maus looked around and sat down on the floor yet again, pulling the plate and goblet close to her and digging in… she still didnt get this bread thing… but it sure tasted nice… “So… Tell me bond…” yay Torvy speak. “… is every trader who passes through those gates required to looke like a painted Vulo?”
[13:29] Natsuki260Natsuki260 would smile and say “Not all of them. Just know that a lot of the northerners seem to have a few things for the citizens of this village. If it’s not women such as yourself seeking to fur the men, it’s northern men chasing the free women of this village mistress.” She said kindly.
[13:31] Isha MausIsha Maus sighs. “All this grief for three measly barrels of mead…” she says as she continues ot eat, taking a sip from her cup before looking at the slave again. “Dance, bond… This cell does little to entertain me.”
[13:32] Natsuki260Natsuki260 would look to the mistress oddly. “An interesting request, but as you wish mistress.” She then got up and began to dance as music played in her head, causing the world surrounding her to vanish.
[13:34] Isha MausIsha Maus clapped a rythm for her to dance with… She learns things from men, and she knew they did this when a female dances… She knew, they all did when she was dancing on front of the Rorus gates. “You dance well bond. Your owner must enjoy furring such a lithe body.”
[13:36] Natsuki260Natsuki260 would giggle and say “Girl is owned by a mistress.” as she continued to dance in her own little world.
[13:37] lata Kips: cani please have my clothes back Master
[13:37] SmileySmiley opens the door to the cell as he draggs the girl inside locking the door behind her
[13:38] Natsuki260: “Greetings master.” She would purr softly as she looked to Smiley and the girl.
[13:38] SmileySmiley holds the belt in his hand aswell as the small peace of fabric as he leaves her there naked.. No you can not
[13:39] Isha MausIsha Maus laughed heartily… not her usual behaviour, but no one was going to freak out at her behavior anyway… no one knew her in this city, so all was good. “Aha, more guests… Ye might wanna put something to sit on in these cells… Then again atleast this dinnae weave like a rolling ship…”
[13:39] SmileySmiley looks at the dancing slut as he raises his hand hitting her right in the mouth
[13:40] Natsuki260Natsuki260 would spin around and then stop dancing. She then kneeled down and waited for the master to speak.
[13:41] SmileySmiley turns to her.. did you loose youre mind ? was the sun to warm for you slut.. i dare you to dance like this in front of me again
[13:41] BlagBlag cries “Guard! To the tea room!”
[13:42] Natsuki260Natsuki260 would watch the master run off. “Only Temos.” She sighed.
[13:42] Isha Maus: “They surely do love their tea….”
[13:43] Natsuki260: “Yeah… I add ramberry juice to my serves.” She would say calmly. She then looked to the woman and said “Once they let you go and you get to the docks, you’ll find a sack full of supplies. Put them to good use.” She smiled.
[13:44] Natsuki260: “It’s hidden by the building, in the back corner.” She said.
[13:44] Isha MausIsha Maus perks a brow at the slave. “Well first I have to get past these walls….”
[13:45] Natsuki260Natsuki260 smiled to her and said “That’ll be easy.”
[13:46] Natsuki260Natsuki260 dives out of the way to keep from getting run over.
[13:46] SmileySmiley walks to the cell as he opens the door pushing the Lady inside. as he locks the door behind her
[13:46] Tassy OhmaiTassy Ohmai waglgles her hand at hte first cell on teh right as they passed it saying’ Oh i like that one, lovely veiw of the scribe”
[13:47] Isha Maus: “Tal, oh watchful warrior. Enjoy your tea?”
[13:47] Blag: “Acting like a slut! It fair makes me go hot and cold.” He peers through the bars. “Should we leave her with clothes on, you think? She was complaining of the heat.””
[13:47] Smiley: Allright he says.. fullhouse.. i will handle this in order of arival he chuckles
[13:48] Tassy OhmaiTassy Ohmai tuts as she was put in the back one and wanders to teh window a moment looking around and smirks” ooo the builder building even better.” she then turned back hearing the door lock and wanders back to the pressed to the bars saying in a sort of whine” Awe don’t leave me alone in here”
[13:48] BlagBlag looks at the scruffy woman in the other cell and then to Tassy. “Don’t blame me if you get crabs from the she-urt,” he says.
[13:49] Blag: Be well, Smiley.
[13:50] Tassy OhmaiTassy Ohmai follwoed blag along the cells bars reaching out after him” no don’t leave’ she then looked back to smiley seeing blag leave out hte door. she eyes over smily and licks her lips” You will do.” her brows wagglign at him once agian
[13:50] Isha MausIsha Maus leers at the man. “Im an Innk-… bah… My throat is getting sore from all this shouting… “Bond, more drink” she says as she waves the empty goblet .
[13:50] Natsuki260: “Yes mistress.” She says. She then took the goblet and darted out of the room.
[13:51] SmileySmiley turns to the Lady.. do you remember who let you inside the side gate?
[13:52] Natsuki260Natsuki260 returns with a smile on her face and a goblet of chilled water in her hands. “Girl hopes you enjoy this water mistress.” She smiled happily.
[13:54] Isha Maus: “Suzi…” she repeats what she told the magistrate. “Its the name the blue garbed woman responded to.” she says as she takes the goblet, then nods at the girl. “Aye, itll do.” She takes a good long swig, letting out an ‘aaaah’ before looking at the warrior. “Why not have this slut bring your drink as well? All the running around you do must be tiring work.”
[13:54] SmileySmiley turns to the girl.. slut go find me the Lady Syd or Crus
[13:55] Natsuki260: “Yes master.” She said. She then got up and went upstairs to see if the magistrate was there.
[13:55] Tassy OhmaiTassy Ohmai turned her form around and pressed her assend to the bars, rubbing with a muffled groan she scratched her ass agaasnt the metal vigerously.
[13:56] Natsuki260: “Greetings master. The scarlet down stairs sent me.” She said softly.
[13:56] jazzy: he still might be napping
[13:57] Natsuki260Natsuki260 would curse under her breath with a sigh. She then got up and went to find lady syd.
[13:57] Natsuki260: “Safe paths kajira!” She smiled as she left the room.
[13:57] jazzy: serve with fire kajira
[13:57] Syd Cicerone: “By!!! I leave fer a moment and we’ve a full house!”
[13:58] SmileySmiley smiles aye indeed Lady.. would you tell me what to do with this prisoners ?
[13:58] Natsuki260: “Greetings master and mistress’s.” She said softly.
[13:58] Syd Cicerone: glancing over to the bond in the cell…”oh…ye ‘ave jailed tha bond?”
[13:59] Smiley: That would be our own Lady Tassy.. who decided to walk around in a camisk it seems
[13:59] Smiley: but lets start with the other one
[13:59] Isha MausIsha Maus perks her eyebrow at the girl a cell over. “And they say I have crabs… ” she mutters before glancing at lady Syd. “Well met, lady. Has justice found the truth or will I return to an inn of cinders… provided I do get to return to it…”
[14:00] Syd CiceroneSyd Cicerone gasps looking at her “But….” and then in a low voice…”oh Lady…” and she shakes her head sadly….
[14:00] Tassy OhmaiTassy Ohmai grunts and stops scratchign her ass on the bars turning to look back over at smiley she protests” its a tunic thank you” and smoothed her hands over the brief tunic sh eusally wore in the privacy of her own quarters yet smiled at him with that goofy almost lusty grin.
[14:00] Smiley: Now the Warrior.. who is not of Temos .. claims this one did not have permission to enter.. and she says she had.. i dont see what other crime is committed
[14:01] Syd Cicerone: turning her attention to Smiley…”Well it be tha I can nay find Lady Suzi ta confirm or deny Deed or Cecil here…” she says gesturing towards the woman in the cell…”It be a misunderstanding I be thinking…seems Cecil here wanted ta purchase some of our wine or paga….”
[14:02] Smiley: why is she still in jail then Syd?
[14:02] Natsuki260Natsuki260 would remain silent as the free spoke.
[14:03] Syd CiceroneSyd Cicerone sighs..”I ‘ave nay idea meself…so I would like her released…so then she may go about her business of purchasing some goods….though I think it prudent ta ‘ave someone stay with her…so…ummm…thar nay be anymore confusions…”
[14:03] Syd Cicerone: “perhaps this slave girl here…”
[14:04] SmileySmiley nods very well then..
[14:04] Natsuki260: “Yes mistress.” she smiled. “Girl is capable of doing such a task.”
[14:04] Isha MausIsha Maus sighs heavily. “Lady Syd… This is the first time I have set foot in your fair city… I have not, in my travels seen a more well administrated community. Now I do apologize if I broke a law, but you must understand, I have no intimate knowledge of your legislation. If it had slipped my mind, I do apologize, but I must return to my inn. It is my life… if I find it in ruins, then I will return ehre and throw myself off your walls onto the shaft outside…
[14:04] Syd Cicerone: gesturing to the slave “girl come here”
[14:05] SmileySmiley signals her.. come out please Lady
[14:05] Natsuki260: “Yes mistress?” She asked softly.
[14:05] Isha MausIsha Maus strings ehr coat around herself
[14:06] SmileySmiley shakes his head as he turns back to his chair.. looking at the woman around him
[14:06] Syd Cicerone: leaning down she whispers “nay get close enough fer her ta leash ye…follow her everywhere…and if she does anything out of tha ordinary run swiftly ta tha first guard…if she be fine, then be hospitable and serve her well…understand?”
[14:07] Natsuki260: “Perfectly.” She mouthed to the mistress. She then went to the jailed womans service with a smile.
[14:07] Syd Cicerone: patted the girl on the head and turned to Cecil….
[14:07] Tassy OhmaiTassy Ohmai tilted her head to eye smiley’s rump as he walked close to her door to open the other one. she licked at her lips and says warmly” handsome, not the brightest at times but sure yumy” she wiggled her nose and rump a bit and pressed into the bars as he returned to the seat once agian
[14:08] Syd Cicerone: “Cecil…I do regret tha fact tha yer first time in our city found ye in our cells…but I do hope tha justice were served….please..’ave tha slave give ye a sample of our fine beverages on me own account…and then if ye decide ta still purchase one…we will be sure thar nay be any issue with tha…”
[14:09] Natsuki260: “Please mistress. Let us get your mead and have you on your way.” She smiled to the woman in black.
[14:11] Isha MausIsha Maus nods. “Im am glad that ye found me… well…not entirely innocent, but atleast trusted enough to go about my business… I promise ye, Lady Syd, should my Inn still be standing upon my return, I care not what weather I have to bear, but I shall return ehre to purchase more of your goods… and perhaps dress in a better manner… the warrior was generous enough to provide me plenty of holes in my outfit…” she says. “Come bond. To the Trader”
[14:12] Syd CiceroneSyd Cicerone nods to the woman…”Be safe Cecil”
[14:12] Natsuki260: “Yes mistress.” She smiled. She then followed the woman.
[14:12] Isha Maus: “To ye as well, Syd”
[14:12] Isha MausIsha Maus walks on out with the slave in temporary tow
[14:12] Smiley: Be well Lady he waves to her offering a small smile..
[14:12] Object: You don’t have the key of this Kool Basic door
[14:13] Cushion scarlet/gold 3: Hi Isha Fireguard! Touch me for Menu. Say /1a to Adjust.
[14:13] Natsuki260: “Three barrels of mead. Correct?” She asked softly. She then watched her sit down. “Would mistress care for refreshment or food?”
[14:14] Gitana Antonio-Perez (izanami.zuta) is online.
[14:15] Isha Maus: “Some more of those Sa-Tarna, bond… and yes, three barrels… have them loaded onto the boat. I’ll just rest here… been a while since me rear met a nice soft cushion…”
[14:15] Natsuki260: “Yes mistress. Would you care for some bosk milk or ramberry juice as well mistress?” She asked.
[14:16] Announcer Bell shouts: Tyack Nexen A visitor is at the gate…….
[14:18] Isha Maus: “Ramberry….” she says as she yawns and wiggles her tush on this here cushion. “Tell me when the barrels are loaded, I shall give Lady Syd my thanks and sail off before I have no inn to return to.”
[14:18] Natsuki260: “At once mistress.” She smiled.
[14:19] Natsuki260Natsuki260 would find a plate and pile on the Sa-tarna rolls for the mistress. She then wiped out a goblet and filled it to the brim with ram berry juice.
[14:19] Announcer Bell shouts: Tyack Nexen A visitor is at the gate…….
[14:20] Natsuki260Natsuki260 returned with a plate holding a mount everest of sa-tarna rolls. She then set it onto the table before the mistress. Once she was done with that, she raised the goblet in offering and smiled saying “I hope mistress finds this ram berry juice pleasing.”
[14:20] Aednes: Tal, Free. I am Aednes.
[14:21] Natsuki260: “Greetings master.” She said softly as she waited for the mistress to take the ram berry juice.
[14:21] AednesAednes forces lubina into the nadu position.
[14:21] Lubina: Tal Mistress, Tal Kajira.
[14:21] Isha MausIsha Maus takes the juice and takes a swig, catching herself mid swallow, and coughing a bit when she was greeted. “Tal..” she says as she beats her chest and lets out one huge cough. “Gahh.. pardon, you surprised me… Well met, I am Cecil of Voh… Im just ehre waiting for the mead to be loaded onto the boat.”
[14:22] Natsuki260Natsuki260 runs off to ensure the mead is loaded onto the boat per the mistress’s orders.
[14:22] Aednes: “I am a travelling merchant as well.
[14:23] Tai (taien.foulon) is offline.
[14:23] Isha Maus: “Ahh fancy… Were you also pegged for a thief and thrown in a cell for several ahns before they let you go about your business?” she asks as she takes a sa-tarna roll, eating it heartily.
[14:24] Aednes: “It’s been discussed on several different occasions, yes.” Laughs heartily.
[14:25] Natsuki260Natsuki260 returned to her side. “Mistress. The boat has been loaded and is awaiting your arrival.” She smiled to her, moving a little closer than she probably should have. It was the usual down fall of a cuddle bug.
[14:27] Isha MausIsha Maus chuckles at his response. “Im sure its just a misunderstanding… I should invest in new traveling clothes…” she says as she looks down at her all black garb… yepp… she looked like a ninja… she llooks to the bond and nods. “Good bond.. now take me to Lady Syd. I must bid her farewell.” she says as she puts her hand on the girls head, rubbing it a bit before standing up.
[14:27] niki pet (nikita.ornamental) is online.
[14:27] Roark Pantheras (roark.rejkus) is offline.
[14:27] Natsuki260: “Yes mistress.” She smiled. she then took her to see lady syd.
[14:27] Isha Maus: “Well I hope the winds favore your travels, Aednes… I must be take my leave. Be well.”
[14:28] Aednes: Be well, fellow Merchant.
[14:28] Natsuki260: “There she is mistress.” She smiled.
[14:28] Syd Cicerone: as the door opened she looked to her left “welcome back Cecil…all be fine?”
[14:28] Tassy OhmaiTassy Ohmai rested her chin on the bars and mumbles at her” Scribes”
[14:30] Announcer Bell shouts: GemStone India A visitor is at the gate…….
[14:30] Syd Cicerone: hearing the woman say scribes she raised her brow in total shock…sure that it weren’t a lack of knowledge on the laws that she was confused about the rules of attire…then looking back she gives her attention to Cecil…
[14:30] Isha Maus: “Tal, Lady Syd! I do hope im not bothering ye, but I must insist on bidding ye farewell before I sail. You have turned this day from one of frustration to one of success…. I shall be returning here to trade for more goods… and… ” she gives lady Syd a pouch containing two silver. “Tis against me own code not ta leave something in exchange for goods bartered…”
[14:31] Syd CiceroneSyd Cicerone looks down at the pouch…”Aye…honor be respected in all forms fer sure…” and then with a smile…”Wha ‘ave ye settled on ta take back ta yer inn with ye?”
[14:32] Isha Maus: “Mead… what I came here for… yer city may not be renowened for it, but its one of the bests ive tasted so far…. I must leave… again, thank ye… be well, Lady Syd”
[14:32] Syd Cicerone: “Aye…be well and Safe Paths…I be sure tha tavern keep will recieve yer coin…” she said with a genuine smile…
[14:33] Tassy OhmaiTassy Ohmai let her hand absently reache down and scratch at her tight a few times. finger tips scraping across the very messed up kef brand that lingered high below the fabric of th etunic. seh listened to the chatter as if bored by it and stopped itching once agian leaning into the bars mor eto hold herself up then anything.
[14:33] Syd Cicerone: “Tha girl will see ye out of tha city…”
[14:34] Natsuki260Natsuki260 would smile to the mistress and say “Of course mistress.”
[14:34] Isha MausIsha Maus nods and walks on out to sail
[14:35] Natsuki260Natsuki260 pulls out her key and unlocks the gate. She then pushed it open and asked “Do you need me to guide you to the docks mistress?”
[14:36] Isha MausIsha Maus shakes her head. “Nay, I shall be fine outside these walls… ” she says “back to yer owner bond… tell her I have sailed.” she says as she puts her hood and veil back on and heads off.
[14:36] Natsuki260: “Safe paths mistress!” She said before she vanished..
[14:40] Isha MausIsha Maus tosses what coin she has left to the captain. “Arua… Village of Voh…” she says as she sits to rest for the rest of teh journey


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