Metal Gear Arua

Rebecka and Vodka in a barrel avoiding discovery.

Firstly I’d like to offer up some kudos to Rorus. Although we may not see eye to eye often or leave encounters unscathed, this afternoon proved to be an entirely different experience. I’d really like to applaud them for resisting the urge to metagame us once roleplay was under way.

Low on supplies due to the recent forest fires, Arua decided to go and raid a small village for supplies. This village went by the name of Arua. Our scouts indicated that there were about three men defending the village so we descended upon the village. No sooner had we scaled across the draw bridge and over the walls when a raiding party suddenly returned and joined the battle. As Vexing, Lust, War, and Urt all fell Rebecka and I (Vodka) began to run for the residential sector in hopes of losing the guards. We found Zev Titanium’s home unlocked and proceeded to hide in a set of barrels. What happened next was a grueling few hours of searches.


[11:16] HR relay alarm 6.0 shouts: ALL CLEAR – STAND DOWN
[11:16] HR relay alarm 6.0 shouts: ALL CLEAR – STAND DOWN
[11:17] Vodka Clarity glanced up at Rebecka. “We’re safe I think.” She remarked with a sigh of relief. “Now the question is – how do we get our sister’s out of a bind?”
[11:17] Rebecka Kohime heaved a massive sigh of relief as the footsteps outside of the cabin dissipated, “We need robes of concealment to even escape alive.”
[11:18] Rebecka Kohime held her palpitating heart and collapsed on the well-appointed couch, “I don’t know how we can rescue them without a distraction, even.”
[11:24] Second Life: Your object ‘Object’ has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Village of Rorus Estates from parcel ‘Rorus Estates’ at Rorus Estates 42, 22 due to parcel auto return.
[11:25] Kool Door shouts: Titan23 Resident knocks loudly at the door ♫
[11:33] Thunder (thundercloud.lecker) hmmms as he goes upstairs and walks out slowly
[11:33] Kool Door shouts: Gaedail Darkfury knocks loudly at the door ♫
[11:34] Kool Door shouts: Auron Darkwatch knocks loudly at the door ♫
[11:34] Vodka Clarity whispered to Rebecka, “Maybe we’ll figure something out. For now we need to lay low and keep quiet. Did you see that? First knocking then coming in. They are searching for us.” She kept her voice low – barely even a whisper.
[11:34] Rebecka Kohime was cowering against Vodka inside of a cramped barrel. She held her bow firmly at her side, the strictness of the vessel forcing it uncomfortably into her Se’s stomach and her own left armpit.
[11:35] Rebecka Kohime hissed quietly, “We need to stay still. We’re dead if we move now.”
[11:36] Vodka Clarity shifted within the barrel, “Get your foot out of my face!” She’d remark. “Ugh. You need to shower more.” The Se would simple remain and brood, arms crossed uncomfortable, neck bend down. She would listen to the commotion outside – emerald eyes searching the darkness.
[11:36] Ąμяøη (auron.darkwatch): oohhh
[11:36] Ąμяøη (auron.darkwatch): this ones open
[11:36] Raith Canucci (gaedail.darkfury) goes to knock on the door as it opens
[11:36] Raith Canucci (gaedail.darkfury): Hmm, well take a look
[11:36] Ąμяøη (auron.darkwatch): check upstairs
[11:36] Vodka Clarity fell utterly silent and clung to Rebecka INSIDE the barrel.
[11:36] Rebecka Kohime was far too preoccupied with her impending death to care about such trifling matters. Her bow was ready, and the lid of the barrel was firmly sealed down atop both of their heads. She was quiet.
[11:36] Ąμяøη (auron.darkwatch): I got down
[11:36] Raith Canucci (gaedail.darkfury): If you find mead procure it, you know chain of evidence
[11:37] Thunder (thundercloud.lecker) shhhs and walks in silently moving
[11:37] Ąμяøη (auron.darkwatch): down stair clear
[11:37] Rebecka Kohime would happily note that their particular barrel was labeled as ‘fish’. She was deathly silent.
[11:38] Raith Canucci (gaedail.darkfury) looks down under the bed
[11:38] Ąμяøη (auron.darkwatch): all clear?
[11:39] Thunder (thundercloud.lecker): knocks the book over and checks the book cases
[11:39] Raith Canucci (gaedail.darkfury) looks down at the barrel behind the baths and laughs yelling:: Hey when were done Im comming back for that barrel Im sick of eating bosk and thats marked fish
[11:39] Ąμяøη (auron.darkwatch): clear , next house
[11:40] Rebecka Kohime had a moment where her blood ran cold and her life flashed before her eyes. That sort of thing.
[11:40] Titan Surface (titan23): i dont see anything thunder lets keep searching
[11:40] Thunder (thundercloud.lecker) walks upstairs and sees the crate and sits on it lettign a fart go then walks out
[11:41] Vodka Clarity simple sat silently, trembling, clutching on to Rebecka.
[11:42] Vodka Clarity wanted to cough as the smell began to collect around the barrel. Her eyes began to tear – it was so horrible. But still she kept utterly silent.
[11:42] Rebecka Kohime reeled from the pants-shittingly terrifying incident that just occurred. She quivered and hugged Vodka. She ignored the smell.
[11:43] Ąμяøη (auron.darkwatch) shouts: report from all others ?
[11:43] Raith Canucci (gaedail.darkfury) laughs and yells to thunder:; Take a bath bro, zevs house stank of fish
[11:43] Ąμяøη (auron.darkwatch) shouts: aye , this sides clear
[12:17] Vodka Clarity would move the barrel down the stairs and begin to wander down. “We stop frequently.” She stated.
[12:17] Vodka Clarity: Stay off the main road.
[12:20] Vodka Clarity was just a barrel looking for a way. Totally still. Slightly smelly.
[12:20] Zev Titanium: galloping by on his route, he takes a wanted poster from his saddle and then lowers it down ontop of the barrel, thumbing its edge *pock*-*pock*-*pock*-*pock* he tacked it in. THen continued on his route.
[12:22] Vodka Clarity blinked and pressed her hand against the lid. Drat. It was locked. She could no longer see. She sighed and sat down at the bottom once more – waiting for the clapping of hooves to fade into the distance.
Rebecka Kohime periodically lifted the lid of her respective barrel to peer about for Vodka. As a similar barrel approached, she sighed and ducked back down, “You scared me there!”
[12:43] Faye (robin.vordun): out for a stroll as she often does…she decides to take a little rest beneath a nearby tree and plops her skirted fanny on the nearest barrel.
[12:43] Vodka Clarity smelled of horrid fish and warrior farts. It was clear that barrel does or perhaps had contained a large helping of sea creatures. She heard the sound of something sitting atop the barrel and the thump of feet against the side. She merely sat quiet, pinching her nose within the barrel. This truly did suck.
[12:44] Rebecka Kohime squatted beneath her barrel as Robin neared them. She clung to the lid, holding it down in preparation for a rough arrival. As Robin thankfully sat on Vodka’s barrel instead, she felt a tad relieved. Man, the shit they did.
[12:46] Faye (robin.vordun): shifting slightly the barrel would have wobbled if not for the heaviness of its contents. She inhaled…and suddenly felt a bit queasy with the scent which filled hr nostrils “Gah!” she exclaims and hops to her feet looking to the putrid offensive container.
[12:47] Rebecka Kohime suppressed a chuckle as Robin was repelled by the foul scent emanating from their barrels. She’d gotten pretty desensitized, and thusly didn’t mind.
[12:47] Vodka Clarity still hated the smell and could not get the sound of flatulence out of her head.

The wanted poster seen around Rorus

The city was crawling with wanted posters that depicted Rebecka and I. With no real chance to escape we joined a surprise attack by the Sa Di Sani but ultimately got over whelmed. The evening finished off with a pain free trade and the Arua returning to the Forest on their feet, collarless, and relatively unscathed… Where we proceeded to have a dance party.

Arua returns to the forest and dances with Deb.


~ by Arua Tribe on April 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “Metal Gear Arua”

  1. If it hadn’t have been for that returning raid party, I’d be the happiest owner of Rorus ass to ever strut pimp style through the trees.

    Damn their walls to hell, though.

    Damn them, I say.

  2. Woooot woot nothing like bootie poppin in the woods… *VAGINA ATTACK*

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